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Party Problems for Pets

There’s nothing more enjoyable than hosting a party for your friends and family, enjoying their company and simply having a good time. However, for those of us with pets, we often fail to consider the impact that parties can have on them and just how hazardous they can potentially be.
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It’s a Vet’s Christmas

What do you do if your animal becomes seriously ill? Call your vet. What if it’s late at night, or a bank holiday - or even Christmas Day? Same again - call one of us.
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Why is my dog throwing up?

There are many many things that can cause your dog to throw up, so it’s hardly surprising that it is one of the most common reasons for a pet to be brought in to see the vet.
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Why is my dog snoring?

Most people think it’s cute and funny, and it’s true that hearing a dog snore does generally make us giggle. There are thousands of hits on YouTube for videos of dogs snoring, with the most popular having over half a million hits. Of course, it’s far less funny if your dog sleeps in your room and has a habit of waking you up at night. But hiding behind that strange noise could be all sorts of problems, so if your dog snores it’s worth having a check over by a vet.
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Pet, not present

With Christmas on the horizon, hopefully you’re well on the way with plans, festive decorations, presents and food. However, there’s one present that, although it might seem like a lovely idea, is rarely suitable - a pet. Sadly, we’ve allowed ourselves to forget that a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or rat isn’t a toy, or a consumer durable, or (worst of all) a disposable item. In reality, he or she is a living, breathing, thinking and feeling being. So is it reasonable to give a pet away as a gift? We don’t think so, and in this blog, we’re going to look at why.
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First Steps for First-Time Kitten Owners

This is the start of a potential 15-20 year relationship. Here are some ideas to ensure you get off on the right foot/paw!
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