Well, the competition has ended! Our staff are busy counting up the results, and we should know who the winner is shortly… Did you vote? If so, please tell us in the comments!


Best UK Vets 2020

In case you’re not aware of this, VetHelpDirect sponsors the Best UK Vets award. The aim is to reward those practices who give the very best customer service to their clients. After all, clinical expertise needs to be matched with a good “kennelside manner” and excellent communication skills!


How are the winners chosen?

By you – the animal owning public of the UK! All veterinary practices in the UK are listed either on vethelpdirect.com or our sister site, Any-UK-Vet. And any of their clients can go online and review the practice, giving them a score out of 5. Once a year (i.e. right now – see my colleagues Kim and Tracy frantically counting!) we add up how many 4* and 5* reviews all the practices have. The winners are those in each category with the most good or outstanding reviews. We don’t edit them, we don’t rig it, we don’t judge the practices – it all depends on the level of service they give you, their clients.


What are the categories?

Well, there is of course the overall Gold winner; and two runner ups (Silver and Bronze). However, we also award “best in category” prizes. For example, Best Scottish Practice, Best Mobile Vet, or Best Small Practice. After all, not every practice is the same, and we want to reward excellence wherever it’s found!


What do winning practices get?

Well, the overall winner will get an awards ceremony, at their practice to thank their staff. All winners will also get certificates, and press released. But above all, they know that they’re performing for their clients – for you – which is the most important thing of all!


So why aren’t the results out?

Because we want the practices to be the first to know! All publicity is embargoed until we can let them know how well they’ve done. But don’t worry – as soon as the counting is complete and the practices are informed, we’ll have a post to go live here on vethelpdirect.com – so do keep checking this slot!