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Published on: April 04, 2023 • By: npolsinelli021 · In Forum: Dogs
April 04, 2023 at 09:10pm
Hi vets, I need some help. My female pit mix is about 8YO and is having some dental trouble. She easily loses teeth. She lost a few when she got into a scuff with another dog and the today she cried when biting on something and I checked and had to pull another. Now she only has two on the bottom front. she is obsessed with bones bc she has gotten one daily since she was a pup. (nothing too hard. pig ears, cow ears, beef trachea) but after pulling one tooth today I’m worried about a day where she won’t be able to have a bone. today I didn’t give her since the tooth thing and she’s been sad and sulky all day 😪 she eats farmina. & gets salmon oil & nupro gold vitamin powder. is there anything else i can give her for tooth/gum health?
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
April 04, 2023 at 11:36pm
Hello!  - I'm sorry to hear that your 8-year old is losing teeth. Dogs' teeth are similar to people's in what keeps them healthy - that is, a healthy diet and regular brushing.  There is no other magic formula we can take to repair our teeth one damage has occured - and neither is there for dogs.   Flatter faced breeds can often struggle if their teeth do not all fit into the space available (they have the same number of teeth, no matter how long the nose is), so some breeds can have a particularly hard time.  Right now, it sounds as though your vet needs to do a dental check-up and possibly even work - preventative and / or restorative - on the remaining mouth, so its well worth making an appointment for a dental assessment.
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