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Heart Murmur in Sphynx Kitten

Published on: January 12, 2023 • By: MammaMoonCat ยท In Forum: Kittens
January 12, 2023 at 07:35pm
Hello Vets,received_826662495097381 I am adopting this Sphynx baby with a grade 3 heart murmur. It's now actually been downgraded closer to a 2 since his last vet appt a week ago. I'm wondering what the odds are that it will resolve itself as he grows and/or the life expectancy if it does not. I am adopting him only to give him a loving home with the time he has and with the awareness he will potentially need a lot of care and related expenses. I am prepared for that. I've been in contact with his current vet as well as my own vet l, but would very much appreciate all the info and advice I can get.
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