Getting a new pet is super exciting and there are so many different things you must remember to do. One of the most important jobs to do once you have a pet, is to register with a veterinary practice of your choice. Don’t worry if you have not done it yet and your pet is a little bit older. But do get on and find a practice to register with soon. It could make all the difference in an emergency.

Registering with a veterinary practice is very simple and means giving your details such as your name, address and contact details, plus your pet’s name and age, amongst other information. It is free of charge and can normally be done online or over the telephone. Once you have registered with a veterinary practice, they may contact you with offers and updates on their latest products. You should be able to opt-out of these services should you wish, but many are useful. If you have more than one pet, you are able to register them all under your details. 

It is now more important than ever to register with your local practice

Throughout 2021, many people bought puppies meaning more people have pets and need veterinary attention. In this same period, the vet shortage within the United Kingdom became worse, leaving us with even fewer vets than we already had. Because of this drastic shortage of vets in contrast to the increased demand for veterinary attention, many practices have had to put rules in place to limit the number of new clients that can register. This is to prevent themselves from becoming overwhelmed.

You should choose a veterinary practice that you are happy to take your pet to, should they need veterinary care 

Choosing a practice close to your home or workplace is sensible. Often when pets are poorly, travelling long journeys can make them feel less comfortable. You can register with more than one practice. Although we recommend choosing one practice and consistently visiting them; in order to develop familiarity and consistent clinical, medical notes regarding your pet’s health. 

Seeing a regular veterinary practice will allow the staff members to meet and become familiar with your pet 

Your pet’s history will be saved at your vets meaning your vet will know what your pet’s ‘normal’ parameters are. This makes it much easier for us to monitor any changes within their vital parameters; helping us to catch diseases prior to them becoming severe. The receptionist will be able to triage your pet more easily if they have a more thorough history on the document; helping to decide whether you need an appointment. And if so, how quickly your pet needs to be seen. Many breeds are predisposed to certain diseases. With regular check-ups, veterinary professionals are more likely to spot these clinical signs and provide tips on how to prevent disease from escalating too quickly to control.

By registering with a veterinary practice, you are able to get an appointment quicker at your practice

Veterinary teams are working long hours at the moment in order to fit as many consultations into their day as possible. Whilst all veterinary practices must provide emergency care by law, they do not have to provide care past that of emergency nature. This means that if you have not registered your pet at a vets and they are running at full capacity, they would not be able to see your pet for something minor, for instance, itchy ears or scabby skin. They would only be able to see your pet if they were in a life-or-death situation. 

Your pet will feel more comfortable if they go to the same vets each time. 

When your pet becomes ill, attending a vets can become daunting. If your pet visits the vets when they are feeling well in themselves, for health check-ups or vaccines, they are more likely to feel relaxed on future visits, compared to if they only visit when they feel ill. Some pets may even associate the vets with feeling ill and become afraid of entering the vets.

Registering with a veterinary practice will mean you get reminders when your pet is due an appointment or vaccinations, helping you to stay organised.

Missed vaccine dates can mean having to restart your vaccine course. Which will cost more money and involve an extra trip to the vets. Sending you appointment reminders is just one of the ways your veterinary practice will help you to be a responsible pet owner. They may also contact you with any updates on laws or drugs. A recent example would include veterinary practices informing their clients that it will soon be a legal requirement to have all cats microchipped in the UK.

There are lots of advantages when registering your pet to a veterinary practice. Registering is quick and easy. There are no benefits at all in not registering your pet! Pop it on your to do list!

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