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Cushings or Not ?

Published on: September 16, 2022 • By: CJBurbo · In Forum: Dogs
September 16, 2022 at 09:36pm
Hello Doctors , Opinion please - My boy has had absolutely No symptoms of Cushings .. He is 13 yrs old with moderate pulmonary Hypertension . This has been confirmed by a Cardiologist that took an echocardiogram . On a routine bloodwork with a new Vet ( our regular vet could not schedule any new appts at the time due to loss of staff ) the ALP was 569. New Vet said he has Cushing's ... LDD was done and the  ""  lab report said he could have Cushing's however , if he has other illness that might factor into it , and NOT to treat without symptoms.  ( I was not aware of this at the time )  .."" his resting was 8.9 , 4 hr was 0.7 and 8 hr was 4.2... ,  He was placed on Vetroyl , it nearly killed him .  He rapidly went downhill , both physically and cognitively.  His  hind legs gave out , urinated in house , loss of appetite , and a horrible cough began . cognitively he was confused , spaced out  , did not understand things said to him.  On the Tenth day of vetroyl , I took him to the vets , and I took him off Vetroyl . I told them this medication was making him deathly ill . They said his bloodwork showed WBC elevated and started him on antibiotic . This was on a Thursday.   He had a seizure that night and again Sun.  Its taken him over a month to recover .  My former Vet was able to see him ,  and I had  a UCCR test done - those results were only 24 , the lab report said he likely did not have Cushing's and other causes of clinical signs is recommended . But, he never had any clinical signs . What is your opinion ? I've been told LDD rules it in and UCCR rules it out .  I don't believe he actually had Cushing's based on the information I have learned since then .  I just want another opinion.   Ive been told an elevated ALP does not mean Cushings .   Ive been told an LDD  could indicate Cushings , but, not necessarily and it has a lot of false positives .  Ive been told the UCCR is over 90% accurate ....  My boy has pretty much recovered .  He is healthy again physically and cognitively he is about at 90%.  In your opinion , do you think he had a too large dosage , which was 30 mg daily for a 24 lb dog , or he simply never had Cushing's ? Thank you for any input . 1 Comment Like Comment
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