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Rayleigh Weir


  • Great value vaccinations and neutering 
  • Affordable 24 hour emergency service
  • Car parking
  • Highly trained and caring staff
  • Permanently low prices


Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am 2:00 pm

Outside these hours we run our own 24hr emergency service.

Clinic reviews

1.8 Stars - 12-06-2019 - Martin

1 Stars - 18-11-2018 - S

I brought my cat here on Sunday 11 /11/18 feeling very upset and quite distraught has I had to make such a hard decision to part with him. Unfortunately he viciously attached me leaving me with quite bad wounds that needed antibiotics so really the decision was taken out of my hands ... Despite this I was still heartbroken to part with him after 4yrs but by this time i was scared of the harm he might do to or my family.. I arrived at the vets finding the receptionist and vet very friendly and helpful as were previous phone calls etc... I felt quite relieved when the vet said they could re-home him with people that owned horses rarther than having put to sleep , but still very worried about him as he was an indoor cat and very nervous poor boy and not used to strangers or the outside world... I signed him over and left a donation of £ 60 for food , the vet said she would let me know when they would re-home home ... I made a phone call to them on Monday 12th to ask how he was I was spoken to quite rudely by the nurse who said he was stressed which made me even more upset for him ... I then called back spoke to the receptionist who was very friendly and polite who said to call back a week ltr for an update which I did today on Sunday the 18/11 I was told they are going to give no more information on my cat as I signed him over to them so know I'm left not knowing what happened to him very sad ... Was he rehomed??? What happened to my beautiful boy I will never know now after being told by the the vet the complete opposite.

Vet Response

Since your phone call at the weekend our receptionist has called you back this week and updated you to inform you that your cat has now been rehomed and has settled in very well. We are very sorry if you feel that our nurse spoke to you rudely and our staff appeared to be unhelpful.

4.8 Stars - 11-06-2018 - Sharon

After quite a few visits for my poorly Cocker Spaniel I have found Samuel Goldberg to, each time, have been professional and knowledgable and I make sure that I request him for consultations. THANK YOU Sam, keep up the good work.

4.8 Stars - 25-05-2018 - Wendi

After a bad previous experience at this vet. I did return and they were remarkable. I am glad to say I feel much better about using them again. The vet I saw was fantastic. My cat Toby just had a booster. But the vet was greater and I didn't catch his name. Well done

3.6 Stars - 14-05-2018 - Terry

I was a customer but due to a rescue dog I had to change to one used by Dogs Trust. I considered changing back to Your Vets Rayleigh but found that the company had been sold to a large company and that prices had increased and the vets I had had faith in had left. Admin staff still there and I have no complaints about ability or professional work. The advert that states that they are an affordable vet does not ring true now as others are cheaper but further away from me. Shame that a good practice has become just a money making subsidiary of a nation company.

Vet Response

We are sorry to hear that you feel we are now a money making subsidiary for the company that now owns us. Can I reassure you although our prices may have inflated due to increased costs from external companies and other considerations. That we still maintain your/the pets health and welfare is still our main priority. We hope that one day you may return and use us as your veterinary provider

5 Stars - 07-11-2017 - Tina.

Before writing my review I read some of the previous ones. I can honestly say I've always found the staff caring, compassionate and helpful. My dog had an accident while out walking, before 8.00am We was nearly half way round a 3 mile circuit. I called, Your Vets and within half an hour Clare and Corrine had arrived at the entrance to the walk. They couldn't drive because of gated paths so walked with all the equipment, to us. It was such a relief to see them. We tried to carry my 32kg dog but couldn't manage him on the body board, the terrain was to rough. So the girls got in contact with the ranger and got him to come and open the gates. Clare walked all the way back and got the van. Corrine stayed with us and administered pain relief, my dog was put on in the van and brought back to the surgery. Within moments of arriving he was seen by a vet. Who referred us straight away to Dick White referrals. He has a spinal injury. I can't thank the girls for coming out to us. I don't know what we would have done. I've been using Your Vets for 4 years and have always found the staff very helpful. I would, and have recommended them to friends and family. Thank you I will always be grateful for what you did. x

5 Stars - 01-11-2017 - Claire

3.4 Stars - 24-10-2017 - Mark

Going by some of the more recent reviews it appears you should take this as a wake up call. I have a rescue dog that has developed Epilepsy and the treatment received from Ceinwen and Ashley has been very good. However, my issue is, when a dog is on life long drugs your Vets seem to be unable to help or even source other drugs at a cheaper price. It is left to the customer to source and if you can find it elsewhere cheaper the practice will still charge you if it is a prescription drug. I really believe this is penny pinching at a time when it is quite stressful when dealing with a cluster seizure epileptic dog. I don't see any empathy coming out towards us.

Vet Response

We appreciate your frustrations regarding long term medication costs, we have replied to your previous emails offering all that we can as a clinic and the discounts our clinic provide to all customers. We appreciate that drugs for long term patients can be costly, we offer drugs at the lowest costs we can to clients. We suggested sourcing the medication from an alternative source as some online pharmacies may be able to get generic drugs and have very little overhead costs as few employees and no premises as they don’t treat animals so essentially a shop not a hospital. This option has been given to you to help you save some costs. A prescription can only be done by a veterinary surgeon who has your pet under his/her care so we legally have to write a prescription for you to obtain the medication form the online pharmacies. Hopefully you can see that we have tried everything we can to be sensitive to your cost concerns. It is always our intention to try to give your pet the best care we can and to help you in any way we can. We do suggest to clients to source medication if we cannot compete on the price this is something we don’t have to do but appreciate clients financial constraints so do advise them of the online pharmacies. I hope this explains your concerns you have brought to our attention.” Clare Butler Practice Manager Your Vets Rayleigh

3.4 Stars - 17-10-2017 - Lou

Money driven, vets are good and nurses but the overwhelming feeling you get is a corporate money first . Have to make an appointment to visit pets that have to stay and not allowed to stay with dying pets . It's a big shame as when this first opened it was a breath of fresh air but things have changed dramatically

Vet Response

We are disappointed to hear that you feel we are money driven, but I can assure you that our main priority is the pets health and welfare. However, when offering your pets with a professional and caring service financial implications and our charging structure has to be considered at every step of the treatment we are providing. As we are a busy veterinary hospital, we do ask that the clients make an appointment to see their pets if they are an inpatient where possible so that we can make sure we have a member of staff who is available to answer any questions you may have and that our designated area for visiting is available so you can spend time with your beloved pet. Thank you for your comments and we always welcome feedback from our clients.

3 Stars - 28-09-2017 - JB

This practice used to be good but it is getting steadily worse. The vets are changing a lot more and never see the same vet twice. Really nice orthopaedic guy visits there and we had our dog operated on him by him but trying to get a follow up appointment is proving impossible. Only one nurse can make appointments for him, no-one else knows when he will be there and the nurse never calls back. Once this episode is over I will definitely be changing to another vet practice. Do not recommend.

Vet Response

I'm sorry that nobody has called you back to organise an appointment to see the orthopaedic vet, unfortunately he has a separate booking system which is only accessible to certain nurses. We appreciate how frustrating this is for you. We are currently looking into ways to improve this service, and thank you for your valuable feedback.
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