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Rabbits are not like small dogs or long-eared cats. And it's not just that they eat grass.
When something goes wrong with an animal's nervous system, it's very upsetting, and it's easy to panic. People often make generalisations, and leap to the wrong conclusion. He's falling over! He's had a stroke! He's drag…
November 30, 2015
The structure of the heart: everything you didn't know you wanted to know from Wikivet
The heart is probably the most central structure in the body. Arguably, the brain could be said to be "more important" (death is classified technically as absence of brain activity rather than a motionless heart), but fo…
November 27, 2015 • 1 shares
Ask a vet
Ask a vet online - How often should my dogs get boosters?
Karen Taylor asked: How often should our dogs be re-vaccinated (boosters)? Answer: Hi Karen, thanks for your question about booster vaccinations. This is an area that’s become quite controversial in the last few years, a…
November 25, 2015 • 13 shares • 10 comments
The story of Dan, a coughing Springer Spaniel
 Dan was a nine year old Springer Spaniel who loved strenuous physical exercise. His owner, Dr Mullen, was a medical doctor who was an enthusiastic hill walker, so they made a good team. They would spend days off in the…
November 18, 2015 • 3 shares
Oils and fats in pets' diets: everything you need to know (and more besides) from Wikivet
There's one aspect of nutrition that many people – including vets – can find particularly daunting: fats and oils. There have been mixed messages over the years about good fats/ bad fats, essential oils/ unnecessary oils…
November 12, 2015 • 3 shares
Life as vet - what its like
Why would an experienced vet go back to college? Here's why...
The university course leading to a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery is by necessity a hard-working, information-packed five years. The focus has traditionally been on accumulating facts, with the presumption tha…
November 9, 2015 • 1 shares
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