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Roundworms from a dog

Do I need to treat my dog for worms in the winter?

It is perhaps still a misconception that dogs do not need to be wormed, or perhaps not wormed as frequently, during the winter months. However, we should not forget the potential zoonotic element and risk associated with certain dog parasites; that is that certain worms can be transmitted and cause disease in humans. 

Dog looking out through wire fencing

5 Top Tips for getting accepted by a dog rehoming centre

With so many dogs needing new homes, rescuing a dog is the perfect solution. Virtually all rehoming centres want to ensure they are providing long lasting, loving homes for their pets. They want to ensure security and suitability for both pet and owner. Because of this, there are set requirements that must be met in […]

Old dog snuggled up in blankets

Why does dog arthritis come and go?

Osteoarthritis is the most commonly diagnosed joint disease in both human and Veterinary medicine. Similar to humans, dogs with arthritis can experience good and bad days. This article will explore canine arthritis and will aim to explain why dogs experience arthritis ‘flare ups.’

Dog coughing

What is tracheal collapse, and what dogs are at risk?

Just like in people, your dog breathes through a windpipe (trachea) composed of a stack of rings made of cartilage. If you run your finger down the front of your own neck, you may feel the subtle bumps of your own cartilaginous rings. But rather than forming a complete circle, the cartilage in your dog’s […]

Dog sniffing duckling

Can dogs get Bird Flu?

The UK and Europe is currently experiencing its largest outbreak of bird flu – its official name: highly pathogenic avian influenza, or H5N1 virus. The outbreak, which started over a year ago, has accelerated recently. There have been almost 100 confirmed cases in the UK in the last month and farmers now have been instructed […]

Dog with chewed up ball

Why does my dog destroy their toys?

Fed up with spending money on expensive dog toys, only to see them destroyed in minutes? Read on to discover why your dog destroys their toys, and what you can do to prevent it!