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If you care about animals, why aren't you vegan?
Are you an animal lover with a vague unease about eating meat? Have you heard all the recent buzz about veganism, and wondered if it's for you? If so, you're like me: read on. Last month, I was one of the fifty thousand…
February 23, 2016 • 67 shares
News and Comment
BBC's Today Programme asks a profound question: how much is a dog's life worth?
Dogs and vets' fees took centre stage in the UK media yesterday when they featured on the BBC's Today programme, the most popular show on Radio 4, with over 7 million listeners every week. One of the presenters, Evan Dav…
February 6, 2016 • 5 shares
Sometimes it's not teeth - other causes of bad breath in pets.
Sometimes it's not teeth - other causes of bad breath in pets.
What can cause bad breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, is very common in dogs and cats; however, there are a wide range of possible causes. Some are simple to treat; others less so – but bad breath is almost always symptom…
February 4, 2016 • 369 shares • 126 comments
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