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What pet is best for shift workers?

Shift work is quite common in several different areas, including healthcare, security, law enforcement and transportation. It can be rather challenging, stressful and demanding. Nevertheless, owning a pet is perfectly compatible with busy schedules and shift working, providing you choose a pet that suits your lifestyle. 


Should We Make an Older Dog do more Exercise?

It can feel bittersweet watching our beloved pets getting older. On the one hand, we appreciate the many joyful years that they’ve accompanied us. All the wonderful experiences and changes we’ve gone through together and their unwavering companionship. On the other hand, however, we start to see the signs that their advancing age is catching […]


Why are dogs scared of crackling noises?

Unfortunately, fear of loud or unexpected noises is common in dogs. It’s well known that many dogs are scared of fireworks. It’s less well known that noise phobias can develop at any age, so don’t be surprised if your usually chilled out pup starts behaving strangely during fireworks. Let’s explore why dogs are scared of […]


We all know there’s been a boom in pet ownership but where did all these new dogs and cats actually come from?

The last few years have been tough for us all. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people have turned to the comfort of pets to help get them through it. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge surge in pet ownership. One statistics site estimated the percentage of homes […]


Do I need pet insurance before I pick up my puppy?

Buying a new puppy is very exciting. However, being prepared and pre-empting the problems we may face can hugely help. Getting insurance early in your puppy’s life is important. Many insurance companies have a period of 2 weeks where they will not pay for any claims. So getting your insurance at least 2 weeks before […]


Is Dog DNA Testing Reliable?

Today’s article is inspired by one of our readers who purchased a Collie x Whippet puppy from a breeder. Anyone familiar with Whippets knows that they are one of the longest-legged breeds of dog out there… and Collies aren’t that much different! Yet 6 months down the line, the owner has been surprised to find […]