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Suspected Rabies in a Cat: Do I need booster vaccine?

Published on: December 08, 2023 • By: juttsahib ยท In Forum: Cats
December 08, 2023 at 07:24am
Hi. I am from Pakistan.   I have a pet cat. I came to know that 1 week ago, cat had eaten a frog (probably took it out of dirt when frog was in hibernation phase). Cat also has habit of eating frogs in the past and around 2 weeks ago, I saw her vomiting. Five days ago, cat became elusive and I found it on Tuesday, 3 days ago.   Cat had these symptoms: cough, lethargy, weakness, diarrhea (fecal matter on her anus and tail), dehydration, vomiting, loss of appetite and thirst.   It immediately came to my mind that she might have contracted rabies.   I consulted a vet. He prescribed a medicine for intoxication when I told him about cat's history.   Cat was not even eating meat although it's their favourite food. I forced fed the cat for 2 days but washed hands thoroughly after feeding her, and tried my best not to get a scratch or bite from her. She was reluctant to take medicine or drink anything. Yesterday, I also took the cat to a qualified vet who didn't tell me diagnosis and just injected the cat to control cough.   Last night, when cat saw syringe and medicine bottle, she became angry and started growling.   I feel that as compared to 3 days ago when I found the cat, cat is better than before. Cough is in control. She's not as weak as before and also quite active/fast (today when I tried to catch her to give her medicine she ran away and not found yet). I heard her growling twice in the neighbours' house today. Yesterday, she drank some water and milk in the morning and night in front of me. Today morning, she drank some water again in front of me.   Currently cat has only these symptoms Weakness but much better than before Dehydration Loss of appetite Growls sometimes Feels nervous/worried of something   I also had got the cat vaccinated for rabies in January from a public veterinary hospital when it came in contact with an animal suspected of rabies and also got myself 3 shots of anti rabies vaccine as a precaution.   Yesterday, I got a 1 inch scratch from her on my right hand by accident when I was handling her. Blood came out of the scratch. I am a bit worried if the cat has rabies or not as some of these symptoms are also found in rabid cats.   Now I have decided to let it roam freely as I am worried a bit. Considering the cat's history that I have explained above and I got a scratch from her yesterday, should I get myself 2 booster shots of rabies vaccine as a precautionary measure? Please guide.
David Harris
December 11, 2023 at 03:35pm
I'm afraid we aren't permitted to give human medical advice on here - I would however advise you seek prompt medical attention and tell them the key points. The rabies vaccine in cats is usually very effective, but of course, there are a few animals where for whatever reason it doesn't "take".
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