Archive: Sep 2020

How to walk your dog safely in the dark months of winter
As the clocks go back next Sunday (28th October) at the end of British Summer Time, millions of dog owners in the UK will be walking their dogs in the dark when they come home from work. Road casualty statistics show tha…
October 29, 2012
BEVA Congress 2012 - How Horse Vets Keep Up to Date
As vets, we're always trying to do the very best for our patients. However, veterinary medicine is constantly changing - every year, hundreds, even thousands of new papers are published, new drugs become available, and n…
October 19, 2012
Life as vet - what its like
Cost of Vets - A sad story but an important message
This week I was in a situation which made me feel angry, sad, frustrated and powerless all at once. I wanted to share it because I think it highlights a really important issue about vets, pet care and cost. However, I wi…
October 8, 2012 • 3 shares • 13 comments
A new trend: pets with human names
A survey of the most popular pet names of 2012 has just been released by Co-Operative Pet Insurance, and there seems to be an interesting trend: people are beginning to call their pets the same names as their children. T…
October 3, 2012 • 1 shares • 2 comments
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