Archive: Sep 2020

Life as vet - what its like
Vet Panorama Program - It shouldn't happen at a Vets
I'm not looking forward to Thursday's vet Panorama program 'It shouldn't happen at a vets' . The headline 'Pet owners who take best practice on trust are in for a shock' makes my heart sink, most pet owners do take best…
July 20, 2010 • 7 shares • 12 comments
Grissom survives cat flu.
This handsome fellow is Grissom, a lively 3 month old kitten. Like the TV character he is named after, he is extremely inquisitive and tenacious. Grissom belongs to a good friend of mine and enjoys all the luxuries that…
July 15, 2010 • 2 comments
Heatstroke in Pets
It’s been scorching here in Gloucestershire recently, and while the hot weather has been enjoyed by most of the population, it has not been so welcome for all, particularly for pets who find it difficult to cope with suc…
July 12, 2010
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