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Ask a vet online –‘after the vet said she had gone she gave out a cry and her body jolted’
Question from Diane Stirk: I had to have my little blind girl put to sleep Friday, she was 13 and had all symptoms off dementia, but after the vet said she had gone she gave out a cry and her body jolted, y did she do th…
November 25, 2014 • 2 comments
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Ebola seems to be dwindling, but look out: Avian Flu is back!
Just as the news headlines about Ebola have dampened down from boiling to a quiet simmer, Avian Flu has leapt back into the news. The Telegraph headline today sums up the media reporting: "Bird flu strain which can be pa…
November 17, 2014
Ask a vet online – ‘my dog has been weeing blood could it be infection or something more’
Question from Sharon Harris: My dog aged 10 has on a couple of times been weeing blood he does one long one which is ok then just walks round weeing bits but that's when the blood starts he is wanting to go out more ofte…
November 13, 2014 • 54 shares • 78 comments
"Me and My Dog" - working together to eradicate rabies
Most dog owners adore their pets, and "pet selfies" are a popular way of expressing the joy of the bond between human and animal. A new campaign by a charity is using pet selfies to drive forwards an important goal: the…
November 6, 2014
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