Archive: Sep 2020

Best UK Vets 2015
With only two weeks until the Best UK Vets Award 2015, we would like to encourage you to write a short review for your vet. Good honest reviews are an excellent way to help pet owners find the best local vet. They also s…
January 21, 2015 • 8 comments
Ask a vet online - 'my puppy has watery eyes'
Question from Eileen Murphy: Hi, I have a bichon x poodle. She has been really poorly. She was born with a skin infection. She pulled through it and her fur is growing back on her face but since this she has been sufferi…
January 12, 2015 • 18 shares • 25 comments
Life as vet - what its like
Euthanasia - one vets opinion.
People often tell me that they think putting pets to sleep must be the worst part of my job but in many ways, it is one of the easiest. Yes it is sad, letting a beloved animal go, but in the majority of cases we are doin…
January 5, 2015 • 14 shares
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