As owners, we all love to spoil our dogs. And what could be easier than having everything you could possibly need for your pet delivered right to your door? Subscription services are becoming very popular amongst many people and for a whole host of interests. New subscriptions for dog owners are popping up all the time, offering boxes of treats, toys and even parasite control! The question is, are they worth your hard-earned pennies?

So, what’s on the market?

There’s a wide variety of services on the market, catering to all your dog’s different needs. You can either get these delivered every month or as a one-off special treat for your furry friend. 


If you want food selected especially for your pet and tailored to their own dietary requirement, while avoiding a trip out to the pet shop, then you might want to consider a monthly food subscription. There are a huge number of companies that offer this, including kibble and fresh-cooked meals. This might be a great option if your dog has specific dietary requirements. Perhaps they require a low allergen diet for their itchy skin. Or they need food that will still keep them full while trying to help them lose weight. If this is the case, it’s easy to find a company that will help deliver this. While the food is likely to be good quality, they tend to be more expensive than your standard dog food. However, the convenience of a regular supply delivered to your door may be appealing to many owners.

In addition, there are often discounts if you’re able either to buy in bulk or, more practically for most, commit to regular orders. Talk to your vet if you are considering this and your dog has more specific requirements.

Toys and treats

Spoiling your dog each month couldn’t be easier with the many subscription baskets on offer that will bring your dog new toys and gourmet treats, providing lots of enrichment to their daily lives. There are even specific boxes that pride themselves on offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Quite often we give our pets the same treats, so boxes like these give you and your pet the opportunity to try out lots of different ones. Who knows, they might find a new favourite! Be careful if your dog has any food allergies, as these services may not have the option to take this into account. It might also be worth noting that if your dog is quite destructive with toys, these boxes may not always provide the sturdiest of toys!

Preventative health care 

Becoming increasingly popular are services providing flea and worming treatment for your pet. It is really important to keep up with parasite control as any dog can easily become affected. By having monthly packages delivered, there’s no reason to forget to keep up with this important aspect of your dog’s healthcare. Be sure to double check with your vet that the service you plan to use is reputable and their products are effective.

Are they worth my money?

It depends on what type of service you go for and the reasoning behind it. Treating your dog to new toys and treats each month is likely to add up cost-wise, but if you feel that it’s worth it, go for it! You can also get them as a one-off if you just want to treat your pooch to something special. They will definitely be grateful! That being said, if you think your pet has more specific needs, it may be that the time and money is better spent taking them on a trip to your local pet shop to pick out things for them there instead.

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