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Why does my dog eat poop when we’re out on walks?

While it seems most unpleasant, unfortunately, many dogs enjoy the taste of faeces! Some eat their own faeces, while some eat other dogs or animal’s faeces.

This is often because they like the taste, rather than any underlying health condition or deficiency but, if this is a new symptom or very out of character for them then it would be a good idea for them to have a check-up with their vet, particularly if they are displaying any other signs such as diarrhoea, weight loss or their coat looks in poor condition.

Sometimes it can be related to hunger, boredom or stress, or just a habit they developed as a puppy that they haven’t grown out of. 

The best way to stop them from eating faeces is to supervise them when they are outdoors. And if they are approaching a poo then enthusiastically distract them, reward them with something more interesting like a treat, toy or game – use lots of high pitched voices to praise them.

Answered by: Dr Laura Sullivan MRCVS

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