Dear Santa Paws,

My name is Spot, and I have been a very good boy this year. I only barked at the postman twice! So please bring me my Christmas wish list…

1. Healthy Snacks!

I love food. And I love snacks more. So please bring me lots of snacks this year. But my owner says that I have gained some weight this year (how rude!) and I am on a diet. So please bring me healthy snacks.

My favourites are vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cooked sweet potato, celery and cucumber! They are full of vitamins and minerals to keep my coat looking shiny and my insides healthy. I also like fruit, like apples, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and melon! But I know they are full of sugar, so I can’t have too many…

I also love cheese, fish and peanut butter! But again, I must be a good boy and only have them rarely.

In fact, since starting my diet, I have to be very careful how many snacks and treats I have. My nice vet worked out a diet for me that I have to stick to! I’m only allowed a certain proportion of snacks in my diet, especially the not-so-healthy ones. Maybe if your dogs (do you have dogs, Santa Paws?) are on diets too, you should check with your elf-vet how much they can have? Especially in winter, because I know I am lazy and don’t exercise as much!

I also know that a lot of shop-bought treats are very bad for me. Some even say they are healthy for my teeth or coat, but do the opposite! I prefer the healthier snacks my owner gives me anyway, so please only bring me these!

2. Toys for Training

I’m still only a puppy, so sometimes I forget commands and tricks. I’m getting better though! So maybe you could bring me some toys that will help my owner train me? Perhaps something that clicks for some clicker training? Or a whistle? That could be fun! I also need a new lead, so I stop running away when I see a bird at the park. And maybe a harness would stop me pulling… but I really want to play with the ducks! In fact, maybe some extra snacks would be good rewards when I am a good boy?

At the vets, I also saw a toy you fill with snacks (and I love snacks) to get me running around! I want that! Maybe it will help me lose weight..? Or maybe a fancy feeder that encourages me to think to get snacks? And of course please bring me a new Frisbee and a ball! But please not a tennis ball – the vet says it could wear my teeth down. Something soft would be great!

3. Winter Things

Sadly I am not a husky, and my fur isn’t that thick. So I sometimes get cold in winter, especially on long walks. I’d love a nice jacket! And I know my owner loves to take selfies with me, so they probably want it to be stylish! I just want it warm. Sometimes my feet get sore after walks in the cold as well – I think it might be from the salt on the road! I’ve seen some very fancy dog boots that might help me… if not, please can you tell my owner to wash and dry my paws after every walk in the cold? And some doggy-safe moisturiser for any sore bits.

My owner does keep the house nice and toasty at night, but extra blankets for my bed might be nice! Oh, and it gets dark now. I’m brave and not afraid of the dark, but my owner worries cars might not see me. Perhaps a shiny reflective coat and collar would stop them worrying?

4. Grooming Stuff (my owner made me pick this one…)

Hm, these bits are boring, but my owner says it is important to keep them up, even in winter! I’m worried they’ll forget, so if I ask you, I’ll definitely get them…

I hate fleas! I had fleas once, and they were so itchy. So please remember to give my owner new flea treatment. I have mine every month on the back of my neck, but I know there are some other kinds you eat. And worms too… I’ve never had worms and I definitely don’t want them! One worming tablet for December please! Hm, I think I’m due for a vaccine from the nice vet that month too. They say it is important to get them on time, so please don’t let my owner forget! Some of the diseases they protect me from sound horrible…

I am a handsome boy (my owner tells me all the time) and I want to stay handsome! So please can I have a new grooming brush, and for my owner to brush me regularly. I don’t want tangles! I also want them to clip my nails when they are too long as well. My nice vet is really interested in my mouth, and they want me to have healthy teeth, and they say it is important to brush my teeth regularly! I feel a little silly when my owner brushes them, but I think it helps – maybe I could have a doggy toothbrush with some tasty paste too? Human toothpaste is too minty and not good for me…

5. Help for all the other dogs!

This is a strange wish, Santa Paws, but I know there are a lot of dogs out there who aren’t as lucky as me, and might not have a loving owner. Perhaps this year, you could help some ownerless dogs find owners? I know humans can adopt dogs from shelters (that’s where I came from!) and give them a loving home, or even foster them for a while. Please encourage these humans to find a new dog from a shelter this winter. Some of the friends I met there had lived there a long time, and really need an owner soon. 

I understand some humans can’t have a dog or can’t afford one – maybe they could help volunteer at a shelter? I met some lovely volunteers when I lived at one. Or even just donate some old newspapers, towels, toys or food? I am sure the lonely dogs would appreciate some presents this Christmas. 

And I supposeeeee… if you are more of a cat person, Santa Paws, you could help some cats in the same way too… I like one or two cats maybe… I’m sure you have enough love for all the animals this Christmas. 

Thank you Santa Paws!

That’s everything this year! Please bring me everything you can! It’s my first Christmas with my new owner and I’m so so excited! My owner did tell me not to eat any human food unless they check it first, because some can give me an upset tummy. I promise to be careful.

Thank you again Santa Paws! Lots of love,

Spot the Spaniel