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Published on: June 24, 2024 • By: Wellbeing27 · In Forum: Cats
June 24, 2024 at 01:36pm
My male cat looked like he was having a stroke or seizure,I took him to the vet and they checked him but didn't do any tests,they said he's very thin and I should consider euthenasier.they gave him an injection .a few days later he seemed as if he had recovered and was eating and drinking well.i gave him some conditioning tablets for a few days but I stopped as I hadn't asked the vet but when they said it was ok I continued but then he started to go down hill not eating all of the time.on the last day he was collapsing and I tried syringe feed him but it didn't work and he passed away early hours of the next day.im wondering why he was only given one injection ?and  if I hadn't stopped then started the tablets, would it have made any difference?
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
June 25, 2024 at 11:55am
First, I'm sorry that you lost your boy and are experiencing all the feelings that go with that.   This includes one of the early stages of greif, the 'bargaining' phase, during which owners look for reasons why (whatever happened) shouldn't have happened - for example, that your vet should have given more (or different) injections, or investigated the problem more.  This is an absolutely normal, understandable, well documented phase of greif which is a painful process.  What you haven't addressed here is what was wrong with your cat - neurological signs, weight loss and collapse are serious symptoms usually connected to serious disease.  You don't say why your vet didn't do any further tests; was it that they knew that there was a lump in your cats' abdomen, which they could feel through the body wall?  Or because they assumed a space occupying lesion in the brain and MRI was outside the resources available?  Or because if they had found something on MRI, they already knew that they wouldn't have done anything differently?  I suspect that they'd have ruled out hyperthyroidism (treatable) if that had been a possibility.  Given that your vet had already proposed euthanasia, it is a surprising proposition that repeated shots or tablets could have avoided or apppropriately postponed death.  After all, vets are in the buisiness of maintaining quality of life, so if repeated drugs had been a realistic proposition, I would have expected your vet to have encouraged it.  I wonder whether they were trying to encourage euthanasia and gave an artificial boost from an injection (a steroid, perhaps?) to give you time to come to terms with the terminal nature of the disease.  This is harsh speculation on my part; to find out for sure, you would want a conversation with your vet (i would encourage this) in which you ask these painful questions.  Alternatively, you could seek a formal second opinion.  You could consult the RALPH site, a charity aiming to help owners after the death of abeloved pet.   I do hope that something here turns out to be useful and please do not let the direct nature of my advice detract from the strength of the feeling, pain and anger that most owners would be feeling at this time.  Greif is very real, should be honoured and you should go on asking questions until you are satisfied, because through doing this, you will either expose a problem with your cats' treatment - and thereby help other cats - or progress through your greif.
June 28, 2024 at 09:03am
Sometimes it is a problem of calcium deficiency, it is very dangerous for babies to show signs of not eating and being tired, so they must see a doctor immediately. But perhaps you've encountered a doctor who doesn't care. Condolences Edited by doodle games 1 minute ago
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