As vets, we’re always advising people to get their pets insured… but do they do that themselves? We’ve gathered our Vet Panel to answer that question! So, do Samantha, Cassandra, Lawrence, Lizzie, Louisa, and our two Sarahs insure their cats? Read on for some confession!

Samantha Coe

I believe that pet insurance is a really good thing. However I am personally lucky enough to be able to look after my own cat’s veterinary needs myself at the moment. If he ever needed to be referred to a specialist for treatment which I could not undertake myself I would use savings to cover these costs. If I come to a stage in my life when I no longer work as a vet I would personally use a lifetime cover policy for my own pet insurance needs. 

Cassandra Longhi-Browne

They are not insured.

Lawrence Dodi

I protect all my animals with Petplan insurance.

Lizzie Youens

My two both have lifelong cover with Petplan. I’ve been with Petplan since we got Pi. We had to claim a couple of years ago when she developed a cancerous lump on the side of her face which we had to remove; or rather, a colleague did as I was too emotionally invested! Now that we’ve claimed, I want to stay with Petplan so that nothing is excluded in a new policy. Jazzy has (so far!) not needed anything, but he’s such an idiot he certainly needs the security of insurance!

Louisa Marcombes

I must admit that I have not always had insurance for my cats. But I certainly would not do without it now. I just like to have that peace of mind that my cat has access to the best veterinary care, should the need arise. I tend to go for the lifetime cover option. Maybe because as a vet, I am just too aware of the range of problems that may need to be covered often unexpectedly, or that need long term treatment expenses. 

Sarah Cooper

I have both of my cats insured with Petplan. They are a company that I have used for many years. I have always been impressed with the level of cover that they provide. They seem much better than some other companies at paying out. They are a little more expensive, but I think that they are worth it for the peace of mind.

Sarah Hunter

Petplan’s covered for life policy.

So, overall…

Yes, the majority of the vets we spoke to had insured their cats. And if we are – and we can prescribe treatment for our own animals – it’s very difficult to justify not doing it if there is any way that you can afford it!

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