As we move closer to Christmas, we start to look forward to spending more time with friends and family. Even in a year as difficult as 2020 has been for many, the festive season is an opportunity to indulge and recharge. 

But that isn’t the case for everyone. That’s why this year we’re partnering with StreetVet, highlighting their work in supporting the homeless and their pets.

So, what is StreetVet?

StreetVet Founder Jade Statt
StreetVet Founder Jade with a happy customer

StreetVet is a UK registered charity, providing welfare support and veterinary care to the homeless. Founded by vets Jade Statt and Sam Joseph in 2016, it has grown from a local operation to cover 16 major UK cities, with a team of vets and volunteers. 

As pet owners will testify, owning a dog can be expensive. From food to vet bills, it all adds up. But as pet owners, we also know that the bond between a human and animal companion is unbreakable. It’s StreetVet’s mission to keep pets healthy; providing medicines, food and even surgery. Allowing that unbreakable bond to continue, regardless of financial and housing difficulties. 

With an estimated 320,000 people homeless in the UK, up to 25% of whom have pets, this isn’t a small issue. Many hostels don’t allow pets, creating difficult situations – with people making the most difficult decision – shelter or their companion. 

StreetVet have recently developed and launched their Accredited Hostel Scheme. This support hostels so that they can offer a safe shelter for both animal and human occupants. From providing training for staff to ensuring they have adequate boarding and healthcare provisions. 

This is all important work. 

Why VetHelpDirect are Supporting StreetVet

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t lived up to expectations. At VetHelpDirect we’ve featured stories on lockdown closures, wellbeing in the veterinary profession and the difficulties of being a vet student during Covid. Pretty grim. 

But there are more sides to animal care. With this challenging year coming to an end, we want to shine a light on the incredible and invaluable work to support the most vulnerable in our communities. 

We also have inspiration from within; or at least our sister-company, VetsDigital. Claire supports StreetVet by volunteering her social media experience in addition to providing pro-bono digital marketing services with VetsDigital; here’s a quick introduction and why she got involved with StreetVet;

Claire in full StreetVet branding

‘Just over 3 years ago, as I was curating some content for our practices on Twitter, I came across a tweet asking for anyone in the veterinary industry to help support this new initiative of vets who treat the pets of the homeless with some social media help. I was intrigued and did some research into StreetVet and answered their call immediately!

Everything StreetVet stands for aligns with the values of everything that VetsDigital and VetHelpDirect do; nurturing the human and animal bond and improving animal welfare through support and education.

It’s an absolute pleasure to support an incredible army of volunteers and to be able to share the work of StreetVet with the online community, helping them to build their following. Their social media feeds are such lovely places to be, their supporters, both public and from within the industry really are second to none!’

How can you get involved?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more of their good work, some of the stories and the ways in which you can support them – if you wish. 

Of course, you can head to the StreetVet website to find out more about how to volunteer, donate or see more of what they do. But keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Facebook Page and blog in the coming weeks for more. 

As always, we welcome your stories and contributions. So please share.