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From the serious conditions to small head-scratchers, we all have questions about our dogs. Whether they’ve eaten something that you’re not sure about or have adopted a strange new behaviour, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive right here.

The answers come from our team of vets. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our Ask a Vet section to search responses or to ask your own question – it’s free and you’ll get a response. There are also hundreds of articles on our Blog. For more immediate concerns, visit our Dog Symptom Checker or Poisons Guide.


Latest articles on Dogs


Dog alone in house

Is my dog lonely on their own?

Unlike humans, we can’t ask a dog if they’re feeling sad or lonely; so we have to rely on their body language and other cues to help us to understand them. Dogs are very sociable and originally they lived in family groups or packs, implying that they seek company from their own species. However, as […]

Dog with bowl of minced meat

Is home-cooked pet food safe for dogs?

In my clinical I sometimes come across dogs who are on a home cooked diet. There are many reasons why people tell me they feed home-cooked. Their dog is very fussy and only eats cooked meat and vegetables; they don’t like kibble or certain types of commercial dog foods; they appear to get bored and […]

Dog looking through chain link fencing

5 key diseases to test for if importing a foreign rescue dog

When bringing a dog into this country the infectious disease that might spring to mind is rabies. If you’ve done any research into importing dogs, then you will probably know that it is a legal requirement for them to have had the rabies vaccination before entry into the UK. This helps to maintain our country’s […]

Dog licking paws

8 reasons why your dog licks his paws

All dogs will lick their paws occasionally as part of their regular grooming regime. Their paws are obviously the part of their body that is most likely to get dirty, being in contact with the ground the most. But excessive licking could indicate a problem. Below are the top reasons, other than keeping clean, why […]

Puppy with older dog playing

How to introduce a new puppy to an old dog?

Getting a new puppy is an extremely exciting, new life adventure. Your puppy’s transition into your life should be as smooth as possible to ensure a loving, forever home is created with trust built by all parties. But if you’ve already got a dog, how can you make sure the transition is smooth and positive […]

Bowl full of dried dog food

How to feed your dog on benefits

With the cost of living rocketing, we are all hunting for ways in which we can save money. You may have thought about how best to feed your pet on a budget. Below we will discuss how to implement changes into your dog’s feeding routines to help save pennies.