A good quality and well-fitting reflective collar is a vital accessory all year round. But it’s even more important during winter; it can be what gets your feline friend back home, safe and sound. With the reduced daylight hours and the increasingly worsening weather, it’s essential that you keep your cat as visible as possible in winter months. Longer nights, heavy rain, and intense snow can lower visibility immensely; making collisions with cars or getting lost trying to get back home much more likely. 

Even if your cat lives indoors and isn’t allowed out, they might still have a chance to escape, especially as fireworks season is fast approaching. If you’re looking to find the best solution, take a look at our checklist on how to choose the perfect reflective collar for your cat! 

Choose a comfortable collar made of quality materials 

As with all other pet accessories, there are many options to choose from and knowing what matters can be tough to figure out. 

Here are the essential features for the perfect purchase: 

With as much reflective material as possible 

Reflective materials work when light shines on them. So make sure that you get the one with the largest area of reflective bits in order to have the best visibility.

Comfortable and durable 

After all, this is something your pet is going to use all day, every day. This means it can’t feel uncomfortable, and it can’t be made of flimsy materials that will break easily. 

Built with a safety clasp 

These quick-release clasps open if your cat yanks on it, enabling them to escape in case they get stuck. They are a vital component of every well-fitting collar. 

Features your contact details 

If possible, choose to add your phone number to the collar, as this can increase your chances of having your pet returned to you as soon as possible. 

If your cat is harness trained or you are considering training them to walk around with a harness, make sure to get one that’s reflective as well and with your contact details. 

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Make sure the collar fits well without risking harm to your cat 

A well-fitting collar goes a long way towards getting your cat used to having it on. Cats can be pretty particular over what’s on their bodies, especially if it’s the first time they have to wear a collar or have only started wearing one as adults. 

The recommendation is that two fingers should fit snugly between the neck and the band of the collar; this is to avoid discomfort and stop your cat from getting their legs or jaw stuck on it. Check the fitting regularly. particularly in growing cats, or animals suffering from problems that cause weight fluctuations; as it may become too loose or too tight as their body changes over time.

And, if at first you don’t succeed, try again! If your pet doesn’t accept the collar and wearing it is causing undue stress, consider shopping around for something with a different material.

Replace it as soon as you see it is damaged or too worn

No matter how good the materials are, nothing lasts forever. This is doubly true for cats with lifestyles where the collar is subjected to a lot of wear, such as outside cats or farm pets.

A functioning collar is more than just a nice-looking necktie for your pet. It’s also an important piece of safety gear. Frayed materials, faded reflective paint, or broken clasps are all signs that it’s time for a new collar.   

If you notice the reflective material is damaged, too worn down or dirty, replace it as soon as possible because it may no longer be doing its job. It’s also a good idea to test the integrity of the quick release clasp once in a while to make sure it’s not jammed or broken. 

Don’t forget to microchip your cat! 

We cannot stress enough how important it is that your cat is microchipped alongside wearing a collar. As well as ensuring their details are kept up to date. Having both of these dramatically increases your chances of finding your pet if they get lost or run away. When all else fails, a microchip can be the only thing standing between a family member being lost forever and them returning home without fuss. 

With microchipping soon to become compulsory for cats, now is a great time to get this in order for the coming season.  

Winter can be a difficult season for all of us. We’re tired, the days are long and gloomy, and the season can be plenty stressful. But ensuring your pets have high-visibility accessories and are properly identified can bring you a lot of peace of mind. So don’t let them leave the house without it!

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