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Spayed Female Pitty pees in house only during warmer weather.

Published on: April 14, 2023 • By: Formalde_Hyde · In Forum: Dogs
April 14, 2023 at 03:02am
As stated in the title, my spayed female dog is completely house trained during the colder seasons but as soon as it warms up to around 60 degrees she starts peeing in the house. We’ve only had her for just over a year and she was a previously abused rescue and she gets scared outside by weird things like the wind blowing even just a little bit but she has no issues going outside to potty in the winter wind or not. She’d even ask to go outside during the winter months but as soon as it got a little warmer she started peeing in the house again. Vet said no signs of infection or illness and to limit her water consumption but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. No matter how much we limit her water intake, she still pees inside. She is puppy pad trained from her previous home (first home after her abusive home) but at 5 years old and no known medical reasons, she shouldn’t still be peeing in the house at all. Im at my wits end here! She’s NOT going to be rehomed because of this, but it’d be nice to not have to scrub the carpet multiple times a day or have to spend a small fortune on puppy pads. I’ve tried a couple different enzymatic cleaners but i feel like none of them really work like they say they do. Next option is to pull all the carpet out of the house but I worry about my other dog, an aging Great Dane, slipping on the bare floors and hurting himself. Anyone have ANY ideas or suggestions I’d be so grateful! She’s such a good girl considering her past!
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
April 14, 2023 at 06:49pm
Hello.  As well as an infection - which may be rarer than most people think - your vet might have looked at the specific gravity of urine, which reflects a dogs' ability to concentrate their own urine and can highlight kidney problems, liver disease, diabetes, etc, abd consider pyometra (uterus infection) and so on.  If the specific gravity is normal, it might be that they are simply drinking more in hot weather as a means of keeping cool, but this is also rarer than people think and water restriction is not something I would tend to reccommend if that is the case - perhaps cooling of the environment might be preferable.  Another concern is whether the patient experiences pain eg arthritis and doesn't want to physically get up and pee - sore joints is something that we tend to associate with winter months, but various factors can skew this eg if they tend to exercise more in the summer.  There may be hormonal factors - I would have to chat to an expert about this, but ovaries arent the only source of hormonal variation in the female body and it could be that scent marking in the Spring is her habit.  Furthermore, there can be behavioural factors - what changes in the summer?  Is there some reason that it may be favourable NOT to go outside? - eg people walking past the house more frequently etc.  I hope that something there proves to be useful - as ever, if your vet suggests something that doesn't solve the problem, always return to them, ask what it could still be and what could be done to rule it out.   We would love to hear how you get on!
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