Christmas is right around the corner, you’re rushing to finish your holiday shopping and, more importantly, you have to be sure that no one is left out! Not even your little rabbit! But don’t worry – join us in discovering some fun and thoughtful suggestions that can make one little bunny so much happier.

What are the best fillers for your rabbit’s stocking?

Rabbits are fun little pets that love exploring and spending most of their time chewing on some delicious hay. But they have their personality and preferences and need outlets for exercise and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. Gifts that meet their instincts of chewing, digging, foraging, tossing, hiding and jumping, should be on any bunny owner’s gift list.


It can be hard to find a good and safe toy for your bunny. Choose toys made of natural materials – hay-based pieces, sticks, twigs, or wooden toys with no glue.

You could try willow balls – made with willow twigs that are woven together in a ball shape. Rabbits like to chew and toss these toys around. Even if they aren’t a fan of chewing the ball, you can try and hide treats between the twigs.

Tunnels are a must for rabbits because they need a space to feel safe and secure. Also, your rabbit will have fun pushing it around, hiding inside it and even chewing on it.

Then, the food dispenser toy is a puzzle toy for your pet to roll around to get the treats inside. These offer the mental stimulation that comes with foraging for food.


Occasionally, every pet parent enjoys rewarding their rabbit with a little something. But we don’t want to offer them treats that are unhealthy. The best option will always be fresh fruits and vegetables. But if you want something with a bit more durability, you can always opt for dried unsweetened fruit and veggies.

Herbal blends designed for rabbits are a healthy choice for adding variety to your rabbit’s diet. Mix some of these into your pet’s hay, and they will eat it while foraging for the herbs, boosting their hay consumption as the herbs make it more interesting.


Providing the right environment for your little bundle of joy is the key to keeping them happy. So, an exercise pen can be a great way to extend the space available for your pet to jump and run around. You can even use it as an alternative to a cage.

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Do you dream of taking your bunny for walks without the dread of getting into dangerous situations? How about gifting them a harness and a leash? It’s a great form of exercise that allows them to hop around and explore the outdoors.

And there are even some DIY options!

Rabbits love to chew on cardboard boxes and even dig inside. And during the festive period there are plenty lying around! So, before throwing them in the recycling bin, reuse them to build a fort with different levels or even to put some shredded paper inside and create a digging pit!

And finally, the best gift of them all – some playtime with you. Rabbits are social animals, and they would surely love some time with their favourite human. Start a playtime routine that will keep your pet active and happy.

And that’s a wrap (literally)!

From toys to treats or even accessories, there are plenty of options for your choice. So, whether your bunny has been naughty or nice, the truth is they’re sure to have something waiting for them in their stocking.