Pet insurance is increasingly becoming more popular amongst animal owners to ensure they can pay for treatment should their animal fall ill. When we talk about pet insurance most people commonly think of dogs, cats and horses. But it may surprise you to know you can also insure your pet rabbit. 

Should I be considering insuring my pet rabbit?

Absolutely, definitely consider it. 
Before taking on a rabbit as a pet it is important to ensure you can afford to keep them.

Key costs to consider are:

  • Feed – a good quality pellet food, good quality timothy hay and fresh vegetables and greens
  • Enclosure – a large space, protected from the elements, temperature controlled and with plenty of space to run around and lots of things to explore
  • Cleaning and bedding – rabbit safe disinfectant, new rabbit safe bedding
  • Veterinary costs – vaccinations, health checks, neutering, dental exams and any additional costs which may arise should your rabbit fall ill and need treatment

You can get a rough estimate of most of these costs in advance. However veterinary costs, if your rabbit becomes ill, are often not predictable. This is because they vary widely depending on the condition your rabbit has and the treatment they need. This is where rabbit insurance can offer some comfort and protection. 
The decision on whether to take out pet insurance should be thought through and the financial implications to pay for the insurance, as well as the financial implications should your pet fall ill and need specialist treatment be fully considered and weighed up.

It is worth noting that rabbits live a long life, often over 10 years in fact. This is similar to some breeds of dogs, and will become a firm member of the family. There are now veterinary specialists in rabbit medicine and surgery and a lot of advanced treatments available for rabbits which are comparable to what is available for dogs, cats and other species. So being able to access this treatment really may save your rabbits life. And it could give them the best chance of living a long happy life.

Where can I get rabbit insurance from?

A quick search will bring up a number of companies and comparison sites advertising rabbit insurance. As with any insurance policy, always make sure you read the small print and understand the cover being sold, how long it lasts i.e an annual vs lifetime policy, and what maximum treatment cost you are covered for – is this a maximum cost per year or per condition? 

All questions which should be asked and understood before taking out a policy.
It is always best to shop around and get a number of quotes and then pick a policy which best matches the needs of you and your pet. If you have any questions regarding insurance you can discuss this with your veterinary surgeon and they can discuss any exclusions or cost caps with you and how they may/may not affect your pet.

Get a quick quote from one of the UK’s leading pet insurers…

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Going back to the title of this blog post, you may be wondering what rabbits are in fact cheapest to insure?

This is actually a misconception, as unlike other animals where breeds can influence the price of insurance quite dramatically, a recent article by Bought By Many has shown that Rabbit insurance price does not appear to differ significantly depending on breed. You can read that article here.

Take Home Message:

Rabbit insurance is a thing!

  • There are a number of rabbit specialist vets who are able to provide excellent treatment for rabbits comparable to what is available for dogs, cats and other species 
  • It is important to consider all the costs involved with keeping a pet rabbit before taking them on

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