New vomiting bug hitting UK dogs?

Ill dog

You may have seen posts on social media or pet websites recently about the possibility of a new vomiting bug hitting UK dogs. Coming hard on the heels of the Coronavirus outbreaks from Wuhan in China, people are not unreasonably worrying about a new (and potentially dangerous) outbreak of an unknown disease. Some people have linked it to vaccination, others think it might just be coincidence. So what’s going on? 


Where has the story come from?

Over the last week or two, vets across the midlands and North of England have been reporting unusual numbers of vomiting dogs coming into their clinics. These reports are coming from as far apart as Oxford, Derbyshire and Liverpool. Other areas of the country don’t (yet) seem to be reporting such a sudden uptick in canine sickness.


Why is this different from all the other vomiting dogs do?

It’s true, dogs do vomit a lot! In the majority of cases, though, they’ve eaten something nasty (and possibly rotten), and then when they’ve got it out of their system, they feel better and bounce back. In other cases, they’ve been exposed to a poison, or have a foreign body.

This disease, however, seems quite different in two important ways. Firstly, dogs vomit very forcefully and repeatedly – 5 times in 12 hours, and often with “projectile force”. This isn’t common in dogs, except those with a blockage – and that isn’t what these dogs have.

The second unusual finding is that these dogs stay “unwell” for a lot longer than we’d expect. Normally, a dog with gastroenteritis (some infection or irritation to the gut) will be sick for 24-48 hours, and then bounce back. However, these dogs seem to be refusing food for a prolonged period after the vomiting has stopped – and are taking 5-10 days to recover.


What are the symptoms?

  • Repeated, often violent, vomiting (5+ times in 12 hours).
  • Possibly diarrhoea (described, charminly, as “gravy-like”).
  • Vomiting may stop and then start again.
  • Loss of appetite even after the vomiting has stopped.
  • Dullness and lethargy for 2-3 days after the vomiting starts.


Is it curable?

At the moment, we don’t know what the cause is – so there’s no “cure”. However, fortunately, almost all the affected dogs do seem to be making a full recovery, with supportive treatment. 


Can it spread from dog to dog?

While we don’t know for sure, we are seeing some evidence that dogs do seem to be passing it from one to another. This isn’t conclusively proven yet, though. For example, it might be that 2 affected dogs were both exposed to the same toxin, say, rather than sharing a virus. However, if true, it would suggest that we’re dealing with a new disease outbreak.


Does vaccination prevent it?

No – vaccinated dogs are also getting sick.


Does vaccination cause it?

Again, we don’t know for sure – but it seems unlikely, as early reports suggest that unvaccinated dogs are also getting ill. More to the point, the major vaccines haven’t changed in the last six months, and yet this appears to be a new outbreak.


So what is it?

At the moment, the smart money is on some virus – a sort of “doggy norovirus”, if you like. Fortunately, it does appear to be dog-specific (so far, all the evidence suggests that people aren’t at risk). 

However, it could also be a bacterium, a toxin, or even random chance – it might just be a coincidence that so many dogs have tummy upsets all at the same time. I don’t think it’s likely, but we can’t rule it out yet.


OK, then what’s being done about it?

The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network, organised by Liverpool University, are collecting information about all suspected cases. Vets and owners can submit the details, and the more information they have the better! So if your dog has been affected by this mystery illness – please do go to their website and submit your details. The more people can do so, the better the chances that they can determine the cause.


UPDATE 17th February:

SAVSNET at Liverpool University would like to stress that they would like samples submitted (through your vet!) from any cases that meet the criteria, for microbiological testing to try and identify the cause(s). Please do not submit samples yourselves though – go through your vet and if necessary they can report cases and submit samples safely (and legally).


62 thoughts on “New vomiting bug hitting UK dogs?

  1. Both our dogs have just start being sick and diarrhoea one started two days before the other one , we are on the south coast should we sit it out or take them to the vets

    1. I think with two affected dogs a vet check would be the best idea – if they’re showing any other symptoms, seem depressed or lethargic, or are unable to keep water down then it’s potentially an emergency.

  2. I’ve been looking after a 4 month puppy who came down with what seemed to be a 24 hour bug. Puppy had sickness and diarrhoea and a little lethargic. Then she seemed to be fine. My 3 year old dog is now vomiting repeatedly. She has vomited eight times in the last few hours and is very lethargic.

    1. Vomiting 8 times in a few hours is never normal – week veterinary attention as soon as you can, as the dehydration may easily become life-threatening.

  3. Just FYI….I believe this is spreading, I am on the south coast, My dog became sick 10 days ago with vomiting & severe diarrhoea he has now just been hospitalised for the 2nd time as symptoms only improved for a day or 2 and are now back with a vengeance. He is off food and lethargic with signs of blood in vomit and especially in liquid diarrhoea.The vet has said he has seen 15 cases of V&D to variant degrees in the last few days. We are awaiting results of tests but think he may well be referred to specialist in the meantime for scan/ultrasound to rule out any other potential issues. Desperately worried awaiting news of my little boy.

  4. I picked up a sofa from a lady who’s dog was suffering with this bug. On the first day of having the sofa all was well, but the next day one of my dogs became lethargic and vomiting. She was the only one that had been sitting on the sofa. She was ill all day Saturday, Sunday morning but starting getting to her old self on the Sunday night. Today she has been fine, but my other 2 dogs have both been vomiting all day today, both lethargic and not interested in food, just like my girl was on the Saturday. Could the sofa have brought the bug into the house, as there’s no other way they could have got it. I have a massive garden for them to run and play so the need for walks is not necessary as they get plenty of exercise and I know their safe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have two Portuguese Waterdogs, ages 8 and almost 4. Last Friday Grace the younger of the two started vomiting, she continued to vomit through the night. I called my vet practice on Saturday morning and was told it was a nasty bug affecting a lot of dogs in the area and to feed her chicken and rice. Grace was so poorly she refused to eat. In the early hours of Sunday she had dreadful diarrhoea, the vomiting had stopped by this time and the diarrhoea had stopped by lunchtime. However Grace was so lethargic, she looked so poorly, still refusing to eat. We kept her warm while often offering her water to keep her hydrated. On Sunday evening she was brighter and started to eat small amounts of chicken and rice. She enjoyed a breakfast of chicken and rice on Monday, she’s now fully recovered. My other dog seems absolutely fine at the moment.

  6. My elderly dogs been poorly for almost 2 weeks, she started vomiting severely out of the blue, followed by lethargy and anorexia. Bloods, xrays and scans all came back normal. She was starting to recover slowly but has now developed diarrhoea has anyone else had similar problems? My other dog is completely unedfected. I’m so worried about my girl now. I’m in the sg6 area

    1. Very similar here. How’s your dog feeling now?
      Mine started with diarrhoea which was followed up by vomiting once a day.
      Two trips to the vets and although he was feeling better yesterday he’s back to square one with diarrhoea, lack of appetite and when I syringed water in he brought it back. Very worried.

  7. Do you know if there are cases in the United States, specifically northeast? We’re in New York City and this sounds like what our dog has. She didn’t have repeated vomiting but the rest sounds similar, particularly the long recovery time. Been to the vet a couple of times already.

    1. Not that I’ve heard about, but there are always sporadic cases of vomiting that appear to be transmissible. Usually these are small clusters that fade away rapidly – what’s unusual about this is that it seems to be longer-lasting and more widespread than most. It’s worth remembering, though, that there are a huge number of reasons why dogs vomit, not just new infections!

  8. My 2 lurchers have had the vomiting virus, 12 hours vomiting then brief bout of diarrhoea. 4 days in one has been rehydrated at the vets, had an injection to stimulate appetite and is on probiotic Paste and is more interested in food. The other had same symptoms but not such violent vomiting. She is still recovering and eating small amounts of bland food. Also on probiotic Paste.. This is in DA14 area, Kent

  9. We live in Bognor Regis and have two dogs – one is a 14 week old puppy – one a 13 year Staffy – both have had sickness and diarrhoea for the past 5 days. Two trips to the vet but it has come back twice. Our eldest is off food but drinking. Blood in stools. This has the signs of a national epidemic.

    1. I also live in Bognor Regis and my 5 year old dog has become very poorly yesterday 13th February. She has been sick and very lethargic. She won’t eat and is just managing a little chicken broth. She had an anti sickness and antibiotic injection yesterday afternoon but no improvement this morning. I couldn’t find her in the garden and then found her laying under shrubs in the garden. Is this how other poor dogs are behaving, I’m so worried.

      1. It does sound very similar. Fortunately it seems that most of the affected dogs are making a full recovery, although some are needing hospitalisation to maintain their hydration levels, so if you think she’s getting worse, do contact your vet.

  10. My Springer Spaniel started violent vomiting last Saturday morning had anti sick jab at vet. Then diarrhoea started Sunday. Would not eat for 48 hours very lethargic. Still got diarrhoea with some blood Thursday . On chicken and rice plus probiotics now lively not had a temperature. Will check again with vet tomorrow This is Surrey GU86QD .

  11. We live in Norfolk . It started with one of my girls being sick and lethargic wouldn’t eat ended up taking her to the vet had the antisickness injection she’s now fine. It then went to my other girl who was sick many times we took her to the vet and was given anti sickness injection too this one has taken longer to rally and has now had gravy like smelling diarrhoea. My boy also got sick two bouts of sickness and he was taken to vets also had antisickness injection. The next day he had gravy like diarrhoea he is also getting better. Bless them I have kept their fluids up tried giving paste and light diet. I am still a bit worried about the second girl 😔

  12. My dog has been very ill with this bug. He lost 2.5kg in two days. Has a lot of medication to take and is slowly recovering. I am in the TW17 area near to Heathrow

    1. I have a dog sanctuary in South Wales. Over the last few months we have had numerous incidents of dogs with sickness and diarrhoea, rapid weight loss – as much as 6 kilos in 2 weeks. They appear weak and uninterested in food, they are passing watery, gravy like diarrhoea. It has affected the German Sheoherds and older dogs the most, I’m guessing because they have compromised immune systems. The recovery rate seems to be after 7 days on metrobactin, B12 and symbiotics. They can’t tolerate ordinary food afterwards so are all being fed on royal Canin gastrointestinal. They are putting the weight back on slowly but it is a real struggle. I believe this is an airborne virus because the dogs do not come into contact with other dogs. Standard blood tests are coming back negative.

  13. I have five dogs – 1 was sick yesterday – no appetite and only slightly improved today. The second has become ill today and vomited up her breakfast and plenty of stomach acid / bile. I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow. By the sounds of it, I will have three more dogs exhibiting signs shortly. Based in the Milton Keynes area.

  14. Curious to know, on all the articles I have read, I haven’t seen anything about faecal sample screens for routine pathogens or virology or crypto (thinking of the prolonged wet ground conditions) As we know Ecoli STEC and its relatives are constantly evolving and screening for Norovirus etc is pretty routine in humans at least. But no mention at all of screening of faeces or vomitus, not even to say they all yield negative results.? Just wondering, would faecal/vomitus screening not be the first port of call?

    1. The problem is – what do you look for? Most dogs carry a huge range of “pathogenic” E. coli and often Salmonella and Campylobacter strains without showing any clinical signs. So determining what’s significant is a huge problem. That said, I’d be very surprised if people weren’t screening – the trouble is that, other than Parvo (which I’m sure people are checking!) and canine coronavirus (which doesn’t fit the profile for this) we don’t know very much at all about GI viruses in dogs, so it;’s really hard to know where to start looking.
      Add to this the fact that there’s very little no money for primary research unless the animal’s owners pay for it, and you see the problem here. At the moment, the SAVS team are trying to correlate all the histories and signalment to determine if there are any common factors; they can then hopefully drill down to see what commonalities might be relevant.

  15. I have a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. The rottweiler has come down with something similar to this in the PR1 area. I am worried sick. He vomited around 8 or 9 times during the night of Thursday in to Friday. Rushed him to the vets Friday morning. They gave him an anti sickness injection and antacids tablets to help. They ruled out blockages in the intestine as she couldn’t feel any lumps or bumps. We’ve been told to feed him chicken and rice with scrambled egg in small portions around 5 times a day with giving him the antacids 3 times a day too. His poop is like water but he is drinking and the vomiting stopped. He has gone off his food and all he wants to do is sleep. So far the German Shepherd is appearingly fine but my rottweiler is far from himself. We are around 28hours after the injection now and he only really gets up for water, when I ask him to to try get him to eat and/or when my partner comes through the door. Should I be taking him to the out of hours vets or letting him ride this out? Should I be trying to get boiled chicken down him still if he isn’t really wanting to eat? Any advice on any ideas to help my boy will be greatly appreciated.

    1. This would be consistent with this vomiting syndrome I’m afraid… and I think it’s likely you’ll just have to ride this out. However, I think a phone call to your vets to let them know what’s going on would be a good idea, as there are a number of other diseases that could cause these symptoms that might need to be ruled out.

    2. My dog was sick on Wed morning last week.. Then started vomiting multiple times through the Wed night.. Seemed in discomfort even drinking water then would bring that up too.. He had anti sickness and antibiotics at the vets on Thursday morning. He was very lethargic and refused to eat.. We had to use hand feeding of tiny bits of food until yesterday when he started to show more interest.. He is much brighter today so I hope you dog in better soon.

  16. I have 4 Ridgebacks. North Birmingham. 1 affected last October. Fast recovery. Mild symptoms in 2 other younger dogs.
    Similar symptoms in only one over last few days. So appears can re visit.

  17. I am in just outside Chelmsford in Essex when my 3 year old Great Dane/Bull dog cross started vomiting violently during the evening and into the early hours. My other dog, a 14 year old Mini Pinscher stared up about 8 hours later. I’m going to keep them in and off food today and if there’s no improvement by the morning I will take them to the vet (we actually live in the Ashdown Forest and are visiting family here in Essex). It’s very worrying as my two only had a little bit of contact with other dogs and that was in a local park.

  18. We walked our families 6 spaniels around beacon hill , Leicestershire on tues , the next day two dogs fell ill with vomiting and lethargy, followed two days later by two of the other dogs , we are now disinfecting food bowls and areas that the dogs frequent in the hope to stop transmission

  19. Our little dog was sick seven times Thursday into Friday morning. She also had diarrhoea, I gave her some dedicated charcoal. The vomiting stopped the diarrhoea didn’t. Then Sunday the diarrhoea had stopped and we gave her some rice and chicken.
    This morning she has vomited again, so I’ve booked her an appointment at the vets, for later today

  20. My jack Russel had her walk this morning & didn’t want her treat wen she came back. She’s been vomiting thick frothy stuff up even after water. She’s been vet had a sickness jab & antibiotic jab. Hasn’t worked yet as was sick again after drinking water. Very lethargic & deffo not herself! 😢😳

    1. If she’s still throwing up water despite the anti-sickness jab she might need to be seen again – dogs can get dehydrated really fast from repeated vomiting.

  21. Same here been to vets today with my dog not been himself since Friday receptionist said they had been alot of people with dogs with the same symptoms since Christmas and still coming in now BB area Lancashire

  22. My Spaniel Barney has had to go back to vet today as he started vomiting yet again this time pinky/ orange (now 10 days in ) he’s lost 2kg in weight. Still got diarrhoea some blood not passing it so often Took in samples of poo and sick. !!!! Having Basic Faecal screen + Giardia Elisa SARCG Now given lots of meds. To take. Never run a temperature and lively except those first 48 hours. Wish I new what it is. No news yet.

    1. Hi Helen

      Did the results come back yet from your tests? I see not many have actually got the tests done just Medicare. I am a dog walker and Would be interested to know

      Kind Regards

  23. We are now on Day 10 with this bug. As per the other comments, projectile vomiting lasted about 24hrs with gravy like stools. Very lethargic and refused to eat but was drinking so not dehydrated. All attempts to entice feeding were refused. Reported to vet but did not visit. Vomiting started again Sunday, not as prolific as before. However, bought a cheap tummy settler from Amazon syringed it down and she ate a small normal meal x 3 yesterday (hand fed) Lets see how today goes……

    1. To add to my comment I should add that my dog is hypothyroid so possibly her immunity is low hence the slow recovery time…and the fact I cant get any of her thyroid drugs down her..she is a big dog (40kg) but has again eaten appx 50gms of normal food today so far!

  24. Our dog started throwing up last Thursday evening while we were visiting a friend with a dog in Amsterdam (the friends dog had thrown up the night before, and has been 1-2 times a day since). Our dog has been to the vet 3 times since we arrived back in Frankfurt, Germany. They can’t find anything wrong with her (we’ve been to 2 different vets now). She is at least still drinking some water and does try to eat food every once in awhile (but then throws it back up). She’s sleepy, but still wants to play at times. The vet told us Sunday night he’s had 4 other similar cases with dogs that came in this weekend here in Germany.

  25. We are in Pembrokeshire. Our nearly 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer started vomiting on a walk around 3pm on Sunday afternoon. We withheld food but he continued to vomit water & bile until around 10pm. During the night I regularly gave him small amounts of water.
    Yesterday, he seemed better, ate some chicken but did not seem keen on rice which he usually likes. He was also a bit more playful.
    This morning, he woke up & began vomiting again. We have taken him to a vet where he has had anti-sickness injections. We have also been given some tablets & paste. He has now been able to keep down a small amount of boiled chicken & water.
    We have to return to the vet tomorrow for a check up.
    At no point has he had diarrhoea but this may be because he has had little to eat since Sunday.

  26. My mini schnauzer had this bug last year in November aged 8 months. Started with violent vomiting for 10 hours, no diorrhea. Went to vet who gave anti sickness injection and did x – rays to check for blockage. Very lethargic and off food for few days then her sister started. Both recovered OK. Last Saturday now aged 11 months one of them was sick once then sick once on Sunday, by Monday morning she was lifeless so got to vet, blood tests showed severe dehydration. She had been perfectly OK when we went to bed. Straight on IV fluids. Given anti sickness injection, still no appetite so extra meds added to I. V. Finally picked her up this evening with special food and anti sickness tablets. Really happy to see her sister but very tired. Just waiting to see if other pup comes down with it. Had dogs all my life and never seen anything like this before. We are in RG 18 area. Berkshire

  27. My 12 year old staff became very sick didn’t eat for two weeks I stopped using a certain floor cleaner as had seen something in Facebook he became better . He lost so much weight we nearly lost him was in vets for two days

  28. Our dog has not been well for a couple of days he has been sick but no diarrhoea. His tummy is making lots of noise. Not eating his treats and not eating much of his food but drinking his water. Have made an appointment tomorrow to see the vet really concerned.

  29. I have three Vizslas in Belfast. The youngest, 2 year old, had one bout of vomiting on Sunday night, but it was a massive projectile vomit and smelt disgustingly of faeces. I thought she might have a blockage, but she’s fine now and I’m not sure it’s related. My 13 year old refused her breakfast on Monday morning, then vomited about 5-6 times during the day, with explosive diarrhoea, very lethargic, just sleeping all day. Vets gave her an antiemetic and antacids. She’s only just started to take a bit of food today. My 3 year old started being sick yesterday, has dreadful diarrhoea, refused all food and is sleeping all day. She is now also on the antiemetic and antacids. I’ve never seen my dogs so unwell with a gastro virus.

  30. It looks like this has made its way to the south west, TA2. Our chocolate lab appears to be in the early stages of this. 48 hours ago he began vomiting and had really watery stools, and has been going downhill since.
    Was kept at the vets overnight last night being treated for severe dehydration. Seemed better this morning and was sent home, but has gone down over the course of the day, and has just projectile vomited over the sofa and living room floor.
    Had anti sickness injections, blood tests and ultrasound while at the vet and nothing flagged up. Hopefully this’ll clear up soon and our boy will start to feel better, but looks like it’ll be another trip to the vet tomorrow.

  31. My Labrador was bright and an hour later started vomiting, he vomited for about 6 hours and he had an inj at the vet and he is in hospital for third night, still not eating.
    He has had abdo scan, bloods, electrolytes and cortisol bit everything is fine. He had pink mucous membranes with a slow CRT and low heart rate, very flat!
    I hope he gets to come home tomorrow.

  32. I live in dorset. My 11 month old lab pup started throwing up on wednesday evening. Was sick x5 in the night and again in the morning. Later on in the day gave him some chicke n and rice and he threw it up. Took him to the vet the following morning. Anti sickness injection given. He is really off his food which is highly unusual as he is a massive foodie . Managed to feed him a boiled egg this morning. So far has kept it down. He is very lethargic and hid under the bed this morning which he never does. No energy, sleeping alot. Sounds like there is a nasty bug going round. F
    Hopefully he will be on the mend soon 🙁

  33. Have 2 mini schaunzers one 4yrs Male and one 2 female .2 days ago the female bad vomiting ,refusing food and treats and not her lovley self at all. 2 days in shes taking water now but still no food. Noticed her coming round to her old self now 48 hrs in. Rang my vet and he said just keep her warm and hydrated. He said the vets if full of multiple cases today and all last week with some bug. Now the female seems to be coming round and the Male of 4 yes has just started the same symptoms. Bit worried. Will keep a close eye on both now

    1. Have 2 mini schaunzers one 4yrs Male and one 2 female .2 days ago the female bad vomiting ,refusing food and treats and not her lovley self at all. 2 days in shes taking water now but still no food. Noticed her coming round to her old self now 48 hrs in. Rang my vet and he said just keep her warm and hydrated. He said the vets if full of multiple cases today and all last week with some bug. Now the female seems to be coming round and the Male of 4 yes has just started the same symptoms. Bit worried. Will keep a close eye on both now. We are in n.ireland bt48

  34. Our springer spaniel has had a v&d bug for 5 days – repeated vomiting, including lots of bile and gravy like diarrhoea. Has lost over a kilo of weight. He has had an antisickness injection and probiotic paste from the vet. We have been up with him 7-8 times a night for the past 5 days. Appetite is a bit better today and he is drinking water but still lethargic and clingy. We are in the Glasgow area.

  35. Shropshire Bridgnorth area. Golden Ret started vomiting one week ago. Very lethargic and not with it. Vet visit last monday. No mention of the virus being discussed here by the vet. Slightly raised temp and vet gave pain killing jab and sold me 2 bottles of hydrating fluid. Dog not interested in consuming fluid. After 3 days dog slightly brighter managed small pieces if chicken. Then back tk square one bomiting. 2 more days seemed tk be recovering, more small ammount fresh cooked chicken and small walk. Dog has just thrown this up and is back to total lethargy. One week in now. Annoyed vet was not aware of this common problem, vet did suggest an overnight £550 stay ! Worrying.

    1. This is a very new outbreak (if it is one) and the vast majority of vomiting dogs probably don’t have it – they have a simple stomach upset for which the treatment offered is quite reasonable. If your dog isn’t drinking, or able to keep fluids down, then I’m afraid hospitalisation might be the only option to keep him hydrated. You can of course always ask for a second opinion from another vet in the practice – or from another practice – if you prefer, but I do think that if he’s unable to keep water down he needs veterinary attention.

  36. My dog started yesterday being sick. He point blank refused food but will drink.
    All he wants to do is sleep, so we are keeping him comfy. He’s only had a little running poo’s and was yesterday morning and last sick over night and last night. We have ensured his water intake is good and mixed Cooled boiled water with a little honey to boost his energy. He has just eaten a handful of cooked chicken, and will try him with some more later

  37. My cocker spaniel woke us at 4am this morning with 2 piles of sick in his bed and then went out and had a very runny poo. Has been extremely lethargic today and has been snapping at my other cocker spaniel. He has had boiled chicken and rice and is drinking and peeing lots. Fingers crossed we are nearly 18 hours clear of any D&V! How long does this last for? He has still got a cold wet nose and is occasionally wagging his tail which is unlike him as it is constantly going. Is it just a case of keeping a close eye and going to the vets if needed?

    1. If it is this new vomiting bug, then it can last a week to 10 days – however, 2 vomits and a diarrhoea episode don’t meet the criteria for the new condition. It’s more likely that its a “simple” stomach upset. I think if still vomiting in 24 hours, or if any other symptoms appear or worsen, a vet check would be appropriate, but the majority of dogs will bounce back with the treatment you’re providing.

  38. My 3 year old Airedale has been poorly for 3 weeks. Generally vomiting only once a day usually in the very early hours and has diarrhoea when she goes to to the loo, generally only twice a day. It’s odd as she only vomits frothy bile once a day and doesn’t need to poo frequently it’s just that when she does go its diarrhoea. She has no other symptoms, is not lethargic, is playing and barking with our other 4 and half year old Airedale who has absolutely no symptoms whatsoever! Very odd that she hasn’t caught it ? But in the younger one that has symptoms she started with lethargy 3 weeks ago, that went away but about 4 days later started with the V&D. It went away for about 3 days after being given antibiotics and omeprazole and a light diet. But then returned, now even with light diet and meds it hasn’t settled it she still has V&D. Vets have taken bloods and done CT scan but all came back normal. Faecal samples are the next road to take, fingers crossed they get to the bottom of it

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