When does a cat vomiting need veterinary attention?

Most cat owners have experienced the unpleasant sensation of cat sick between the toes on a nightime bathroom trip, or as a nice addition to your favourite rug. Vomiting is the active expulsion of stomach contents, which in cats can be violent, and may have many causes. It needs to be differentiated from regurgitation: where food is brought up with minimal effort from the oesophagus before ever reaching the stomach.

You may see warnings signs such as drooling, swallowing, licking their lips more, or hiding away. Short-term vomiting consisting of one or two episodes, or lasting less than 24 hours, in an otherwise healthy cat is usually nothing to worry about.

What do I do if my cat is sick?

If your cat is sick once or twice but appears otherwise well, remove their food for a few hours, then feed small amounts of a highly digestible food such as chicken, or a prescription diet from your vet. Allow them constant access to a small amount of water. After 24 hours go back to your usual routine.

When should I be worried?

It is best to contact your vet if your cat:

  • continues to repeatedly vomit.
  • cannot keep water down.
  • is lethargic or listless.
  • has pale, dry, cold or yellow gums.
  • has diarrhoea alongside the the vomiting.
  • could have eaten something unusual.
  • has a known underlying condition such as diabetes or renal disease.
  • has blood in the vomit.

 What could be the reason for the vomiting?

 Occasional vomiting may be caused by:

 furballs. Cats often ingest hair while grooming. If it forms into clumps it may irritate the stomach, eventually being vomited up. If your cat vomits hairballs frequently your vet may suggest treatments or diets to reduce hair build up and grooming your cat regularly to reduce the volume of hair ingested.

  • eating too rapidly. Cats that gobble food too quickly may regurgitate. If you’ve got multiple cats make sure you have separate feeding bowls in seperate locations to reduce competition. Try serving dry food in a used egg carton, or putting kibble in plastic bottles with holes that dispense the food as it rolls. These puzzle feeders slow eating, create mental challenge, combat boredom and increase exercise which combats weight gain.
  • eating too much at once. Cats naturally eat small amounts and often. While not always practical, specialists suggest 5 small meals a day. Dry kibble absorbs fluid in the stomach and swells which may cause vomiting, especially in older cats.
  • eating spoilt food or huntingmay result in irritation of the stomach.

Then there are more serious causes for vomiting.

 Ingestion of foreign bodies. Cats are more particular about what they eat than dogs but we do occasionally see cats with blockages. Cotton or string can cause a blockage or trauma to the gut.

 Ingestion of certain toxins. We see fewer toxicities in cats because of their fussy nature, with a few exceptions.

Some cats like to nibble on grass. If unavailable, or out of boredom, they may eat house plants such as Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) and lilies which are toxic. Ask your vet before bringing new plants into your house or garden.

Cats like the taste of antifreeze but it’s especially toxic to them. Never use it in ornamental water features, keep bottles secure and labelled, and wipe up spills immediately. Vomiting, increased thirst, lethargy and lack of appetite may be signs of ingestion. Ingestion is usually not witnessed, partly why it’s often fatal. Call your vet immediately if you suspect ingestion.

Food allergies or new foods. Not all foods suit all cats and any diet change should be slow, taking at least a week. It’s also thought some cats may actually be allergic to certain proteins in foods. If your vet suspects this, they may recommend a hypoallergenic diet using hydrolysed proteins. These are proteins which are broken down into very small pieces so are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Parasites. Roundworms are the most common intestinal parasite, affecting cats of all ages. Large burdens can be found in kittens resulting in vomiting, diarrhoea and a failure to thrive. Tapeworms are transmitted via hunting or by fleas, so older cats are more prone. There are many ineffective medications for sale so it’s best to speak to your vet before administering a product. Adult cats should be wormed every 1-3 months, and kittens more frequently.

Cats with kidney diseaseor liver diseasemay vomit. Other signs include lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss and increased thirst. Cats with liver disease may have a yellow discolouration to the skin/gums. Liver disease can occur alongside pancreatic and intestinal disease in a complex known as ‘triaditis’. If your vet suspects underlying medical reasons for vomiting, blood tests and other investigations may be advised. Treatments options will depend on the organs involved and severity of disease.

Gastrointestinal diseases. Infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or small parasites known as protozoa can cause gastrointestinal signs. Inflammatory bowel diseases are a complex group of disorders caused by an immune reaction and result in persistent or intermittent diarrhoea, and/or vomiting. It may be part of the above mentioned ‘triaditis’ syndrome.

Cancers. The two most common tumours affecting the stomach and intestines are lymphoma and adenocarcinoma. They may cause a partial blockage resulting in vomiting, weight loss, diarrhoea and appetite loss. The cat’s age, condition, the tumour location, the severity of disease and your wishes will affect treatment options. Surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be options once diagnosed. Sadly, sometimes euthanasia may have to be considered.

What will my vet do?

After taking a history and examining your cat your vet may advise dietary adjustments and medical treatments alone if the symptoms are mild. With more severe symptoms, investigations such as blood tests, x-rays, urine samples or ultrasound may be discussed. Treatment may include intravenous fluids, antiemetics (anti-vomiting drugs) and stomach protectants. If a blockage is suspected then surgery may be discussed. The most appropriate treatment is the one that will address the underlying cause, whatever that may be, and your vet is perfectly placed to determine that and then to get your cat on the mend.


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    1. There are several possible causes of the symptoms you’ve described, but the most common are probably Cat Flu and a foreign body stuck up the nose. It would be best to get him checked out by your vet, as these conditions can sometimes be quite serious if not treated appropriately.

      1. my cat had some wet food this morning and was sick only five minutes after eating it, we thought she had eaten too quickly and so ignored it and keep her on water only for a good 5 hours which she slept through after also having 14 hours sleep through the night. she then had dry food and no less than a minute after finishing it she threw up again. Every time I look at here she looks very on edge and anxious which is not her usual behaviour, she is also a very lively cat. this is the first time she has been sick twice within the matter of a few hours. is there a need to be concerned and if not when should i be concerned?

        1. I think a check up would be a good idea – if she’s throwing up as soon as she eats something, it suggests her stomach is either very irritated and inflamed, or maybe has a blockage. If she’s able to keep water down, then that’s a good sign, but unexplained vomiting in a cat is always slightly concerning – although in most cases it isn’t anything terribly serious.

        2. Hi Grace,

          Hope you cat is doing better. Could you solve the mystery of why you kitty looked as if on edge and anxious? My 17 year old cat has early stages of kidney failure disease but is doing very well otherwise. Yesterday she vomited right after eating her wet food. She sometimes eats too fast and vomits, so I wasn’t too concerned , she slept well after that and was behaving okay till in the evening she started avoiding us and just like you said was anxious and acting on the edge all the time. I took her to emergency: they did Xrays and blood test . X rays were clear. Blood tests pointed to her kidney disease (which we are aware) and elevated amylase (which could be due to kidney disease). So I learned nothing new from the ED visit. But the whole night and this morning she has been avoiding us, not sleeping, anxious, pacing excessively and aimlessly. I am very worried and the ED vet is of no help, despite paying a steep fees. Due to COVID situation, it will be a while before I can take her to regular vet. Any insight you can provide in relation to your cat, did she oversome anxiety etc, if so how long after the event , etc will be deeply appreciated. Much gratitude!

          1. I’d call every vet I could to get my cat in. Do u have a
            Bet school
            Near by or a 24 hour ER. What has happened since ur last post????

          2. Our cat had a very similar situation recently. Avoiding / ignoring us. Not getting her to purr… she was vomiting. Not eating or drinking. We figured out a ribbon was missing. She had eaten it and it was fully blocking her intestine, but it didn’t show on xrays. We decided to just go for surgery as we were convinced she ate it; and they found it! She’s making a speedy recovery now.

          3. Cats are so stubborn and sensitive too. From what you’ve said, the cat has kidney disease and there’s nothing to do, or… maybe he’s picking up on your anxiety? I know EVERY time I’m sad my cat curls up right one me- he is aware of my emotion state and gernerally wanders around the house and outside if I’m not sad. He is an animal and you can trick him. I bet if you go into a room with him, alone, give him his favorite food and bring his favorite toy, he will play along and be okay.

      2. I just gave my cat a new cat treat last week. I’m seeing her vomit and some diahrra. Last week when giving her the new treats she just vomit & diahrra for two days then stopped. This week I gave her treats again same kind and now today she is vomiting and diahrra again. Her nose seem to be wet not dry. I know sometimes a animals nose can tell you if they are sick. I’m not sure if the treats are the problem or is it something else. She is eating her hard and soft foods and she is drinking. Do you think she needs a vet or take away the treats ??
        Thank you

        1. I think stop the treats first – if the vomiting and diarrhoea don’t clear up in a day or two, or get worse, then vet. It does sound like there’s something in them that doesn’t agree with her, for whatever reason.

          1. Pardon me for posting my comment here but i do not see where else to post. My kitty has been vomiting excessively for a week now. I ‘know’ i need to get her seen ASAP but we are faced with many challenges. First, i called my vet immediately to schedule an exam but since caronavirus, they are booked out until the end of the month. I have an appointment but i am worried for my kitties dehydration. I have called every vet in my state and also in other nearby states too and they are booked until the end of July!!! The emergency pet hospitals are also very packed and we are told they are running at least 5 hours before we can even see a doctor. (Waiting 5-6 hours in the very packed and over flow parking lot!!! The E.R vet has reached their capacity of animals. This is an everyday occurrence. I do not think she has ingested a foreign object, but she did eat a lot of toilet paper, could this be causing a blockage? Do you have ANY recommendations on how i can help her until we can be finally seen by a vet? Thank you in advance!!!

          2. Hi, good luck with her!
            Toilet paper is notorious for blocking intestines because it gets waterlogged and scrunches up into a solid papery mass that can’t be passed. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to get it to move along once it’s wedged; maintaining her hydration with small amounts of water is the best you can do but unless it dissolves by itself – which hopefully it will! – or the vomiting is caused by something else, she needs veterinary treatment as soon as you can get it.

    2. My cat looks pale she didnt eat her treat I gave her and I saw that she threw her food up what do you think this could be? Is it something I should take her to the vet for or something to just watch for? Just switched them to adult food not that long ago its purina cat chow complete. Anything I can do for her at home?

      1. Unfortunately, there is a HUGE range of possibilities! If she looks pale, this might suggest something more serious, requiring veterinary intervention in the near or immediate future. If she seems to be breathing faster or harder than usual, or is showing any other symptoms, then contact your vet for an emergency appointment. Otherwise, a check up is probably in order if she isn’t back to normal by tomorrow. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to diagnose the specific cause over the internet, so if you’re worried, give your vet a ring!

        1. My cat was outside today and munching on grass. He’s been fetching all day and moaning. Should I go to the emergency vet?

          1. I think if he’s moaning like he’s in pain then yes – that needs checking out. Cats usually only moan when they’re REALLY uncomfortable

    3. My cat has commuted three times in the time span of two and a half hours. She’s also acting a bit strange like she’s scared what should I do

      1. If you mean she’s been retching or vomiting 3 times in that time frame and is acting strangely, then I think a vet consult is appropriate to see what’s going on.

  1. My cat Wimperlie had kittens about two months ago. I kept two of the kittens but today she was acting funny. She’s thrown up twice with dark brown throw up and has had diarrhea. But there was blood in her diarrhea. She doesn’t act lethargic but she acts like her stomach might hurt I don’t know what to do

    1. I would strongly advise you get her seen by your veterinarian as soon as possible. These signs are suggestive of a serious intestinal bleed – e.g. a ruptured stomach ulcer, or poisoning with blood-thinners. While it might be something relatively innocuous, it might also be life threatening without treatment.

  2. My cat, who is notorious for eating too fast, has thrown up every time he has eaten today. He isn’t acting different other than he wants to be fed again. I’m concerned because even when he has just a few kibbles of dry food, he has vomited that too. The vomit is just mucus and kibble, with no smell, foam, or color. At what point do I make the trip to the emergency vet?

    1. As a general rule, if they’ve been being sick for 24 hours, if they can’t keep water down, of if they’ve vomited more than 3 times in quick succession.
      Just so you know, if you’re worried in the evenings or weekends when your normal vet is shut, or when we’re all offline (we’re based on UK time!), you can always use our online Symptom Checker to see whether something’s an emergency – go to https://vethelpdirect.com/interactive-pet-symptom-checker/

    2. Hi Jen,
      My cat is having the same problem as yours. He’s completely normal, energetic, and begs for food. He’s drinking water normally and using the litter box normally. Lately, he’s been throwing up his food and we can’t seem to figure out why. We took him to the vet and they ran tests and everything was normal. They said if it persists, we need to think about surgery. I wish to avoid this unless necessary.
      Considering you had this issue a year ago, how did you go about diagnosing/treating your cat?

  3. Hi, I think my cat has a hair all problem. He was constipated for 4 day so I gave him some lactulose twice on Monday (2ml), on Tuesday only once 5ml of paraffin oil and again lactulose on Wednesday and Thursday 2x2ml. He also was getting half of spoon of salmon oil with his wet food in the morning and some probiotics at the evening. Wednesday and Thursday he got portion of anti hairball paste. After paraffin oil he passed a huge poop on Wednesday morning and today (Friday morning). There was a lot of hair in his poo. Also, today in the morning he vomited a huge hairball 10cm long and 2 cm wide. After an hour he vomited two more times but this time only water. For few hours now he is sleeping and seems to be tired. Should I take him to the vat or is he clearing himself from hair in digestive system?

    1. While he was passing hairballs, I wouldn’t have been so worried, but if he seems unusually tired or sleepy, a vet check is probably a good idea, in case there’s something more serious going on.

  4. Hi, I have a question regarding my two month old kitten. I noticed some spats of dry heaving last night, but she quickly recovered and meowed until I picked her up and played. Today, not too long ago, she threw up some white foamy substance. I carried her over to the water bowl and she sat there for a while, drinking little sips of water. She is now sleeping. She was recently spayed at an animal shelter two days before I adopted her (I adopted her on June 22nd) and I am concerned that the violent heaving could affect her incision. Is this something I should be worried about, or am I just being overly paranoid?

    1. It is unlikely to be a problem; cats are usually spayed using a very small incision (quite like keyhole surgery in humans), and these heal up very fast. I’d check the wounds and make sure they aren’t reddened, painful, swollen, or bulging, and if not, just keep an eye on things. Of course, if the retching continues, contact your veterinarian for advice.

  5. My cat was spayed on Monday and was doing okay but now is vomiting. Is this normal? Its been almost a week and she is not back to her normal self. Should I be worried?

    1. Not necessarily worried, but I would strongly advise you to get her checked out by your vet. She might have had a bad reaction to the painkillers after surgery, or a minor surgical complication, for example.

  6. I have 2 cats they are brother (Snickers) and sister (Shadow), they are about 7 years old. They often throw up their food and clear liquid, at least 2-3 times per week sometimes more often. Neither of them act different before or after but I’m concerned that it might be a bigger problem. The vets by me are very expensive so I can’t just take them in because I’m overthinking the problem. It would be minimally $400 and that’s before they do any testing. Snickers and Shadow both sneeze with projectile boogers as well as this vomiting problem. I’m wondering if you have any advice that could help me before taking them to the vet.

    1. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to diagnose the causes of vomiting in a cat over the internet! If they’re long-haired, then it might perhaps be furballs, but usually you’ll see those in the vomit. Sadly, I think veterinary examination of at least one of them is probably the best way forward.

  7. My older cat has been throwing up all morning. She’ll normally throw up from eating too fast or not drinking water after eating dry food but she hasn’t eaten all day. She has most likely taken a few bits of our ZZ plant (toxic.) Her gums are dark purple and no apparent blood in the vomit. Is this an emergency?

    1. Any animal with purple gums is likely to need emergency veterinary attention – it’s usually a sign of shock or cardiorespiratory failure.

  8. My kitten has suddenly gotten very lethargic and wont eat or drink. She has been throwing up and I’m not sure what is happening. She was fine a couple of days ago.

    1. Then I think she needs veterinary attention as soon as possible – it sounds like she might be seriously ill.

  9. My cat has been excessively vomiting all day. He usually vomits 2-3 times one day out of the month and today it’s been quite a lot more than that. He seems to be normal after. There are some pieces of food in it and sometimes it’s clear with a white “foam” he doesn’t seem to be eating too fast or too much? So I’m not sure what’s causing it and idk if I should be alarmed or not.

    1. I think if it’s that regular, it’s probably something he’s eating, but without seeing him it’s impossible to be certain. If the pattern hadn’t changed, I would be inclined to make an appointment to get him checked out by your vet, just to be sure there isn’t anything sinister going on.
      However, continual vomiting all day is potentially dangerous as they can easily become dehydrated; it may also represent a more serious health issue, so a phonecall to the vet would be recommended if it hasn’t settled down.

  10. So he has slowed with the vomiting so far it’s been 1-2 times a day but we took him over to my friends house and I’m convinced it’s the food because he doesn’t throw up after eating any other food. But we have sensitive stomach food for him that he was fine on for a couple of months now. But now it’s been making him vomit

    1. It may be that that particular food doesn’t agree with him any more – the intestine’s tolerance can change. However, there might be something else going on – for example, something he isn’t exposed to at your friend’s house. It can be difficult to determine exactly what’s going on! However, trying him on a different (but still nutritionally complete) diet may help.

  11. Hi my 7year old cat has thrown up grass and some pink looking liquid. She seems completely normal, and is eating and drinking normally, she’s quite a Greedy little thing so I was wondering if she’s just eaten too much? She does have problems with certain cat foods, they can make her stomach funny and I have changed her food recently , I can’t check her stools as she poops outside so not sure what it could be? Tia

    1. Unless her food is pink – some cat foods contain food dyes – pink vomit is quite worrying, as it may suggest bleeding in the gullet or stomach. I think a call to your vets for advice is indicated here!

  12. I didn’t realize that your cat might be throwing up if they have ingested a certain toxin. My cat has been throwing up all week, and I am worried that there is something wrong with him. I’ll speak to a vet that can help me take care of the problem.

  13. My cat Joey passed away suddenly after saddle thrombosis. He started throwing up dinner & he’s a puker so I thought it was the food. Next morning it was bile & hos back legs have put. Rushed him to emergency vet it was Sunday morning & had to put him down. I’m questioning if I took him to vet that night could he have been saved. Could the vet have stopped the clot & I could have saved him. I’m beating myself up wondering. I feel like a terrible cat Mom.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up Heather, there’s no way you could have known with the initial vomiting and you took him for treatment as soon as you realised there was a problem and that it wasn’t just a digestive upset. It can be very difficult to pick up on certain conditions. Please just remember all the happy times with Joey, I know it will be difficult for a while and we never quite get over losing our much=loved pets, but it sounds as though you did everything you could for him.

    2. Hi. My cat is going through some problems and I was reading what happened with your cat to see if it’s similar to mine. I just have a question. Can you tell me what you mean by “hos back legs have put” ? I assume ‘hos’ means ‘his’ but I cannot figure out what it meant by ‘put’. tks,

  14. Thank you. I never lost a cat like this so suddenly. Boy it’s tough. And boy was he spoiled & we had a great bond!! We had great times in his short life.

  15. I know it is a silly question, but do cats ever throw up for attention? I have a female cat that is 2 years and healthy as a horse. She never threw up her whole first year and now throws up maybe once a week ALWAYS at the same time – 10 or 20 minutes before I wake up and feed her breakfast. The throw up is really just water or bile it looks like. No other symptoms as mentioned in the article.

    1. It’s not something I’ve come across before, but I suppose in theory it might happen! Some cats are very social animals, and very good at manipulating people; however, I’d suggest you mention it to your vet and get her checked out if it keeps on happening, just to make sure there’s nothing else going on.

    2. Hi! I was just wondering if you ever figured out what was up with your cat doing that in the morning? I have a cat that does that also and now she’s sick and won’t eat. Thanks for your post. I thought it was only my cat that did that.

  16. I have a 14 year old cat who I have owned since I adopted him as a baby. the last few weeks I’ve found throw up here and there with days in between but nothing major figured hes an old cat and with age comes problems. Yesterday i noticed his stomach was tight when i felt it although he didnt show signs of pain by biting at my hand or anything but he never bites even if hes in pain so I’m not sure if hes in pain or not. Then today just about 20 minutes ago he projectile vomited across my living room and I’m extremely worried. I did some research and most sites says it’s fine or normal I worry because he is so old. Should I be worried and take him to the vet or should I just keep an eye on him? Hes 14 so I’m always so worried.

    1. From what you’ve said, I think that needs seeing by your vet sooner rather than later – a tight stomach and projectile vomiting may suggest a foreign body or a blockage in the intestine, which would be an emergency. It might of course be nothing serious (a bad mouse perhaps?!), but if it is, the sooner its seen the better.

  17. I woke up this morning at 5am and noticed about 7 little piles of foamy throw up. My cat is one and pretty energetic. She has been pretty sleepy all day since I got home at 5pm. She ate a little food and drank a little water ( also ate a couple treats ). I have not.noticed any throw up since this morning. What should I do if she does not start acting normal soon?

    1. If she’s thrown up 7 times, and is definitely off colour, sleepy or lethargic, then I would suggest getting her checked by your veterinarian. It’s probably “just” a stomach upset, but this can lead to serious and even life-threatening dehydration if it carries on, especially if she can’t get much water down.

      1. My kitten is vomitting yellow frothy stuff I assumed it’s stomachs bike because he won’t eat or drink anything except his mum’s milk and he’s trying to poop but only a clear gel substance is coming out and he’s very sleepy he’s only 6 weeks old and he was fine yesterday it only started last night

        1. I think he needs veterinary attention – in a kitten that age, diarrhoea and vomiting can be life-threatening.

  18. Hi! My cat Tiger just recently passed away. He cannot walk anymore after what we thought was an unfortunate accident/injury or fall. Since he usually stayed with other cats outside (still inside our house and no strays can enter), he developed bedsores then the wound got infected. To cut it short, we recently got the vet to flush out maggots that infected his wounds. As he was recuperating inside our home, 8 days ago, he accidentally bit my hand. It was shallow but I got myself some booster. I already got at ID and ERIG shots 2 years prior. Then on the 8th day (this morning) he was feeling a little lethargic. He was still eating and drinking. I was monitoring him for changes but he seemed fine. Hours later, he started panting and then vomiting. I did not think it was an emergency since, he had panted like that before during summer. Also, we had a fan directed at him. We also changed his food temporarily (last night and a small portion today) after my father bought the wrong brand, which I assumed before that he may have a tiny allergy. I say this because last summer, he also vomited this same feeds. After that (panting) he did vomit some of the feeds and was pooping. I thought he was doing good since he is flushing it out. Then all of a sudden, he is hypersalivating then it seemed that he was having a hard time breathing or was choking from his saliva. He was also violently jerking his body. The last that I saw was he was uncontrollably moving his head as if wanting to vomit more and then he died.
    Could the situation be because of food allergy/poison? Or could it be rabies? He never had a anti rabies shot before. Also in the 8 days since he bit me, there was absolutely no change is behavior. He wasn’t aggressive or suddenly hiding. He was also OK with petting. It was only this morning. Just this morning when he looked lethargic then things went downhill. I must also note that after eating his last small portion of the new feeds, I noticed slight bloating on his stomach and thought that he must have been constipated since he hasn’t pooped since last night. It was precisely the reason why when he vomit and pooped, that I was glad since it seems he was expelling the food if he was allergic to it.
    I don’t know what happened? Is it food allergy or rabies? Should I be concerned, if it is rabies, even if I had my shot already?
    I just really want to know what are the possible reasons for his death. He was so healthy just last night.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that, it’s really shocking when they go downhill so suddenly. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to tell what the cause of death is from a list of symptoms like this – to be certain, an autopsy would be needed. I would say that rabies is a distinct possibility, and even though you are vaccinated I would advise you to seek (human!) medical advice – I am not permitted to advise you on human health issues. The other likely issue would be tetanus or some other infection from the open wound. Other possibilities would include poisoning, a blood clot (e.g. a stroke), or some sort of abdominal catastrophe (e.g. a foreign body blocking the bowel); I would think a food allergy is pretty unlikely as they are very rarely fatal like this.
      I hope that helps; again, though, if you want a definitive answer, contact your vet for an autopsy or a check of any other in-contact cats; and seek medical advice regarding the bite wound.

  19. I have a 15 year old cat. He has gone very skinny over the past year and thinner that ever now. He was bring up loads of fur balls so I gave him a huge grooming and seemed to improve this. However he is being sick and is food now – was sick a couple of times yesterday. I have no idea if he has been sick between times outside. He started making this yowowowow sound when eating. He wants to stay outside and sometimes wants fuss and other times will walk away. He hates being put into his box and distresses him but I’m wondering if he is in pain and whether it’s time to take him in. His sister was put to sleep last year and I’m fully expecting this to happen but have a five year old girl who I will need to prepare should we be starting to take this route it he is going in and unlikely to make it. Really after some expert advice.

    1. Yes, I think a checkup is a really good idea. From what you’ve said, the most likely explanation is that there’s another hairball in there somewhere that’s got stuck in the bowel; if so, that might respond to medical treatment. However, given his age, there are more unpleasant possibilities, so I think getting him checked out by your vet is really important.

  20. My 4 year old Yui has always been particularly healthy but now, a good 3 weeks after moving into a new place she started throwing up multiple times a day. Has been doing that for 3 days, now suddenly stopped again (I think so at least – no occurance in the past 24h). Only notable symptoms have been vomiting and diarrhea but other than that she’s been doing completely fine. Neither vomit nor stool have had any visible anomalies to them. After each meal ever since she stopped I spent at least 15-30 minutes with her in my lap, hoping that I could potentially calm down her stomach. No clue if it worked but yea, might have. For complicated reasons I wanted to avoid visiting our local vet, but obviously the health of my cat has a high priority. If my cat continues to show no further signs of sickness, vomiting or diarrhea, is it safe for me to assume that she’s fine and a vet visit isn’t needed? Do cats recover as quickly?

    1. Some cats do seem to respond to stressful situations by throwing up, so it’s possible that was what was going on. Another option is that she found something unusual to eat in the local area, and it upset her stomach. However, if it seems to have resolved itself, and if she shows no further symptoms, I’d be inclined to keep a close eye on her but not to book in a vet visit unless they reoccur.

  21. Wow that sure was a quick response, thank you very much! I already thought so, but I worry a lot so I don’t fully trust my own judgment. I’ve been spoiling my baby ever since to help her feel better, so don’t worry about me not keeping a close eye on her, I won’t take it off!! Thanks again, have a great day!

  22. My kitten has thrown up a few times in the morning the first two had a hair ball she hasn’t been sick since about 12 but she still isn’t eating or drinking anything should I take her to vets

    1. If she’s been sick but isn’t eating or drinking, then I think she should be checked out. It’s probably nothing, but I’d certainly give your vet a ring for advice, as they know her full medical history. While not eating for 24 hours isn’t usually a problem, not drinking is more worrying, as cats can rapidly become dehydrated.

  23. Hello. My cat is 16 years old and has stage 2 renal disease.
    She poops every other day but this week she poops and then vomits.
    She has not lost her appetite or seem lethargic or “sad”
    What could be causing this
    Thanks a lot

    1. There are lots of possible causes, including worsening of the kidney disease, having eaten something that disagreed with her, or even mild constipation. If it’s a one-off I wouldn’t worry, but if it continues, give your vet a ring and let them know.

  24. My senior cat has hyperthyroidism and most likely IBS, which he is being treated for. Lately hes cut back on reating and today he threw up about 4 large furballs. Now he is wobbly and lethargic. Should I assume since hes vomited furballs he will be fine after a rest or should I be worried still?

    1. There’s a good chance he’ll pick up BUT if he’s wobbly and lethargic, whatever the cause, I’d advise you to get him checked out by your vet, especially given his underlying health problems.

  25. Hello, our cat Cookie has been throwing up for 4 or 5 days now. We took away access to his food and the dogs food and after 24 hours just ave him a small amount of boiled chicken and he seemed to do fine, however he began throwing up clear liquid with some foam in it again. There is no sign of blood or bile in it however. His behavior otherwise is normal, he seems to still have an appetite, although he does seem to have lost a little weight this week. he seems to be dry heaving now however and we are worried for him. Could this be something more serious? Thank you for your help.

    1. Yes, there are a range of possibilities, including a partial obstruction or a medical disorder such as chronic pancreatitis. I would very strongly advise you get him checked out by your vet – vomiting that is associated with weight loss and/or does not resolve within 24 hours or so almost always needs investigating.

  26. Hi,
    My cat kept throwing up these days ( 3 times the day before yesterday, and twice yesterday) – only the food, not too much hair really. However, he is a long haired cat, and he does usually throws up about once per week. My mother believes that this is because an air fresher automatic spray of a orchid we recently received. He is not lethargic or looking back in any way. Also he does not like to eat any wet food whatsoever – all he eats is dried food ( his number 2 is usually quite dry). Should we take him to a vet?

    1. If he’s throwing up repeatedly, and it hasn’t resolved in 3 days or so, then yes I would advise getting him checked out.

  27. My cat is 6 and a half years old. She’s usually a heavier cat. Recently we moved and it’s been approximately a month and a half and she has been continuously losing weight. Shes hiding all the time and shows no interest in food which is unlike her. Her gums are appearing to be a very pale colour, yellowish. I looked in her mouth and there doesn’t appear to be any sores or masses. I apply pressure on her abdomen and no signs of pain or discomfort. Would this be a stress/anxiety situation, my husband thinks. Or something more serious.

      1. If her gums are yellowish, this suggests a much more serious issue such as liver disease or pancreatitis. Get her checked out by your vet as soon as possible.

  28. My little guy is 6 months old now and is a very active and playful cat. This morning I noticed him hacking foam came out along with somewhat yellow to clear liquid around the foam. I went to the vet to pick up hairball remedy called Vedalax. I gave him maybe half a teaspoon of it. I’ve also gave him some coconut oil. Now he’s lethargic. He won’t eat or drink. I had to force the medicine and the coconut oil in his mouth. I’m taking him in on Friday to get seen Incase it hasn’t gotten better. But he went from being fine yesterday then downhill at 4 this morning. It’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and nothing. Any suggestions? Also, he moved around ok but slower than usual. Can jump off and on the couch and bed

    1. I think this needs a check by a vet – he’s gone downhill so fast that it might be something more serious than a simple hairball. One possibility might be an obstructed bowel, which might require urgent surgery to relieve the blockage. If he’s no better, I think this needs an urgent consultation – it won’t wait until Friday.

  29. My cat has vomited four times today, yellow bile with bits of grass in it, I am worried she might have eaten bits of toadstool with the grass. She has been asleep most of the afternoon and evening although I noticed she does change her sleeping position. I am very worried about her have you any suggestions. She hasn’t eaten very much food today.

    1. As a general rule, a cat who vomits more than once or twice in a day should probably be checked by your vet, unless the cause is already known and being managed. In this case, a checkup would be a good idea. If you’re not sure how urgent it is, try the Symptom Checker here.

  30. Hi!
    My cat is 3 years old now. Yesterday I found that he had vomited up bits of fur and part of his dinner. He had some loose poop, not quite diarrhea loose but pretty loose. I thought he ate something he shouldn’t have eaten. He vomited again this morning and it looked yellow-green tinted and again in the afternoon but I wasn’t home to see it. I fed him a smaller breakfast than usual and a small dinner which he ate but much slower than his usual scarfing. He’s not quite as energetic as he usually is, laying down more, moving slower, napping more, and it’s making me worried. It seems like he’s been going to the water bowl more often too. He hasn’t had any loose poops today so I don’t know what to think of it.

    1. I think it’s probably worth a check up – if he’s thrown up a couple of times and doesn’t seem quite well in himself, it’s best to get him looked at by your vet. He may be dehydrated, or there may be something more serious going on that needs sorting out.

  31. My cat threw up in the middle of the night once. It was a dark brown in color. Now she is laying in the corner and she did not get up to eat this morning. She purrs when I pet her, but she is very lethargic. Is this cause for a trip to the vet. Her poop seems fine and she only threw up once. I love her to pieces and don’t know what to do for her. She is 7 years old and is spayed. Can you help me?

    1. I think yes, a vet trip is definitely a good idea. A cat who’s vomited and is showing any other symptoms (e.g. lethargy and loss of appetite) probably needs checking over to make sure there’s nothing more serious going on. If she bounces back and is fine, then great, but it sounds as if she hasn’t. In addition, dark brown vomit can sometimes indicated a stomach ulcer or similar, which would need treatment.

  32. Hello, are there any circumstances in which vomiting or coughing (not sure which transpired as I was not home) coffee ground looking flecks do not mean something serious? My cat vomits here and there- seemingly more when we are away- and this time I noticed coffee ground looking flecks, but she seems otherwise perfectly fine within the last 24 hrs.

    1. It’s usually vomiting, and it’s usually a “red flag” warning of bleeding into the stomach and small intestine. While there are a few non-serious possible causes, I think it’s more important to rule out the dangerous ones first with a vet check!

      1. I appreciate your honest feedback. I’m glad to know it’s possible it’s not an immediate death sentence as many sites indicate. I will call our vet to eliminate all possibilities.

  33. My cat is a three year old male. We switched his food and got him off wet and now he’s throwing up everyday. Its been five days now. Do I need to take him to the vet?

    1. I think that would be a good idea – the change in food might well be the cause, but it might not, and 5 days of vomiting is probably enough for him, let alone you!

  34. So my cat has been vomitting/puking for about 4 days now. We ended up changing up her food twice and the Sensitive purina food seems to have helped some. Shes only been puking 1 time each day, and the most recent i found a bit ago was more of a dry heave/ saliva like, not orange and basically food colored. Any Suggestions or is this not something to be as worried about? Parents are reluctant (cheap) on bringing her to the vet cause they think its going to cost a lot. Also everyone around the house has been sick, could that affect my cat? Like could she also be sick?

    1. It is possible for cats to pick up human bugs like Salmonella or Campylobacter, although it is more likely to go the other way (cat to human).
      Unfortunately, over the internet I can’t assess whether or not she needs treatment or if she’s getting better! That’s why I would recommend a veterinary check-up. If that isn’t possible, the general rules of thumb are that it is unlikely to be an emergency if:
      1) the vomiting is getting less,
      2) she’s able to keep water down,
      3) her gums are pink and moist,
      4) she’s urinating as usual,
      5) she’s fine in herself, and
      6) she’s not showing any other signs or symptoms.

      If in any doubt though, I strongly advise you to call your vet for advice.

      1. I researched Campylobacter in cats and found Cats can catch the bacteria from drinking water thats possibly contaminated, I have caught my cat drinking from the toilet a few days ago, and shes known to do (not regulary but enough to says its not rare) Could that have given her the bacteria?

        1. Although possible, it is unlikely. Campylobacter is often clinically silent in cats (meaning they carry the bacteria for a time without necessarily showing signs), whereas in humans it usually leads to obvious clinical signs. It is more likely that she picked it up from something she ate.

          1. We found that her old water dispenser/bowl was slimey with algae and she managed to drop a few pieces of cat food in it, so it was gross water. After changing the water, she has actually started to reduce vomitting

  35. Hello, my kitten is 7 months, i’ve woken up the past two nights to him vomiting up a brown sludge-like substance. The first time it happened it was around 2am and he hadn’t eaten or drank anything because he was in my room for the evening. The second time it happened it was the same thing. I’ve been trying out different wet foods lately and prior to the first incident he had been eating a beef pate that he was fine with up until the last few cans. As soon as he vomited I stopped using that pate, waited a day before trying a different food. Yesterday I gave him limited ingredient lamb and some chicken mousse as a topper. He vomited in the early morning around 2am and now I’m worried. Is it the food? Why does he vomit several hours after eating? I usually feed them wet in the morning around 9am and there is a feeder (4 cats in the house) with dry food and water available all day. He acts normally still, drinking water and using the litter, there is no diarrhea, or any other symptoms besides the vomit. Help?

    1. It is possible that the food just doesn’t agree with him; however, it’s also possible that there’s something else going on. The most likely explanation would be that he’#s picked up a bug from somewhere – typically something he’s eaten; or that there’s an underlying medical problem. If the brown sludge is very dark, almost coffe-like, then you should call your vet immediately, as this may indicate a stomach ulcer.
      Otherwise, I think a vet check would be a good idea, just to rule out anything more sinister going on.

  36. My 10 month old kitten was sick last night and got an antisickness injection at the vet, should he still be lethargic today? He’s hiding in a corner and I’m not sure what to do or if this is normal

    1. No, I wouldn’t expect him to still be lethargic 24 hours later unless he was still feeling under the weather – might be worth getting a follow up check in case there’s something more serious than a simple stomach upset going on.

  37. My cat has had numerous episodes throughout his life in which he vomits violently. After which he walks funny/has balance issues/weak legs. I’ve spent thousands and no one seems to have any real answers. The symptoms seem to subside over time and he goes back to normal till the next episode. Sometimes years in-between. Any advice?

    1. It sounds more like a neurological issue rather than a gastrointestinal one from your description. One possibility would be a form of epilepsy, or some other seizure disorder. Obviously I don’t know exactly what tests have been done already, and what your vet has already ruled out, but it might be worth talking to your vet about referral to a neurology specialist?

      1. My cat has this same issue. He will meow first in discomfort, then will be sick, then after vomiting he gets weak in the legs and usually releases his bowels then hides for a while somewhere and then be is perfectly fine.

        1. If this is a repeated issue, I would recommend vet checks – a lot of chronic gastrointestinal issues in cats are due to underlying problems such as inflammatory bowel disease.

  38. My cat threw up sometime during the night last night – looked like digested food. Then again sometime model morning – looked like white liquid. He has since been very inactive and just lying around. He has mowed a couple times when we have tried to pick him up. He is just 19 months old and usually very energetic and playful. Now he wont move or eat.

    1. I think a cat showing such marked changes in behaviour in conjunction with a clear clinical sign – vomiting – needs a check-up from your vet to make sure there’s nothing sinister going on – or even “just” dehydration.

  39. my 6 month old kitty Rocky Horror has been doing a lot of gagging for the past week or so. he rarely ACTUALLY throws anything up, and ive noticed he starts gagging when he purrs. he also sound a bit congested in his nose and his voice is a bit hoarse when he meows. do cats get colds? bacause i have a cold and tbh his symptoms are almost identical to mine. btw he is eating and drinking regularly

    1. Yes, cats can get a range of upper respiratory infections – most commonly “cat flu”, caused by calicivirus, herpesvirus, Chlamydia, and/or Bordetella. Fortunately, these infections rarely spread to or from humans, unless the person is immunocompromised. However, I would advise a check up by your vet – these infections can be serious and in many cases very long-lasting. That said, if he is vaccinated, it is unlikely that he will become seriously ill with the viral causes, but unfortunately, the cat flu vaccines aren’t 100% effective at preventing infection in the first place.

  40. My cat is vomiting for two days now clear liquid which looks like saliva but sometimes there’s foam with it and hes an inside cat has never been outside there’s no access to any kind of poison liquids here there’s none for that matter and today day 2 I started giving him pedialyte with a plastic syringe because he just won’t drink or eat anything he will go over by the food in Bowl dish and then hover his head over the water bowl and hes 8 months old , and his brother sibling is just fine so I really don’t get it and this being day too I really don’t want to lose them that’s why I started giving him Pedialyte hoping it’ll make him well again

    1. I think whatever the cause, he needs veterinary attention – vomiting can kill from fluid and electrolyte imbalances, and oral rehydration therapy may not be enough to keep up with it. I would strongly advise you to get him checked out by your vet ASAP.

  41. Lately my cat has been puking sometimes a hairball but also like a brown type of puke. I switched their cat food about a week and a half 2 weeks ago and it’s just now started happening about 4 days ago. Before puking and after puking he acts perfectly normal but it’s been happening at least twice a day for the four days and I’m starting to get worried. Is this cause for going to the vet? Or is it just because I’ve switched his food?

    1. Switching food might cause diarrhoea, but not normally persistent vomiting – I think a vet visit is called for, to try and rule out any more serious underlying problems.

  42. I adopted a cat about a year ago from a shelter, she’s long haired and she does occasionally puke up hair balls (1-3x a week) and she’s also not a very energetic cat. She’s had all of her shots, been spayed, dewormed and even has a flea collar. I’m worried because this morning I woke up to the sound of her trying to puke and found (so far) three piles of yellowish/clear vomit. She’s been lethargic all day, laying in the same spot only occasionally getting up, and I haven’t seen her eat or drink. I have been giving her some water through a syringe and she hasn’t puked it up or anything. She also cries out when I try to pick her up. The vet was out of office today so I’m unable to take her and I’m wondering if I should wait a day or two to see if she gets better? I’m hoping it’s just a stomach ache and nothing major.. one more thing I want to mention is that she did drink a little bit of cows milk my mom put down for her, so I’ve been thinking maybe she’s just having a bad reaction to it considering she seemed perfectly fine up until this morning??

    1. Diarrhoea following drinking cows milk is very common in cats – almost all adult cats are lactose intolerant. However, if she’s still poorly now, 24 hours later, she needs veterinary attention.

  43. Hi, my cat was not being her normal active self last night. She had thrown up in the middle of the night, and in the morning was very lethargic. She wasn’t responding to pets or my calling her name. I came home from work to find she had thrown up at least 4 more times during the day. I’m not sure if I should rush her to the vet or maybe it’s just a bad hair ball? She gets rashes in the fall and winter and has been grooming a lot the past few weeks. Please help.

    1. While it might be a hairball, that much vomiting along with a change in behaviour and lethargy suggests it could be something more serious. For example, it might be a hairball causing a gut blockage, or a nasty gastroenteritis.
      However, given that she seems to be very lethargic and has vomited multiple tones, I think an appointment with your veterinarian is needed to get her checked out. Remember, whatever the cause, severe vomiting can lead to potentially dangerous dehydration.

      1. Update… while she still wasn’t her normal self she definitely was more alert when I arrived home from work yesterday. I was able to get her to both eat and drink but I did notice her back legs seem a little sensitive and she sat while eating and drinking which she doesn’t normally do. Could she have pulled a muscle and simply been miserable from the pain?

        1. It is possible, but it’s unlikely that a minor muscle strain will result in significant or prolonged vomiting. I still think a check up would be a good idea!

  44. Hello. My cat Lucy occasionally regurgitates undigested food or foamy wet stuff. I have never been concerned about an occasional barf but recently ( about 3 weeks ago) she had a terrifying episode where she was was violently retching repeatedly. I assumed she got into something but never figured it out. I took her to the vet as she rapidly did not seem ok. The did subcutaneous fluids and an anti nausea injection. She seemed almost immediately better. Looked relieved, began eating etc. Seemed totally fine for weeks.
    The other day she had another episode. This one was worse by far. She would cry out painfully before retching and looked very sick. I took her in and they did the same course but i insisted on doing bloodwork.
    Took her home. She still seemed sick. This time did not bounce back quickly , wouldn’t eat. Dr said if she didn’t resume eating within 24 hrs next thing is am ultrasound. Luckily with some coaxing – different foods etc – i have gotten her eating again and within a couple days seems normal again.
    Everyone keeps suggesting maybe a blockage but why would it come and go? I think dr was thinking organ but blood tests are normal.
    My gut said either maybe i got a bad batch of food ( but there are no recalls on line) or maybe she suddenly has a new intolerance.
    So i am not feeding any of her old food, no dry kibble ( used to get a little in addition to wet) and feeding extra enticing wet options.
    A few questions- would you do the ultrasound or wait? I am broke and have already racked up bills but if i have to do the dehydration treatment again i will pay half again the cost of the ultrasound. A friend says do an xray because they are cheap but an xray won’t show organ inflammation or abnormalities.
    If she seems totally ok in between and is going to the bathroom wth is the most likely problem. The vet didn’t really tell me much. I love my baby and it is driving me bonkers.
    My guess is i need to bite the bullet and do the ultrasound. I did buy a natural hairball remedy and feeding her that in case a small blockage may get passed. I did notice her poops are smaller and irregularly shaped.
    The vet did not notice any masses in her physical exam.
    Thank you.

    1. This is a really hard situation – unfortunately, there are a wide range of conditions that can cause this intermittent vomiting, and as you’ve said, it does sound like an obstruction of some sort. Unfortunately, determining the cause is sometimes really complicated. In many cases, the ultrasound will show you more information because your vet can look at the soft tissue structures of the bowel which aren’t as clear on an X-ray. Another option might be a contrast X-ray with BIPS or barium dye to see what’s happening inside.
      The trouble is that until you and your vet know what the cause is, it will be very hard to determine a suitable treatment. Food intolerances rarely cause these sorts of symptoms in cats, I’m afraid, but it is possible that there was some contamination in the food – if so, changing the food should stop the problem coming back.
      I think the thing to do is have a frank discussion with your veterinarian and let them know the limits on what you can do, and try to decide the most effective way forward.
      Good luck!

  45. Hi, my cat is 15 y.o. and she has always been a food puker for as long as I can remember. We got her when I was 8 y.o. and recently I have tried every food out there, even boiled chicken, and there are times it just comes back up. Shes never lethargic she always just walks away and licks my hand and sits down again to look out the window. Do you think this is an issue that a slow feeder could solve? Do they actually work? I’m afraid with the toy food dispensers she wont get enough food, should I portion her dry food? I usually just leave it out all day.

    1. It might be worth getting her checked out by your vet to rule out an underlying medical cause, especially at 15 years old. If she’s lost any weight, then this is an urgent matter. For example, chronic kidney disease can cause a very gradual worsening of these signs that you might not notice on a day-to-day basis. Other possible causes can include a hiatus hernia (which in some cases might have been present for many years causing regurgitation after eating).
      Assuming there isn’t a medical problem, then trying a slow feeder for dry food might be a good idea, but given her age, it might be worth considering offering her a balanced senior wet diet only; this is often better for the kidneys and does reduce the chances of regurgitation. However, I’d have a chat with your vet before making any dramatic changes with a cat of her age!

  46. My cat Rosie is 6 months old and for the past 3 days she has been throwing up she has green diarrhea her nose is dry and she feels like she’s running a temperature. I cannot get my mom to take her to the vet because for one she’s not home for Tuesday does that the money I’m really worried about her is there anything you can tell me that would help?

    1. I’m afraid vomiting for 3 days, with diarrhoea and a fever suggests that she may have something quite serious, and so a veterinary appointment is urgently required. Cats can die of dehydration from gastroenteritis alone; in addition, the underlying cause may be a really serious infection such as Panleukopenia.

  47. Hi I have a kitten he threw up what looked like mud he’s been sick for several days and hardly eats he just lays around and he shakes he has no diarrhea though and he drinks water I don’t know what to do or what’s wrong with him he’s just lays around he also threw up several times

    1. I think that he needs urgent veterinary attention – this suggests a serious gastrointestinal problem; not only that, but the vomiting itself can be dangerous due to dehydration.

  48. HI. I have a cat that im watching with the owners. They have been in a new home for two weeks. Two days ago this fluffy fur ball has been puking. We thought maybe hes eating to fast so we took away the food. Now he’s just throwing up liquid. sometimes its the color of chicken soup. I dont see him drinking water. could he be dehydrated. THis has been going on for two days. the throwing up and it’s pretty violent. The nearest vet is an hour away. What more can we do or try before taking him to a vet.

    1. I think if he’s been constantly vomiting for 2 days, and isn’t visibly drinking, there’s not a lot more you can do at home – this is likely to require veterinary attention. You could try getting some animal electrolytes (e.g. “Oralade”) and see if he’s interested in that, but if he’s vomiting it back up again it isn’t going to do him much good.

  49. Hello, I’m a bit worried about my cat. Tonight she threw up brown stuff which she has done two or three times in the last week or two. She’s not lost her appetite or anything, in fact she’s been very keen on eating still and loves her food. I made the mistake of googling why cats vomit is brown and have worried my self quite a bit over my findings. I wasn’t sure whether or not in my cats case this is serious or not because it’s not happening everyday, not even every other day, so I don’t know whether it is necessary to take her to the vet

    1. Brown vomit has a number of causes, ranging from a “bad mouse” up to severe intestinal bleeding. It might be worth trying her on a gastrointestinal diet for a week or so (your vet will probably stock one of the clinical diets that are really good for this), but if it keeps happening, if she has any other symptoms, or if you’re worried then it’s definitely worth a check up.

  50. Hi I have a 7 year old cat named Charley and back in july of 2019 he was diagnosed with fiberscaroma due from his rabies vaccine and has a large tumor on his right rib we had him to the vet and they tried to operate to remove some of the lump but was unsuccessful. Now there is nothing we can do for him just spend as time with him until it’s time. A couple days ago we seen yellow bile on the floor. Then a few days later we seen it again only this time I seen him throw it up. I am very worried that it’s due to his condition or it issomething else like an infection etc. Can u give me some advise. Or just take him to the vet.

    1. It might be related to the tumour – sarcomas can have a range of effects on different body systems – but many cats do vomit occasionally anyway. The other issue is that due to his condition he might be more sensitive to infections than usual. Try the usual steps (bland diet, plenty of fluid) and see if it continues; if it does, give your vet a ring but it may well resolve itself in a few days.

  51. Hi, our cat is almost 11 years old, n from almost 20 days now it’s vomiting, it clenches its teeth n have difficulty swallowing, earlier it used to have lil solid n used to vomit n liquid it used to tolerate but now atleast if it drinks water also first time n second time it vomits n third time it can tolerate, we had been to doc they say it may be some kidney or liver problem if we do blood tests also it cnt be recognized fully as it’s aged why to trouble it manage it how it is with ORS.. Before one week one doc put him on subcutaneous saline n gave liver extract injection n it was Lil fine but after that from yest when it took antiemetic and antibiotic injection again it started vomiting if it drinks milk or even water.. Plz plz can u inform us what can be done n what’s wrong with it.. We all are very much attached to it n want it to be fine soon..

    1. It sounds like there’s something more serious going on internally, but without further tests, its very hard to determine exactly what it is. I would be suspicious of a blocked bowel (e.g. an object that’s been swallowed and become stuck, or some form of cancer), or possibly severe liver disease. I think you need more tests to determine the cause, because clearly they cannot go on like this for ever.

  52. They say that putting him on subcutaneous saline whenever it’s weak n give it whatever it eats if it vomits also its fine.. N further blood tests if we do it also to this much aged cat nothing will come up clearly so why to torture it.. What can be done plz inform us.. They say if we come up with some results also future things are clear so why to trouble it..please suggest what to do.. Now we r giving it vetprolyte and renagel but if it drinks water also it vomits for the first time n then again it drinks for 2 times that time it will be fine.. It will be fine na?

  53. They say for this much aged cat if we do any tests also n the results come also future things we know.. It won help it n Don worry about its vomiting whatever it feels like eating let it eat whenever it feels very weak then we will put him on subcu saline, n give him vetprolyte and renagel.. It will be fine na plz inform us what should we do?

    1. Unfortunately, without knowing the cause, there’s no way for me to say what’s going on, or whether your cat will be all right. 11 years isn’t really very old for a cat, unless there is serious underlying disease, but I think you need to have a chat with your vets about what the likely outcomes are without more aggressive diagnosis and treatment.

      1. Actually, where we stay, there the local doctor don have other facilities than blood test and sonography, so if we do it will it be helpful, they say it won be much helpful as the results won be that accurate..

      2. Thanks a lot for ur reply.. Our cat passed away yest.. The vet put him on saline n it was fine but very lethargic n cudnt walk from back legs.. It was active after saline but the second day in the noon it passed away suddenly.. 🙁 doctors said we did whatever we could do from our end but it was recovering n we were happy and all of a sudden this happened yest..

          1. Actually, there is cat family in our home and this cat was a dad n mommy and other 3 kittens are ther, they r also grown ups now almost 2 and half years.. N they all are always taken care of n up to date to all vaccinations, they are like our babies we r so much attached to them.. 🙁

      3. Hello! My cat was throwing up clear liquid yesterday, sometimes with foam in it (around 5 times) but she’s eating, drinking, and using the bathroom normally so I’m not sure what to do. She doesn’t act lethargic and she still plays with her toys (she’s 12 years old btw!). Her meow is a bit scratchy but that’s about all I’ve noticed. She puked up the clear liquid once today but nothing else, she still has that scratchy meow sometimes though. She also has a sudden obsession with the bathtub (she used to go in it a lot because she has a fascination with water and rain). Should I just monitor her for a few days or take her to the vets? (Only asking because vet trips are expensive but I definitely will if it’s necessary).

        1. Its a tough one isn’t it! In general, we’d say that a cat who’s vomited multiple times in a single day probably needs to be checked out. However, if she’s eating and drinking normally, and isn’t lethargic or showing any other signs, and the vomiting seems to be getting better, I’d probably keep a really close eye on her, and telephone your vet if anything changes, or if she seems to be going downhill at all. If she’s still throwing up tomorrow, though, I’d definitely think about getting her checked over before the Christmas break.

  54. My cat has been sick for like a week now he has been vomiting here and there and it comes with blood sometimes and I don’t know what it is we thought it could be a hemorrhage or something and decided to feed him soft foods to try and not irritate it and let it heal but today he was just sitting still no moving mostly wouldn’t even respond to being called and he was drolling looking like he was going to vomit again he didn’t and eventually got up and moved but we don’t have the money to take him to a vet what should we do?

    1. I think you need to find a local charity – he sounds like a really sick cat. Is there an ASPCA branch that you could contact who might be able to put you in touch with a vharity veterinarian?

  55. My cat threw up his food, he slept all day today and has been cranky. When should I have him seen by a vet? He’s only 3 years old. He does have feline urinary disease and on Purina UR.

    1. A change in behaviour, vomiting and lethargy in a cat with an underlying health condition (e.g. urinary disease) definitely needs a check up, sooner rather than later. It’s probably “just” a stomach upset but there are nastier possibilities, and the illness is also likely to worsen his urinary health, so book an appointment for today, if possible.

  56. My kitten threw up this morning moments later after eating, she threw up about 5 times by now. She’s running away from me and sleeping. I want to take her to a vet but my mom is saying to wait a day. I don’t know what to do.

    1. I think throwing up that often is potentially a sign of something more serious – I would advise a vet check. It might be nothing, but it could be an intestinal obstruction, for example, which is very serious.

  57. Hi my cat is 5 years old and regularly a healthy cat but 2 months ago i went away for 2 days and i had paid a friend to feed my cat over the weekend . My friend told me they had fed my cat as i requested but whennj came home my cat was moving his food bowl around and meowing at me which he does when hes hungry.
    So i noticed he is eating extremely fast even choking as he eats . At this point i belive this so called friend of mine did NOT fees my cat while i was away.
    Hour or so later my cat threw up and then again less then 30 min later. And it was an orange colour. Sag this point i assumed he ate way to fast and probably more the he needed to.
    Its bin 2 and abit weeks now and he still throwing up 2/3 times a day .. its stopped a couple days for about 3 days today again he throws up 2 timesnin 10 min and it was no longet orange but dark brown almost black. Now i am concerned for my cat . Is this somthing serious?

    1. Quite possibly – dark brown or black vomit (like coffee grounds, is the usual description) is often an indicator of bleeding into the intestine – for example, from a bleeding stomach ulcer. I think your cat needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible, as if this is the case, it is serious and even potentially life-threatening.

  58. My 1.5yr old cat is a BIG boy. He’s indoor but has been throwing up grass about 3 times this last week. I have no idea where he was able to eat it. Save for one time TWO WEEKS ago when he got out. I’m nervous that if this is grass from that long ago, he could have something blocking him up. He seems to be eating and drinking fine. And is cuddly and playful. I do notice he likes to eat hair elastics and I have found bits of one in his vomit before. I’m nervous-

    1. That is a bit odd, keeping grass in his stomach for so long – unless there’s somewhere else he could have got some? If he seems well in himself, eating and drinking and with no other symptoms, it’s probably not an emergency, but it might be a good idea to get him looked at if it doesn’t clear up. If he had a complete blockage, I’d expect him to be quite poorly in himself, and also not to be passing any faeces.

  59. My little kitten was eating and drinking till about 2 days ago when she stopped eating and started vomiting everything up from when she’s tried to eat and drink. I don’t know what to do and I am scared

  60. My four and a half month old kitten has thrown up twice in the last 3 days. He has been eating mostly dry food, but occasionally has wet food instead. After he threw up two days ago I kept him eating dry food in case he had reacted to the wet food. He threw up mostly food bits (in yellow/whiteish/clear liquid). After throwing up he seemed to play normally and was his normal cuddly self – he also ate and drank again after both times. He does not seem to be eating as quickly or as much as he used to when I first got him over 4 weeks ago. I have no other kittens/cats. Could he simply be regurgitating his food after eating too quickly or could it be something else? I did increase his intake of food about 2 weeks ago after a trip to vet (where he was weighed) – I checked the kitten food bag and it had an increased amount of food for his age and weight. I have recently gone back to work after having almost 5 weeks off (the entirety of having him) and wasn’t sure if he was anxious and reacting to change because he has been alone for up to 8 hours a day.

    1. Eating too fast is a possibility, especially if it’s coming back up immediately after eating; and bolting his food could be because he’s anxious due to the changes in your work pattern. You could try a Feliway diffuser to see if that would help him relax a bit more; smaller, more frequent portions might help too – although I appreciate that might not be practical! From what you’ve said, it doesn’t sound like it’s immediately dangerous to him; however, if it doesn’t seem to improve as he gets used to the new regime; or if it starts getting more frequent, then a check up with your vet might be a good idea.

      1. Thank you for your advice. I will look into the diffuser and keep it in mind. I might also look into a feeder of some sort for him to use during the day when I’m not there so he can’t eat too much at once.

  61. Hi there. My 2 year old cat has been intermittently vomiting every couple days for 6 weeks. Vets ran tests and even opened her up but say everything is normal. Now says it’s food intolerance. She also came back positive for Halicopbacter but they are reluctant to give antibiotics. She is otherwise we’ll and often hungry but I’m trying to wean off her usual diet onto Hills ID. Any advice????

    1. Helicobacter infections are very common in healthy dogs and cats, and don’t generally seem to be associated with disease.
      An intolerance is possible, as would inflammatory bowel disease. I’d suggest following your vets advice as to a suitable GI diet – the most appropriate one will depend on a wide range of factors. Did your vet recommend ad?

  62. My cat ate a decent amount of a plastic string for a balloon. Not 100 percent sure if it’s related, probably is, but hes thrown up 5 times the last hour, clear foamy liquid and is now acting lethargic. I live in a small town and there is no emergency vet in town and it’s like a 4 hour drive to nearest town. Will he be okay till morning?

    1. No he probably won’t be – string in the intestine acts like cheesewire and can cut through the intestinal wall. This causes peritonitis, sepsis and is often fatal. I think he needs veterinary attention ASAP!

  63. I have a cat who chewed up a rubber watch band. About 6 weeks after he chewed it up,he ended up with an intestinal obstruction that required surgery — it wasn’t until they pulled it out that we even realized he had swallowed any pieces. A couple months later, he ate another rubber item and the we took him immediately to the vet, where they convinced us to do surgery to get it out of his stomach before it became obstructed. Turns out, it had already made it to his colon so they opened him up for nothing and he passed it that night. A couple weeks ago, he managed to get ahold of yet another rubber object (I swear we try our best to keep things out of his reach!), and we thought we’d see if he could pass it. He did pass a few pieces within about 36 hrs but it was clearly not all that was missing. He threw up the day after passing those pieces, so we were sure he was obstructed again, and brought him to the vet. They did x rays but of course the rubber wouldn’t show up anyway, although the vet thought they saw where it might be in his intestines. They kept him all day for observation and fluids, said he was doing well and after another set of x rays said things seemed to be moving fine and sent him home again. We were hoping to see the pieces in his stool but as yet we have not (there is a chance they could be very small but the ones he passed before were about an inch long and very obvious). Anyway, I am constantly worried about him, especially since the last obstruction took weeks to manifest, and wondering if there’s anything that can be done. The vet was not encouraging another surgery, which we’d like to avoid too since it’s so hard on him, but I’m also wondering at this point if it’s going to be inevitable. As of now he’s acting perfectly normal, playful, and appetite and bowel movements are normal.

    1. It’s very hard to decide in that situation, isn’t it – a high risk surgery, for a cat not showing any signs of obstruction right now does seem quite a risk to take. Might it be worth talking to your vet about laxatives to help ease any smaller pieces through?

  64. My cat ate a long piece of string like thing off of a wand toy a few days ago. The other day she puked four or five times & puked one today. She’s eating, drinking & still has normal energy level. I’m keeping an eye on her litter box, also, but haven’t noticed anything. She’s peeing, but I haven’t noticed any poop since yesterday. Does she need to go to the vet?

    1. Yes I think you should – string can act like a cheese wire in the intestines and if she hasn’t added faeces, I strongly advise a check up.

  65. I have an 8 year old cat and for about a month and a half now I’ve been finding these little rice grain like things connected to the bottom of my cats tail every 2 to 3 days. This morning I found she had vomited up a frothy clear yellow liquid in three different rooms of the house. Is it possible that what is going on be due to a parasite or something else?

    1. This would be very suggestive of a tapeworm infestation. Tapeworm segments often look like grains of rice and are passed via the anus but often stick to the surrounding skin for a while. Talk to your vet about an effective tapeworm treatment for her.

  66. I adopted an 8 year-old Manx with a known history of seizures. I have witnessed five and he is not yet on medication. Vets want to monitor him at this point.
    He has been vomiting food, not long after eating. He has a great appetite, produces normal amounts of stool and urine, drinks well from his water fountain, and is not lethargic. He does not vomit when taking Cerenia (12 mg., every other day), but does when not taking it. He has had an x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, and lab work. I was told that the PLI was “slightly elevated” and may indicate pancreatitis. I am going to speak to his primary vet in two days, but I am wondering if you may have any thoughts? He is otherwise “normal” in behavior.

    1. It sounds like he has some complex health needs, poor boy!
      Chronic pancreatitis is very common in cats (maybe as many as 1 in 2 cats having signs of it), but management of it is important to prevent it progressing and causing clinical signs (such as vomiting, or even severe pain, shock and collapse). In this case, there is a possibility that the pancreatitis is linked to the seizures (e.g. hypoglycaemic episodes causing neurological problems) but it’s not certain. However, pancreatitis can also be triggered by a range of medications so probably best to discuss managing it with your primary care vet before you start anti-convulsant medication.

  67. Our boy has done some very large sicks in the last four days. In the past 12 hours it’s been at least twice and he is behaving differently, being more cuddly and clingy which is normally what he does when he is unwell. He is up to date on his worm and flea medicines. I’m really worried – would this call for an out of hours vet visit or should we try feeding him plain chicken until the vet appt we have tomorrow evening?

    1. If he’s able to keep water down, isn’t showing any other symptoms, and doesn’t seem dehydrated (skin standing up when pinched, dry or sticky gums) then it will probably wait until the booked appointment, but if anything changes, or you’re really worried, give them a ring for advice.

  68. We have a 6 month old male kitten who weighs 4.4 pounds. He does ok on an every other day dose of Cerenia but without it, he vomits profusely (not regurgitation), loses weight and becomes lethargic. He has had quite a bit of bloodwork done and even exploratory surgery with no indications of disease or infection. Biopsies of organs are clear. The only thing noticed during the surgery was enlarged lymph nodes. We have tried Science Diet and Royal Canin foods. He eats a little less than a can of Royal Canin gastrointestinal high energy soft food a day along with some dry food. His energy is good although he wants to be on people or sitting on a heating vent most of the time. He cries constantly begging for food and wants people food which we do not feed him. When he gets the soft food he eats slowly and does not seem to really like it. I am wondering if we should try a homemade, natural diet but I have read that it is not ideal.

    We live in Montana which is rural and has limited services. He has seen 3 Vets and 1 surgeon with no results. We don’t know what else to do. The Vet hopes he will grow out of it but in the meantime he has only gained about 1/2 pound in two months.

    Do you have any suggestions of what else we might try? Or any ideas of what might be going on? We are feeling a bit desperate and it is looking like he won’t survive whatever is going on. Whatever suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Situations like this are really hard to deal with and I really feel for you and your family. A kitten who isn’t thriving is such a vague and non-specific thing, it’s really hard to know what to do for the best. Common issues (that I’m sure your vets have already looked at) might include those that affect eating or swallowing, such as cleft palate, oral cavity deformity or malformation, abnormalities of the larynx that prevent normal swallowing, and possibly diseases of the oesophagus such as a stricture. Other possibilities would include congenital heart disease (a common cause of failure to thrive), or deeper gut pathology (such as pyloric stenosis).
      Assuming all the obvious things have been ruled out, the options would seem to be to persevere and hope he comes through it; or to seek referral to a full service tertiary hospital. I’m afraid that as I’m UK based, I can’t give any advice on that, but in general teaching hospitals can offer full service workups that aren’t limited to any one department for cases like this – I’m sure your veterinarian would be able to advise you.
      Good luck with him, and I really do hope you can get to the bottom of it.

  69. Hi I’m wondering if you can help me for about a least a week now my kitten buster has been sick randomly and had diarrhoea but no abnormal signs, he is still himself eating drinking playing and purring away we have tried different wet food could this be the case?? Shall I keep him on dry food?? Does he need the vets?? Just concerned… his vomit is lumpy and his diarrhoea is a normal colour. Thanks

    1. I think vomiting and diarrhoea together, for a week, wouldn’t usually be caused by a change in diet. It’s more likely that there’s some underlying disease process, and I think a vet checkup is probably needed now. Uncontrolled, ongoing vomiting and diarrhoea can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that may be dangerous or even life-threatening. You’ve left it a week, which is plenty of time for it to settle down on its own – hasn’t, so veterinary advice is indicated!

  70. Hello,
    My Cat recently vomited a small amount of clear liquid but fell over after vomiting. She has done this before but not for a long time. Is there any concern or what should I have her checked for? She’s about 7 with mid to short hair.

    1. A one-off vomit isn’t a huge concern – it happens occasionally! – but loss of balance afterwards is worrying and may suggest an underlying problem. I would advise a vet check sooner rather than later, as some neurological disorders (e.g. blood clots, strokes, etc) can cause these symptoms as well as “simple” gastroenteritis.

  71. My 5year old cat is a pretty healthy cat, but today and yesterday in the evening he threw up what looked like all the food he ate that day. He’s drinking water and isn’t sleeping more than usual. However is does seem a little off, not as playful. He will eat but doesn’t finish eating like he usual would.

    1. OK, vomiting is fairly common, for whatever reason. I’d suggest offering him a bland diet (e.g. boiled chicken and rice, or a commercial gastrointestinal diet) and plenty of water for a day or two, and seeing how he goes. If he develops any other symptoms, isn’t able to keep water down, stops eating, or the vomiting continues for more than a couple of days, then I’d get him checked by your vet.

  72. Hi , my 8 year old cat was flead/wormed using the all in one drops 3 days ago, (prescription) he’s been throwing up clear foam liquid today and is very quiet, won’t eat but is drinking. Do you think it could be related to the flea/wormer treatment? He’s long haired and threw a hair ball up a few days ago. I’ve got an appointment at the vets tomorrow night but can you suggest anything until then? Thanks

    1. It’s unlikely to be related, but not impossible – some flea/worm treatments are toxic to cats and can cause symptoms like this if licked, for example. However, it seems more likely that something else is going on (e.g. he’s got a hairball stuck somewhere); hope the vet trip went OK!
      In general, a cat who won’t eat is one needing veterinary attention unless the cause is very clear.

  73. Hello, my 9.5 year old cat has been vomiting fairly regularly for the past 4-6 weeks. She is acting completely normal otherwise. We have tried switching foods, and the vomiting stopped for a couple days, but has since started up again. She gets fed morning and night. When she eats in the morning everything is fine, when she eats at night, she throws up about 9-11 hours after eating. Almost every single night. The vomit is completely digested food. No bile in it. But, like I said she is acting completely normal otherwise. No weight loss, she’s drinking water, no bathroom issues. She is a completely inside cat, up to date on all her vaccinations and such. This just started out of the blue and has continued….I’m at a loss. 🙁

    1. I think you need to get her checked by your vet – there will be a reason for her vomiting, and if it isn’t resolving on its own then she needs veterinary attention.
      There are a wide range of conditions that can cause vomiting in cats (especially older cats), and some of them are very serious. Check out the entry in the Pet Health Library for vomiting in cats for more details.

  74. My cat got sick after eating he ate around 530 then got sick after 830 acted fine but his gums r whitish purple and he is cold he wants to be loved on and walks around like nothing is wrong he will be 1 in a few days he has had upper respiratory disease when younger and had always been a sickly kitten just want to know best way to help him stay healthy and happy for as along as he is able to

    1. If his gums are very pale purple, and he’s cold, get him seen by your vet ASAP – this suggests that he might be severely ill.

  75. Hi I adopted 2 litter mates yesterday from a shelter. They’re 8-10 weeks old. The boy is ok but the girl has the odd sneeze and has had loose stools a couple times. She has now vomited once as well. I’ve separated them. Should I take her to the vet? I’m not sure if they’re up to date with vaccines, I’m going to contact the shelter in the morning.

    1. After vomiting once, I wouldn’t say it’s urgent, although I would be a bit worried about sneezing and vomiting and diarrhoea if the kitten isn’t vaccinated, as it could suggest a number of problems. I think once you’ve heard back from the shelter, make an appointment for a checkup with your own vet.

  76. My cat rolly is throwing up alot ,will not eat or drink at all and he is losing weight and is very sleepy I don’t know what to do .one of my other cats did the same thing but she past away a few days later it’s really worries me

    1. There are lots of possible causes but if he cannot eat or drink, he will die of dehydration within days. Seek URGENT veterinary attention.

  77. My small two months kitten is continously vomiting and pooping diarrhea. It was soo tired and was not well. What should I do now to make this situation easy for him..???

    1. Seek veterinary advice – continuous vomiting and diarrhoea are dangerous for a cat that young as they rapidly become dehydrated and may go into shock.

  78. My cat generally throws up after eating after eating too fast because my other cat eats a lot of it in one go. She threw up at least 5 times today. It’s usually 2 and done. The first few episodes were food and then the rest looked like liquids. Now she is hiding. I was going examine her but I can’t if she is hiding.

  79. My cat keeps get sick. It has been 24hrs, I’m concerned. She has been drinking water, not eating much. No diarrhea. No blood in stool or vomit. Does appear to have synthetic fibers in her vomit suggesting she may have eaten something she wasn’t supposed to. She has eaten something she wasn’t supposed to and then vomited it up later, no problem. Now I’m not sure what to do or what is going on.

    1. Repeated vomiting lasting 24 hours in a cat is usually a sign that veterinary attention is needed – especially given her history, as there may be a foreign body trapped somewhere in her intestine. We’d advise a contacting your vet sooner rather than later.

  80. I have an 11 year old male, approximately 19 lbs, who vomits sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. He will do this for days at a time and then stop and not vomit for sometimes a week. No diarrhea. No weight loss. He has always been a sleeper and still is. Usually the vomit is brownish, sometimes with food or hair. He has done this for probably 4 years. When it first started we counted 16 times in one day. I took him to the vet and she ran a bunch of tests and told me he was fine. She gave me meds to help him stop but he kept vomiting. I have changed his food a few times. He is now on Dr Gary’s holistic food. I give him a little omega 3 on his food and he eats fine. Drinks water fine. Acts fine but this vomiting is making me crazy! Help!

    1. Cats always vomit for a reason – the trouble is, we don’t always know what that reason is! A common cause in cats of this age is inflammatory bowel disease, but there are many, many other possibilities. We’d suggest you have a chat with your vet again – chronic vomiting like this requires a rather different workup to acute vomiting, and there’s a different list of possible causes.
      Good luck with him!

  81. My cat baby kitty has been throwing for a few days she started Thursday which had food and then next day she had two spots in my bedroom and then today ( Sunday) she threw up liquid throw up with a little tiny hair ball .. what should I do ? We feed her meow mix could that be an issue it’s been the same food for a bout 4 months .

    1. I would doubt the food is the problem, it’s more likely she’s picked something up or has a hairball or other foreign body stuck. I would advise calling your vet – vomiting that lasts more than a day or two usually needs checking out.

  82. I recently adopted a 1 year old male cat from a shelter, he is all up to date on shots. They supplied me with a bag of food so I could gradually weine him into new stuff. The first couple of days I just fed him what they gave me, as I have started introducing a mixture of food I bought he is throwing it back up 5 minutes later almost every other time. I have a gravity feeeder as he is young so i can’t imagine it’s due to eating too much at once since he can eat whenever? From what I can tell there is no hair in the vommit and it consists of some digested but mostly undigested kibble. He is always playful and in a good mood before and after vomiting. I have only had him for a week so I am not really sure what to think about it. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.

    1. Repeated vomiting like that is a bit unusual. The most likely explanation is that it’s due to the stress of moving home, but I think it might be worth ringing your vet and seeing if they can slot him in for a checkup if it’s still going on.

  83. Hi today I found My cat not acting himself he was lying around not really doing anything and we found some vomiting and when we took him out he vomited some white foamy stuff and he still just laying around not acting himself

  84. My 6-8 week old kitten may have gotten into some Insecticides a small amount and that was 2 days ago he’s eating but also vomiting and diarrhea and hes fatigued

    1. If there’s a suspicion of poisoning, call your vet ASAP – cats don’t cope well with many insecticides, and earlier treatment is always more likely to have a good outcome.

  85. My male cat of 11 years has been retching and gagging off and on for about two weeks. Sometimes it’s a hairball, other times clear/foamy spittle, and other times his food. However, it’s not consistent. He doesn’t always do it after he eats, sometimes it’s several days in a row, other days not at all. He’s still active, no diarrhea, no lethargy. I’m trying to get a handle on this and decide if I need to take him to the vet now, or wait and observe some more.

    1. I forgot to mention that I have reduced his food portion to a half a can of wet food at a time (2x/day) so that he is not overeating, and feed him a dry food snack in the afternoon, about 1/4 cup. He is a full indoor cat, a little overweight.

    2. I think this is worth getting checked by the vet – symptoms that last that long, even if irregular, are always something of a concern.

  86. My cat ate off our plates 3 nights ago. He definitely ate a few small pieces of steak. The next day he vomited about 2 or 3 times. Bile looking watery vomit. He hid away that night. The next 2 days hes only taken water from a syringe. I can tell his bottom is sore due to diarrhea. Which we saw both days. We did not see any last night. He took 3 bites of white rice ..hand fed and 2 syringes of water. Will my cat recooperate or should I be taking him to a vet ? I understand he is lethargic from lack of food and his bottom hurting. But I am unsure if nursing him at home is causing him further pain? Please advise..

    1. Lots of possibilities – take a look at the factsheet for vomiting. However, if she’s that distressed, seek veterinary attention.

  87. I have a 6 year old cat, indoors only. Woke up at 3am to see she threw up her food, she does this from time to time, her vet says it’s normal as long as it isn’t excessive. I fell back asleep, woke up again at 4 because I heard her trying to throw up again, but this time she hadn’t thrown up but looked like she was dry heaving. Then she started panting which worried me a lot. Her breathing was heavy so I sat on the floor with her and after a little she calmed a bit, came over and loved on me and even purred, now she is sleeping. It’s 6:30 AM, her vet opens at 8AM. I figure I should let her rest for now and then decide if I should take her in. I’m very worried but I also tend to over react. I don’t want to ignore something serious but also don’t want to take her unless necessary – she is a high stress cat and taking her causes her a lot of stress. Also, she is currently confined to one room with me and there are no plants in here

  88. My cat threw up the evening of April the 24th, it was formed and nondigested food. thought it was a hair ball so wasn’t really concerned. Threw up again 5 hours later, half digested food however the amount decreased. The next morning I found a dried up mark of vomit on the floor the amount was lesser than the last. So I fed him at noon but decreased the amount of food, as well as soaked it with a bit of warm water for better digestion. Around an hour to two later he threw it up and then threw up a bit of white foam in light yellow liquid. So I stopped feeding him. On the 26th I started a strict schedule of giving him 5-7 kibbles of food per hour, didn’t vomit. In the afternoon I thought I’d try mixing a bit of wet with dry, he threw it up 4 hours later. So I stopped feeding for another 9 hours and went back to the schedule. Fed him according to schedule for two days, increasing kibbles slowly. Ended at 8-13 kibbles every two hours. Stopped puking entirely, still had an appetite, drank water, used litter box.

  89. I adopted an 8yr old cat two weeks ago who vomits each day. Sometimes it’s yellow and foamy sometimes more solid. Last 2 days her stools are loose as well. Not off her food, playful and normal otherwise. Been giving her hairball paste but no change. Does it sound serious?

    1. Vomiting every day isn’t normal – that does need a vet check up, in case of underyling disease issues.

  90. My cat is acting weird she was outside for awhile today it was kinda hot today and when she was brought back in she was ok…she nurse her kittens took a nap with her babies then awoke to vomiting and pooped on herself within a few hrs she started to cry out um not sure if its because of pain.I begun to pet her she seem to stop for awhile then she started walking funny it didn’t look right then I realized she hide under the desk and peed on herself.I sat in front of her for ten mins and she didn’t seem to notice me sitting there so I think she cant see but what could be the cause of this? She was acting normal just an hr ago.Iam far away from a vet and the closest ones dont want to see your pet unless they know your gonna pay and because of the covid 19 i am out of work so I dont have any way to pay right now😔 i am so worried about my cat idk what u can tell me that might have caused this because my cat was perfectly fine before she went to bed.

    1. Lots of possibilities, including seizure disorders. Are there any charities that could arrange a vet check?

  91. We have a new kitten in our house. Could this cause enough stress to cause vomiting in an older cat? He has an appetite but if he sees the kitten shortly after eating, he empties his stomach. Not fun.

    1. It can do, but I’d always advise a vet check in case of medical issues – such as a bug that the new kitten brought in.

  92. Hello! My 5-year-old male cat has started throwing up at least once per week for the last 3-4 weeks. It is never after eating and usually contains clumps of fur. Sometimes the throw up is bright green, but it has also been yellowish brown. It is very uncommon for him to throw up, and he has never had a hair ball in the 2.5 years I’ve had him. We did adopt a second cat almost 4 months ago, whom my older cat does groom. I’m hoping it’s simply excess fur that’s causing the problem, but today he let out a horrible wail before throwing up twice that made me worried sick. He still acts completely normal otherwise; energetic when he’s not napping, great appetite, normal stool, affectionate, etc.
    I think I’m mainly asking to help ease my nerves, but could simply grooming himself and the new cat during shedding season be causing this? Thanks so much for the help!

    1. Yes, it certainly could cause it! Although do keep a close eye on him, as very occasionally, hairballs can block the bowel. If he’s not passing any faeces and doesn’t seem able to keep food or water down, that needs veterinary attention. I would be inclined to get a vet check done when you can though, as there are possible medical causes of chronic intermittent vomiting too, such as inflammatory bowel disease.

  93. For three days 1 year cat been puking like she has a hairball and then today she puke up White foam doesn’t want to do anything but sleep and been whinnying. What can I do for him

  94. My cat is 18 years old she is a house cat( to scared to go out side). She has been diagnosed with an over active thyroid which is been treated for. Recently she start eating litter peeing outside of the litter tray, struggles to walk up the stairs. So we had her checked out got told she has elevated white blood cells which could me kidney disease we have sent off a pee sample which we are still waiting for results. Now this morning she woke us up like normal for her breakfast but she is not eating much so we are giving her half of wet food she brought it all back up, every time she went back to eat a little more again brought it back up so we moved it out the way as it really upsets her. She then started drinking her water and then started to gip and brought this up. So she is currently not eating or drinking without being sick. She is of colour and she is making some funny noises. I am so worried she is my little girl.

    1. I think this definitely needs a vet check – the range of symptoms suggest that there might be more going on than just an overactive thyroid. Infection of some sort seems likely, but I’d strongly advise getting her seen by your vet again.

  95. Hi my kitten I rescued since she was a day old her mom left her and she’s now 9 weeks so I’ve been trying to wean her from the bottle to cat food she didn’t want nothing to do with cat food or kitten food she loved plain chicken she would eat that so I did that then her bottle too and water I noticed about Tuesday she would have diarrhea I thought cause if changing her food then about 2 days ago she’s ate kitten food so I was happy she was happy but then she started throwing up and isn’t herself so last night I thought I would beat her to waking up to land mines I did what I’ve done before simulated her and she got mad but had the biggest hardest poop come out of her dark brown and a big of green in it I thought she would be better today she only wants to sleep please help me

    1. If she was dehydrated and constipated, that could cause the signs, but if she’s really lethargic that’s always a worry – time for a vet check.

  96. My 11 year old cat is showing some similar symptoms as the previous posts re: kidney disease. She’s been vomiting her wet food for the last week. We have two cats, so hairballs are not uncommon, but this has been full meals being vomited, which is very unlike her. She also has acted anxious at times, doing the “I see a bug” stare, eyes and head darting around, etc… also not like her. We plan to take her to the vet, but want to make sure were asking the right qts about what can be going on. Is the kidney disease something that can just pop up out of no where? Is there something safe we can be being at home (something that won’t harm her if it happens to be something else) for our cat before we take her to the vet?

    1. Kidney disease is one of those things that builds up silently over time, without showing any signs, until the cat suddenly finds they don’t have enough kidney capacity any more and start showing signs. In terms of home care – encourage her to drink is the most important thing in the short term, while you’re waiting for your vet to see her, for example with wet food, and offering running water (e.g. a cat fountain or a slowly running tap to drink from). Keeping her hydrated will buy time. Good luck with her!

  97. Hello, my cat went out on Monday for 12 hours (she’s an outside cat but we’ve had her for 10 years) she didn’t come back to drink or eat until she came home that night. She then went out on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 7 a.m. on Wednesday. She didn’t come back for food or drink either during that period of time. Today is Wednesday, she is puking this clearish green color, she hasn’t eaten all day, we give her water but barely drinks any of if (So we have to use a insulin thing to give it to her, no harm is being done though). She has loss weight and it’s very noticeable, she’s not acting normal, she’s barely moving and lays around all day, we haven’t let her out today and we are not letting her out tomorrow. I’m very worried about her condition, I don’t know what to do. She seems like she’s uncomfortable or in pain. Her name is Patches. I need help. What is causing this and what can I do to help?

    1. It’s very hard to know without further tests, but whatever the cause, it sounds like you’ve hit the limit of what you can do at home – this needs veterinary treatment.

  98. Hello, My name is priscilla I have a cat he just turned 1 in May. We adopted him from the humane Society here in Hawaii. Upon adoption there was test taken for him to indicate that he was in fact a well kitten we adopted him when he was about four months the Humane Society let us know that he was a well healthy kitten. Upon arrival to our home he began developing a sinus infection which of course after taking him to the vet we got his proper medication his proper food for the medication and within the next week to two weeks he was perfectly fine no sinus infection no irritation on his left eye. He was healthy for the next two months then he started to vomit and When he was beginning to vomit we noticed small little worms in his vomit. So immediately took him to the vet and again they gave him his proper medication for his stomach which was supposed to be for a whole week then he was back to his regular routine. This was Around November of last year since then he’s been fine up until his birthday which is in May he threw up but it was from excessive eating and I took him to the vet a couple days later they check them the doctor said he was perfectly fine well hydrated everything was normal. Now a week and half later he’s stArting to throw up His food after eating not every day but I’d say within a 2 to 3 day span he’s at least already thrown up three times right after eating I’ve already have him on a diet food he’s been on a diet food he’s been limited with his water intake due to the fact that he drinks too much water wow after or during eating which also causes him to throw up. My question is, his food after eating not every day but I’d say within a 2 to 3 day span he’s at least already thrown up three times right after eating I’ve already have him on a diet food he’s been on a diet food he’s been limited with his water intake due to the fact that he drinks too much water wow after or during eating which also causes him to throw up. My question is, Is my cat throwing up his food to tell me he doesn’t like it and he’s just being mean about it or do you believe it could be somethings severe he doesn’t have loss of appetite if anything he meows he’s very vocal he’s still very well active sleeps right hydrates well everything seems to be OK with him yet I don’t understand why he is vomiting. Another thing is he used to vomit underneath our bed I guess he was embarrassed so he would hide it but now that he’s been vomiting again he’s doing it right in the middle of the floor from our living room on top of the carpet and he’s done it on our couch as well something he’s never done before.

    1. It’s very unlikely that he’s vomiting because he doesn’t like the food. It’s more probable that there’s an underlying health issue, such as more worms, or an internal problem such as chronic pancreatitis. I think back to the vet for more tests if it’s not resolving!

  99. Well I had a cat named aurora she was 1 almost 2 and back in January she started to act a bit strange she stop coming around us and wasn’t peeing or eating anymore the day before she died I picked her up she was very light and looked sick but I still wasn’t sure I didn’t think she would have died the next day but I woke up to feed my other 2 cats and heard her choking on her own vomit and I picked her up and tried to see if something was stuck in her throat but it was nothing and it was yellow like bile I saw where she vomited in my room and it was all yellow so I’m just wondering what could’ve been wrong with her or could she just have choked on her vomit?. Oh also the unfortunately my other cat died but I don’t know if their illnesses were related because my cat spook was old.

    1. That’s so sad. Without an autopsy it would be very hard to tell, but possible causes would include a blocked bowel, if she wasn’t vaccinated then feline infectious enteritis (also known as panleukopenia), or possibly poisoning.

  100. My cat hasn’t been able to keep much food down for 5 days, he has diarrhoea and vomiting. We have taken him to the vets 3 times, they’ve said he seems well just a slightly high temp. We bought the expensive vet food but he just sicks it straight back up. This is day 5 now and I feel so sorry for him, he is keeping down water and nibbling at small amounts of chicken throughout the day but I can tell he’s hungry as he stalks my kitchen surfaces.

    The antibiotics the vet gave me, he sicks straight back up – I just can’t get him to take them. Will I have to get him euthanised if he doesn’t start keeping food down? He is only 2 years old.

    1. Not necessarily, he may need more investigations, such as blood tests or X-rays to determine the cause. Alternatively, if the issue is an infection, then a long-acting antibiotic injection might be an option rather than the tablets. There are lots of other options – talk to the vets about further tests and/or antibiotic injections and/or anti-sickness injections and/or hospitalisation for intravenous fluids and IV meds.

  101. Hello there! My cat Luna just turned 1 at the beginning of May, and is normally a feisty kitty who loves to sprint around the house at high speeds and cuddle. This afternoon I fed my cats at about 4:30 and then went out for some errands, returning at 6:30. Luna greeted us at the door and acted like her usual self, but when we entered the apartment we saw that she had thrown up quite a bit, with a hairball sitting in the middle of it. I believe she’s only thrown up once before, and has never passed a hairball before this. Since then, she has been throwing up about every two hours, slowly becoming more worn out and disheartened over time. We’ve given her water and comforted her, but are concerned as she is only vomiting up bile at this point and it is visibly painful. She has never experienced her summer shedding before, and as she has a medium length coat we believe she may have ingested too much of her own hair. If this continues for 24 hours we plan to take her to the vet, but should we be concerned about anything else? (We’ve discussed food allergies, as we started our cats on a new broth-wet food combo a week ago, possible licking of cleaning products, or other blockages from toys or hair ties. Our older cat Lucky is behaving normally though, but has short fur.)

    1. If she’s throwing up every 2 hours and is becoming depressed or exhausted, don’t wait 24 hours – take her to your vet as soon as you can. An obstruction is a very real possibility; I’ve treated cats who had hairballs that blocked the bowel, so it really can happen.

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