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  • Excellent welcome packages for puppies, kittens & rabbits
  • Braid Vets Health Plan that saves money and allows budgeting for routine treatments
  • Puppy parties
  • Consultations by appointment 6 days a week
  • Edinburgh's only RCVS Tier 3 approved private Veterinary Hospital
  • Round the clock care by resident Vet and Vet Nurse 365 days per year
  • e-vet Emergency Service for out of hours care

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 18-02-2017 - Maureen & Peter

Browsing through the reviews on this site, I've been appalled at some of the mean posts, castigating what is an exemplary veterinary practice. My two minature Dachshunds have been under the care of Braid Vets for the past ten years, mainly at the Mayfield surgery and sometimes at Dalkeith. We've had the privilege of seeing just about all of the vets during that time and we have particular cause to be 100% satisfied with their care and treatment which has always been caring, professional and timely. Never once have we felt that this was a practice more interested in making money than caring for sick pets and reassuring their amxious companions. We have also had to use the eVets service on a few occasions and, again, the care and advice provided has been exemplary. For those reviewers complaining about the cost of the service, yes, it's pricey but no more so than any other reputable vet and certainly on a par with any providing this level of service. Rather than complain, it should remind us of how lucky we are to have a free at the point of delivery NHS because the cost incurred is the reality of delivering health care today no matter if it's to people or pets. Braid Vets is an excellent practice and all its staff are the friendliest and most caring and professional we could ask for in looking after our dogs. We cannot thank them enough for the care they have provided and would recommend them without hesitation.

5 Stars - 02-02-2017 - Jake

Jake my cat is now 18 year old. He now has kidney problems but thanks to the quick and caring service of the vets I am sure he will be with me a few more years. The staff are very friendly and appointments are available at short notice. I am envious of Jake by the service he receives when I compare it to my GP.

1 Stars - 29-12-2016 - mike

Vet Response

Wow! We are obviously very disappointed to receive this review, and would appreciate some more detail so that we can look at the case to which it refers, and respond to you in more detail. Please contact me by e-mail at or on 0131 667 2478 Thank you, Mike Hall Braid Vets

2 Stars - 15-12-2016 - jeff

my cocker spaniel ate 9 pieces of chocolate from a advent calendar . approx total 40g with 30% cocoa she weights 10.6kg. i contacted braids as this is closer than my own vet and i did not have a car. i wanted her checked as precaution asap. she did not seem unwell. after examination she was given some medicine to make her vomit and kept at vet for approx. 2.5 hours. as soon as i had exited exam room i was asked to pay bill of £105. which i paid. she was seen by vet for less than 1 friend whom has exactly same dog and ate more chocolate, less than 1 month ago took her dog to another local vet who charged her £38 for same procedure. i was not even given a breakdown of bill and this was not out of hours emergency im now not happy after finding this out and will never use this vet dog also stank after this but i put this down to vomiting.

Vet Response

Dear Jeff, I trust that your dog is well? We are of course very disappointed to read that you were dissatisfied with our service. If I can have some more detail - your dog's name and your surname - then I can speak with my colleagues who attended to you and respond to your complaint. You can contact me directly on 0131 667 2478, or by e-mail at Yours sincerely, Mike Hall, Director

4.8 Stars - 11-11-2016 - Piotr


2.6 Stars - 20-10-2016 - Jim j

I have used the braids at two locations over several years. Whilst they provide a prompt service they also, in my opinion, overcharge. On more than one occasion I believe unnecessary treatment has been provided / offered to me. I believe the braids operate on a profit first basis rather than the health of you pet. Based on this I am unlikely to use the braids again. Also - have used out of hours e-vet service and vet did not appear to know how to treat my dog. Looked flustered and desperate to get something done / rid of us asap. Only used once so my not be representative - but a worry nonetheless.

Vet Response

Dear Mr J, Thank you for taking the time to submit a Review. You will not be surprised to learn that we are all very disappointed to read of your experience – this is definitely not the service that we aim to provide! I would be very grateful if you would contact me so that we can discuss it further. I can be contacted by telephone at the main Hospital on 667 2478, or by e-mail, Alternatively, please put any complaint in writing and send it, for the attention of The Directors, to our main Hospital address. Yours sincerely, Mike Hall

5 Stars - 10-06-2016 - Miss Cunningham

Thank you for saving my dogs life would not have gone anywhere else .

4.8 Stars - 23-05-2016 - Baillie Clark

I have nothing but praise for the staff at Braids Vet's Hospital, especially Scott Dickson, the vet who performed Cruciate Ligament surgery on my dog's leg earlier this year, His expert skills, advice and understanding made the strict recovery process easier to manage and less stressful.It never ceased to amaze me how happy my dog was at every visit, wagging his tale and barking, eager to see Scott again. That has never happened with any of my previous dogs at other vet practices before. Price comparison: I recently met a fellow dog walker who said she thought the Braids prices were a bit steep but was talking about 20 years ago. I have compared prices with other practices and in 2016, believe me, they compare very favourably with most other vets fees. Finally, when you need the out of hours E-Vet service in an emergency, you can be confident and assured that your pet is in the care of safe and expert staff.

4.8 Stars - 09-05-2016 - Lauren

For all my story didn't end in a happy ending, I just wanted to say I have never experienced such care and respect shown for an animal before. Alison and her team at eVets 24 hour emergency service kept my little one incubated and comfortable beside them overnight to make sure she wasn't left on her own and an eye could be kept on her. They kept me up to date with regular phonecalls until I had to make the inevitable decision. If it wasn't for them, I couldn't have made that decision or have been at peace with how the whole process had gone. I know Lucy would have found comfort with your company throughout the night. I really can't thank you enough.

5 Stars - 02-04-2016 - Nikki

Braid vets were fantastic when my rescue collie Pippin managed to eat a whole dead rabbit. They dealt with him really quickly and administered meds to make him sick up the rabbit. He can be a nervous soul, but they were gentle and I think he quite liked the attention! I was really quite worried about him, but the staff reassured me that this was not unusual and gave quite an interesting lists of things dogs have eaten that they shouldn't. Pip's collie sister Jilly enjoyed sampling the biscuits in reception!

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