We all know that cats love a good sleep, there is a reason after all why ‘catnap’ is a common term! Some beds will provide a deeper and more satisfying slumber to our cat pals than others though. There are some tips and tricks to help in providing the best sleep set-up for your furry friend during the cold months. We’ll discuss the best options as well as these handy hints in this blog.

So firstly, there are a variety of styles of cat beds available on the market. Some will be softer, some are fully covered, some will mean that a cat can sleep higher up from the ground and some are really rather fancy. Different cats will have different preferences. Factors such as body size and length of fur will also contribute to their likes and dislikes.

Separation = Perfection (if you’re a cat, anyway)

In general, any space that seems well-defined or slightly separate to the rest of the surrounding space will instantly make a cat feel more secure. There was a trend a few years ago of people filming their cat’s reaction to a piece of paper on the ground. More often than not, cats will choose to sit on this piece of paper than anywhere else in the room. This is because it feels like a secure spot for them. Many cats will be content with any padded cushion or mat placed in a quiet corner of a room. Something like this is ideal as it also serves the purpose of fitting into a cat carrier. And it provides a familiar smell and sense of comfort when you need to transport your cat from A to B. (A stressful but unavoidable situation for our cats!).

Some cats take their preference for secure spaces a step further by really relishing being able to climb into a covered space and being surrounded on all sides. Just think of the fun some cats have tunnelling their way under duvet sets. For these cats, a bed like this would be ideal. Beds like this can be particular suited to nervous or anxious cats.

Some (well, most!) like it hot

All cats enjoy choosing a warm spot to nap in. Many people will be familiar with their furry friends following patches of sun around the floor through the course of the day. Hairless cat breeds or very short haired or skinny cats however could especially benefit from a little added warmth courtesy of a bed that can be hung from radiators; taking advantage of the heating you already have on in your home. And it has the added benefit of allowing the cat to sleep a bit elevated from the ground. This is something many cats tend to prefer as it feels safe and secure to them. However, it is vitally important to make sure that the material is thick enough and the radiator cool enough that your cat cannot be burnt in their sleep!

In the same way, giving cats options of where to sleep, for instance by having one bed on the ground and another elevated for instance on top of a cat tree, they will be able to pick and choose where they sleep and feel even more comfortable. Heat rises in a room due to convection currents that are set up by any heat flow. A cat will be naturally inclined to opt for the toastiest spot possible.

A bed like this is great because its deep sides can make your cat feel hidden away and unable to be seen. The fluffy material will add a cosy feel. And your cat will be able to sprawl out their limbs any way they like.

Recycle for eco-friendly comfort!

Lastly, cats are creative and not bound to the conforms of bed ideals as much as humans. Providing even a large, empty cardboard box will give your cat more options and more hide spaces. This can never be a bad thing and could aid mental stimulation too if they choose to play with it! You could even layer some thin blankets around the base to make it a surprisingly comfortable piece of packaging.

And some bonus top tips…

In terms of general tips, ensure that you have at least one bed per cat to avoid competition. Try placing the bed in different areas to see whether your cat seems to have any preferences.

So there we have a selection of some of the best types of cat beds for your cold and sleepy feline this winter. Your cat will appreciate the extra TLC. And would particularly relish having a couple of sleep space options to choose from.

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