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Whelping- Puppy Count

Published on: May 18, 2022 • By: brianandavis · In Forum: Dogs
May 18, 2022 at 03:20pm
Hello I have a female that started Whelping at 2am this morning. We have 10 puppies so far. Last pup was born at 7am (2 hours ago). We had a ultrasound done and two sets of x-rays and were not able to get a clear puppy count. We are expecting 11+ though. I am looking for a vet to take a look at the X-rays attached and let me know what they count and if we should be concerned. thank you2EF879A0-D12F-4B07-A805-E90AB4D5350928D520BB-5153-4E49-ACFB-2DB4A105786C
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
May 18, 2022 at 03:27pm
Hello!  I'm sure that your vet has already declined to get involved in this game and me too, I'm afraid - because we almost never win!   I don't have as many 'definites' as you do but just because I can't call them definite, doesn't mean they're not there! Other people are welcome to comment. Wishing you the best of luck.
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