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Bump in boxer’s ear

Published on: November 19, 2022 • By: shadowbain17 · In Forum: Dogs
November 19, 2022 at 09:55pm
8C2B7001-8AAA-41C2-BAA9-74A47845BE0EDEDB2EE8-9692-4BCA-ACA3-3A97E27EBA2EAbout two months now or so. Doesn’t seem to cause pain, he doesn’t react much when we check on it. Please help
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
November 19, 2022 at 10:35pm
Hello!   If you type 'lump' into the search-bar on the Blog page of this site, you will find most of what I like to say about lumps in dogs (my name is Liz Buchanan), as well as some excellent, more recent articles by other people.   This one may, for example, be a histiocytoma (a benign lump, disappears on its own) or a wart, or some kind of cancer, which might or might not be sinister.  The fact that it isn't painful makes an abscess e.g. due to a foreign body or trauma, much less likely.  Your vet may recommend a wait-and-see approach - this is often for a finite amount of time, however - or removal or a biopsy, depending on what appears to be most likely (given the close-up appearance and the patient's age and signalment).  I hope that that helps - please do let us know what happens next.
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