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Worm Tales 3: Lungworms
Worm Tales 3: Lungworms
We know of some great animal journeys. We can watch them on TV. So many weird and wonderful animals pass through so many strange places on Earth. Salmon migrate by leaping upriver; crabs scuttle over the ground; locusts…
April 26, 2019 • 44 shares • 2 comments
How to care for your Easter (chocolate) bunny
Pet Diet and Nutrition
How to care for your Easter (chocolate) bunny
Invented sometime around the 19th century, it’s now estimated that about 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced yearly worldwide. While a larger population than the estimated one million pet rabbits currently i…
April 20, 2019 • 28 shares
Help us Solve the Mystery of What is Killing British Hares!
News and Comment
Help us Solve the Mystery of What is Killing British Hares!
Found all over the UK, the hare, the bigger cousin of the rabbit, is often seen bounding around fields, their long ears up high. For hare lovers, however, there is much concern that something is going around causing havo…
April 15, 2019 • 200 shares • 6 comments
The sinister side of spring flowers
Ask a vet
The sinister side of spring flowers
Springtime is a welcome sight for most Brits. We can put the winter behind us and it brings warmth and colour back into our gardens and homes. It’s also mostly good news for our pets as they’re hopefully able to enjoy mo…
April 12, 2019 • 104 shares • 4 comments
Car safety for Pets
Car safety for Pets
With the Easter holidays about to start, our newest blogger Jo asks some serious questions... Are you one of the estimated 2.5 million UK drivers who travel with an unrestrained dog in the car? Or perhaps you are one of…
April 5, 2019 • 45 shares • 1 comments
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