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afghan hound

Do Afghan Hounds make good pets?

Which breed of dog would you say has the most style and elegance? Take a look at the Afghan Hound; this dog must surely make your shortlist! A supermodel of the dog world, with flowing silky hair, a long-legged stature, and an aristocratic air. But are these beautiful dogs high-maintenance divas?  

Dog having heart scan

What is Aortic Stenosis in Dogs?

The heart is a powerful muscle that gives our animals life. Made up of four chambers, separated by valves, it is responsible for pumping oxygen and blood around the body.  If the structure of the muscle or valves is abnormal, this may compromise its ability to do this important job. One condition that can affect […]

Vet giving a puppy a vaccination

Do I need to vaccinate my dog against herpesvirus?

All viruses have the potential to impact the health, welfare and survival of those animals they infect. Where a virus causes obvious symptoms, infection may be easy to detect. However, some viruses can cause less obvious and hidden symptoms, or may remain in an animal for the rest of its life. Canine herpesvirus (CHV) has […]

hungarian vizsla

Would a Hungarian Vizsla be the right dog for me?

Described as lively, intelligent, obedient, sensitive, and easily trained by the kennel club, Hungarian Vizlas have become an increasingly popular breed choice, with over 3000 being registered with the kennel club in 2022. So the questions begs, why are they becoming increasingly popular, and would a vizsla be right for you?

Dog having a bath

How to choose the right shampoo for a dog.

Have you been thinking about bathing your dog but don’t know where to start and what shampoo to use? You’ll have seen shampoos for sale in pet shops, online and possibly in your veterinary practice, but which shampoo do you use? As there’s so many different brands out there – which one do you purchase? […]

An imposing American Bully dog

Now that XL Bully dogs are defined in law, what does this mean for their owners?

Given the recent governmental announcement, XL Bully dogs will be added to the banned breeds list within the Dangerous Dogs Act. They will join the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro, meaning they will have an abundance of legislation surrounding their existence. As this is an incredibly emotionally charged situation, it […]