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Fran Neve


Fran qualified from Nottingham Vet School in 2012. After spending a lot of time in the charity sector as a student, Fran was keen to pursue a role in charity practice. She accepted her first job at PDSA Swansea, where she worked for several years gaining a broad range of skills in small animal medicine and surgery. Fran then spent some time neutering cats and dogs on an island in Malaysia before moving back to continue as a small animal vet in Pembrokeshire. Now settled in Bristol, Fran is back working at the PDSA as a veterinary communications officer and content writer where she has helped to set up an online health resource for pet owners in search of reliable online veterinary advice.

Latest articles by Fran Neve

How much should I feed my kitten?
How much should I feed my kitten?
Getting a new kitten is an exciting time, but choosing a food for them might feel overwhelming because of the amount of choice available these days. But don’t worry, I’m going to talk you through all you need to know abo…
June 11, 2021 • 40 shares
What are the signs of conjunctivitis in dogs and how is it treated?
Common Conditions
What are the signs of conjunctivitis in dogs and how is it treated?
Does your dog have swollen, red, weepy eyes? Have they been squinting or scratching them more than usual? If so, they could be suffering from conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis affects most dogs at some point during their li…
June 6, 2021 • 2 shares
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