Those of us in the northern hemisphere are heading into long nights. Which for many of us, means dog walks in the dark. Whilst keeping ourselves and our furry friends dry may be at the forefront of our minds, what about when it comes to safety? Should you be investing in any visibility gear for your dog, and what is on the market? 

The best way to ensure that you and others can see your dog is to invest in some luminous or reflective clothing or gear. If they are likely to walk off lead and they decide to follow their nose into the woods, brush, or across the other side of a dark field, this is especially important. Although dogs can see in the dark a lot better than their owners, it is still vital that others can see them; such as cyclists, runners and drivers. This is because as much as anyone may think their dog has common road-sense, we know that it is up to us to keep them safe. A dog knows of no cars when they are busy chasing that rabbit. 

Gear can range from reflective jackets, collars and leads, and safety lights that you can attach to them. Let’s have a look at our options. 

Reflective jackets 

Many breeds will benefit from a jacket, and depending on the product, may even include features such as being waterproof and windproof on those cold and soggy winter days. Coupled with neon inserts or reflective strips to help you and other people see your dog; they have a very practical benefit of keeping your dog safe. 

It is important to ensure that they are the right size, machine washable, and made from a solid material that will stand the test of time and the seasons.

Safety lights 

If your dog doesn’t require any waterproof features and is a breed made to withstand the cold (Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, German Shepherd, as examples), then a safety light that you can attach to their collar or harness may be more beneficial. Depending on your price range, they can be battery or USB charging. There are a whole array of designs to choose from. From ones that dangle down from a collar, or ones that can be placed at the top of the harness. Others are single-use LED lights that clip onto their collars, and you even get a choice of colours. 

For some pets, ones that are water and shockproof may be necessary. Especially if they are the more mischievous sort on their walk(!). 

Hi vis / LED leads, collars and harnesses

For something a little bit more minimalistic, you can also simply get a hi vis fluorescent collar or harness that you can use in the darker months, in place of their regular walking gear. If your dog is unlikely to tolerate a jacket, and will be distracted by a safety light, then this is a good option, and perhaps is all you need if your dog walks beside you on a lead. There are plenty of options available across a wide price range to satisfy even the fashionistas amongst us. 


Whatever product it is you choose, it is always important to put the safety of your dog first. As the age-old adage in modern medicine goes: prevention is always better than a cure! Let’s keep our beloved pets safe this winter, and see spring come next year with the only injuries happening to our walking boots.

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