Archive: Sep 2020

How to help stressed-out cats whose owners think they are "behaving badly"
One of the challenges for veterinary surgeons working in the media is that is that they are often asked about one specific patient, with a particular problem. While it's helpful for the individual owner to discuss their…
September 29, 2015
Growling terriers: a challenge for the vets who have to try to help them
Jacko does not enjoy visits to the vet When I first met Jacko, he growled at me. I had gone out to the waiting room to see who was next. Mr Malone, Jacko’s owner, smiled and said ‘Hello.’ I bent down to greet the little…
September 25, 2015
Training dogs: can old dogs learn tricks? And what about residential "boot camps" for dogs?
The early autumn is a bit like a mini-New Year. The summer has ended, schools have gone back, and the term-time routines start again. It can be a great time to start new projects, and for many dog owners, that can includ…
September 13, 2015
An introduction to Wikivet - a new and exciting veterinary educational resource
In the spirit of spreading helpful, good quality veterinary knowledge, VetHelpDirect will be working with Wikivet to bring you specially selected gems of educational material from the Wikivet website. The plan is to publ…
September 9, 2015 • 1 shares • 2 comments
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