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From the serious conditions to small head-scratchers, we all have questions about our dogs. Whether they’ve eaten something that you’re not sure about or have adopted a strange new behaviour, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive right here.

The answers come from our team of vets. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our Ask a Vet section to search responses or to ask your own question – it’s free and you’ll get a response. There are also hundreds of articles on our Blog. For more immediate concerns, visit our Dog Symptom Checker or Poisons Guide.


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Acupuncture in a dog

Is acupuncture a thing in dogs?

When you think of vets and needles, most people think of vaccinations or blood samples. But there is another type of needle that we can use to help our patients – acupuncture needles. 

Dog with diarrhoea straining

How good are supplements for diarrhoea in dogs?

It is not nice to experience diarrhoea in your canine friend and there can be many causes of diarrhoea in your dog. As their owners, you will understandably want the diarrhoea to stop as quickly as possible! Oral supplements including probiotics can help in these cases and this article will discuss what they are and […]

Friendly rottweiler

What dog breed is friendliest?

If you are looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family, you may be giving some thought as to what breed you would like to choose. One of the factors you might be considering is how friendly the breeds are; especially if you have small children at home. So, can we choose […]

Dog and owner opening parcel

Subscription services for dogs – are they worth it?

As owners, we all love to spoil our dogs. And what could be easier than having everything you could possibly need for your pet delivered right to your door? Subscription services are becoming very popular amongst many people and for a whole host of interests. New subscriptions for dog owners are popping up all the […]

Dog coughing

Is the kennel cough vaccine worth it?

We all know that our dogs need their annual booster vaccination to protect against diseases like parvovirus and leptospirosis. However, you may not be as familiar with the kennel cough vaccine.   It protects against a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica which contributes to infectious tracheobronchitis (‘kennel cough’) in dogs. In the UK, this live vaccine is usually given […]

Dog being massaged

Is massage therapy allowed in dogs?

Canine massage therapy, also known as ‘therapeutic massage’, is becoming more and more common and available nowadays. Canine massage therapy may be recommended by your Veterinarian to support your dog’s muscular system, aiding their rehabilitation, maintenance or assisting with pain management. There are many other times when canine massage is also recommended and this article […]