Surprising someone with an adorable kitten inside a basket full of ribbons or asking them to close their eyes and placing a ball of fur in their hands sounds like the best present for this Christmas! How surprising would that be? But that is exactly it, it will be surprising, but that doesn’t mean it will have a good outcome. 

Getting a pet should not be a spontaneous decision but a thought out one. You can’t just return it because you don’t like the design. Pets are supposed to be for life, not one day of Christmas fun!

You think it’s a great idea but what about the new owner? 

Think about how uncomfortable it will be for the other person. They get a pet as a present, but even if they were happy at first, they realize the work, money, and attention it requires. They don’t have the proper lifestyle that would allow them to offer their new pet the best living conditions, or they don’t have the right personalities for each other. 

And now it’s a burden they want to get rid of and never asked for it. So, they end up giving it back, which is sad and complicated. And they are adding to the numerous pets given up or abandoned after Christmas. 

They weren’t even the ones who got it first, but they get all the responsibility!

And what about the pet?

How unfair would it be for the animal to get adopted in an impulsive decision only to get given back a few days later, just because you didn’t think it through? 

The moment you get a pet, their life is expected to be better than the one they had at the animal shelter/shop/street you got them in the first place. Therefore, they need certain conditions to be provided. They require time, effort and financial capability. Don’t forget that they are a long-term responsibility, not a holiday jumper!

That’s great, and you can still do that! 

If they already have another pet, you can give presents to that pet. If they don’t, but like animals, you can give them books or experiences such as visiting the aquarium, a farm, or going for a walk in the local forest to watch the squirrels and surprise them with a beautiful picnic prepared by you!

Suppose you want to give a pet to someone. Instead of the present being the animal, it can be food or toys! It would help if you talked to them first. And if they agree, after thinking if they have the right conditions to offer, you can go together and choose the right pet.

It is much more likely that they will find the right pet that fits with them if they meet it first, instead of you offering one you liked or thought they would like. After all, the best gift is to find a pet that is the right fit!

In conclusion

Giving a pet as a present is only a good idea if it’s something that has already been thought about thoroughly, well planned and, very importantly, after you have talked to the potential owner. They need to have a say in the decision! After all, they are the ones that will live with and adapt their life to the new pet. 

And if after all that it has been consciously decided that there will be a new addition to the family, then you can go together to get their new pet, and you can still put a bunch of ribbons on them, and it will be fun nonetheless! 

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