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Published on: July 04, 2022 • By: oliviaschlosser31 · In Forum: Dogs
July 04, 2022 at 03:29am
I make a ton of single ingredient dog treats. I get everything from a local butcher and I know everything is safe. I want to make dehydrated lamb legs. I’m wondering tho if the bone would be safe for dogs to consume? I make treats like duck feet with bone but the lamb leg bone is thicker
Liz Buchanan BVSc MRCVS
July 07, 2022 at 08:43am
Hello!  In general, dogs do not consume bone; they eat the meat that is attached to it.  Bone meal could be described as ground, dehydrated bone - it contains some potentially toxic minerals in high proportions, which is why it makes good fertiliser and is on the poisons list.  I therefore wouldn't risk feeding the softened bones to dogs unless told any differently by your own vet, who could take advice from higher experts on the subject.  The goodness of meaty treats is in the soft tissues.
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