‘Caring for animals isn’t what I do, it is what I am.’ That is something you may say. Let me let you in on a secret… Your vet probably thinks the same way too! The reality is that both your vet and you provide care for your pet, just in different ways.

The idea of having a relationship with your vet may seem alien to some. After all, you are used to NOT seeing your vet unless there are issues. Seeing your vet usually has negative associations like your pet being ill, high expenses and is fraught with plenty of unknowns (causing stress). It is almost like seeing your dentist, you never really want to do so unless absolutely necessary.

Helping Your Pet & Developing Trust

However, if you treat your pet like your family member, you may find it beneficial to have a trusted vet, one to whom you can voice your worries and concerns regarding his care. In moments of need, you find it reassuring knowing that your vet who understands you (and shares the same beliefs and expectations) would be the one giving medical advice. The bond between your pet and you has dramatically increased in recent times and the amount of relief may be considerable going to your trusted vet compared to a complete stranger. If your pet has a long and/or complicated medical past, it is certainly easier and more effective seeing your vet that knows his medical history intimately to save time and cost.

If you suffer from stress, seeing a trusted familiar face would certainly reduce the stress involved. Where personal expectations and beliefs have been addressed, understood and respected beforehand, it makes medical treatment discussion smoother and more appropriate, especially regarding quality of life and financial costs.

The Benefits of Building the Vet/Pet/Owner Relationship

When effort is made to build a meaningful relationship with your vet, the benefits are in abundance. For you to know that you have a trusted ally that is integral to your pet’s health is extremely valuable. The satisfaction and security derived from such an alliance has been described as ‘priceless’ and ‘reassuring’ by pet guardians and vets alike. It is almost like having your own personal doctor for your pet.

For your vet, the sense of fulfilment derived from helping not only your pet but also you can lead to greater job satisfaction and bring about a greater sense of purpose of making a true difference in her life. For your pet, the benefits are most obvious as the swiftest and tailor-made care can be provided that aligns to his guardian and his doctor.

If you would like to learn more on how to build the best relationship with your vet and you can get the most out of her so your pet will win, ‘Is my Vet for Real?’ provides you with easy-to-follow steps that will allow you to develop one of the most important relationships in your pet’s life, the one between your vet and you. Undoubtedly, your pet will reap the benefits and thank you for it! Available on Amazon (Kindle, Paperback and Audible).

Guest Post: Dr Lennon Foo BVetMed GPCert(SAM) MRCVS is an author, speaker and vet at Amity Veterinary Care in Newton Abbott, Devon. You can also follow his advice and updates on the Amity YouTube page.