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Cats get Tetanus too.
Most people are aware of tetanus (“lockjaw”) either through having vaccinations at the health centre or perhaps if they own a horse which has to be vaccinated against the disease. Both humans and horses are genetically s…
March 29, 2010 • 2 shares • 20 comments
Pet Diet and Nutrition
But rabbits are meant to be cuddly, aren't they?!
Cat is the vet for; an on-line social networking site for pet lovers. Obesity is a huge (if you will excuse the pun!) issue in our pets and can lead to significant health problems. It is usually easy to t…
March 26, 2010 • 1 shares • 2 comments
Harvey's Retained Testicle
Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS is the vet for the One Show, This Morning and BBC Breakfast. He runs his own line of natural pet food called Pet’s Kitchen When Harvey the spaniel came in for his routine 6 month check up he looked…
March 24, 2010 • 2 comments
Parvovirus: a deadly threat to dogs.
This week I saw a very young puppy, Bobby, die in the most unpleasant way after succumbing to suspected parvovirus infection. It was a reminder, if one was needed, of the importance of vaccinating dogs. Parvovirus is jus…
March 22, 2010 • 2 comments
Why cats go blind.
One of the most common causes of sudden blindness in an elderly cat is due to high blood pressure (hypertension). The increased pressure pushes the light sensitive layer (retina) away from the back of the eye and this ca…
March 17, 2010 • 183 shares • 65 comments
Wally bites off more than he can chew
Some cases stick in your mind because they are unusual or because the patient is a bit of a character, or both. One such case was Wally the collie, who needed a major operation a few years ago. Wally was well known at th…
March 15, 2010
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