St George's Vets - Stourbridge Vets 2 You mobile surgery

Mobile Unit


  • Consultations in the comfort of your own home
  • Routine vaccinations and treatments
  • Backed up by our Wolverhampton Hospital along with facilities for routine operations at the Halesowen surgery
  • Ideal for pets that don't like to travel or if you have to rely on lifts or public transport to get to the vet
  • Take the stress out of travelling with your pet and let us come to you!
  • Covers Stourbridge and surrounding areas


Healthy Pet Club

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 20-01-2017 - Ben Wright

We were very happy with the service Monica provided to our pet. Monica was very friendly and was gentle with the pet while examining. Her advice was honest and easily understood and we felt she had our pets best interest in mind unlike the previous vet we have seem in a store who seemed to keep prescribing things week after week then said we needed expensive surgery. Monica's second opinion was very valuable as it turned out the surgery probably isn't required if we continue with the medication.

4.8 Stars - 19-01-2017 - Jenny

Excellent vet and veterinary nurse. This time, it was just routine, but I have never been anything other than satisfied with the service.

5 Stars - 14-01-2017 - Furries

I find vets2you always ready the help and they really care for my pets. They treat them as if they were their own.

4.8 Stars - 09-12-2016 - emma

I have used St Georges vets to you for many years and have always been very impressed with their service. They have looked after my 3 cats, Merlin and Cosmo made it to around 20 and 19 years old I believe and they looked after both in their later years. When Merlin died 10 minutes before the vets arrived they were so kind and respectful, they wouldn't even charge me for the call out. I have now been the lucky owner of a sphynx, Ramirez who suffers from urinary tract problems. Called this morning and they were round this evening. It's a great service if you don't drive or don't want to put your pets through the stress of visiting a surgery. Would thoroughly recommend. Thank you

5 Stars - 25-11-2016 - Liz

St |georges always provide an honest professional service. Staff are friendly and practices are clean and well organised. I would never go anywhere else for treatment for my animals.

5 Stars - 14-11-2016 - Maisie the cat

Vets 2 You provides a home visiting service for routine appointments at no extra cost. This avoids my cat having to travel in the car to the surgery. This means that she can rest comfortably at home until the vet arrives to see her. They can bring any ordered items at the same time, such as flea treatment. A friendly, professional and caring team every time.

5 Stars - 14-11-2016 - Ollie

4.8 Stars - 28-10-2016 - Lynne Price

Excellent friendly service that takes the stress out of visits to the vet. My cat is happy so I am happy.

5 Stars - 22-10-2016 - Benji

4.2 Stars - 15-10-2016 - Jacqueline

The vet named Monica has a natural way with animals, a kind of instinctive knowing. She cares and does not prescribe medicines unnecessarily. She follows up on all her plans and is extremely friendly yet professional. As with all vets, the cost is way too high, but what to do? If pet owners are forced to pay the high costs then we may as well have the best of the best. I would highly recommend this practice and excellent service.

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