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Published on: June 23, 2022 • By: beaglemom · In Forum: Dogs
June 23, 2022 at 02:29pm
My 1.5 year old male beagle got a diagnosis of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) months ago. He has had a total of 3 flare ups now (currently on his third one). 6 days ago he had diarrhea and a fever. 5 days ago he had bloody diarrhea and a fever. No vomiting during any of this. 4 days ago he would not move around, only laying on the couch. I would have to pick him up to take him outside. We have been to the vet 3 times this week and they kept him yesterday and have him on iv antibiotics due to his white count only come down 4 points in 5 days after being on strong antibiotics at home plus he is not getting up and walking or doing anything but laying down the entire day. So this illness started with the fever and bloody diarrhea and then he had a IVDD flare up on top of it. His poop improved for about 24-36 hours and then he had more bloody diarrhea and then mucus like greenish diarrhea. He is currently admitted and were hoping and praying for a turn around soon. He would not eat for the first 3 days. But he did start eating canned food on day 3 in small portions to help GI upset. He has been drinking water anytime I would get him up to go outside (3-4 times a day). He is also getting laser treatments done on his neck for the IVDD pain. I pick him up Friday and the vet and I will decide if he needs to see a neurologist for surgery or if he is better and can come home. Pray for my baby and please reach out if you have had an animal with IVDD or have experienced any of this. Thanks, A concerned Beagle Mom
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
June 24, 2022 at 11:30pm
Hello!  You haven't asked any veterinary questions here - indeed it sounds as though you are in good understanding of your dogs' case. It sounds to be excellent news that he is tolerated oral water intake now.   I wonder is your boy also on pain relief medication?  Anyway, I hope that you have managed to have him home this evening and wish you all the best in getting on top of the suspected IVDD.
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