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Does Walking The Dog Count As Exercise?

I think we all know, deep inside, that we should be doing more exercise. The NHS recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, but 40% of people are failing to meet that target. Activity is essential to prevent obesity, heart disease and other chronic illnesses, as well as to improve our mental health. But for those of us with dogs, does walking them count towards this goal?
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Beware Summer Risks

As the days get warmer (and warmer and even warmer! - Ed.) we all want to be outside enjoying the sun with our pets, whether this means going out and about on day trips, going on holiday or enjoying time out in the garden with family and friends. However, it is important to consider that these activities can have risks for our pets, though there are precautions we can take to keeps our pets as safe as possible.
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What happens if my dog gets bitten by an adder?

Snake bites to dogs in the UK aren’t particularly common but they do occasionally happen. The only venomous snake native to the UK is the Adder (Vipera berus). They tend to live in sand dunes, rocky hillsides, moorland and woodlands, more commonly in the south east and south west of England, west Wales, and rural Scotland. Unfortunately, bites are very common in these areas, especially in the warmer weather when the snakes come out to bask.
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Why is my dog so hot?

There’s a profound misconception about heatstroke in the UK - and that’s probably because we don’t have heat waves often enough to have to deal with it! Basically, people think that dogs cope with heat the same way that we do. They really, really don’t!
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