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Rachel qualified from Glasgow University and spent her first eight years in practice working in rural mixed practice in South Wales, Devon and Somerset. Moving to Cardiff she joined an independent small animal practice as an assistant; buying into the practice as a partner and eventually selling the practice. She worked for Medivet, a large corporate veterinary group before taking a sabbatical year. During this year she worked in an emergency clinic, locumed for several different clinics and travelled. This included several weeks at a charity clinic in Goa, India, teaching surgery to veterinary students, neutering street dogs and vaccinating them against rabies. She also travelled to Chernobyl, meeting the descendents of the dogs abandoned when the population was evacuated. She spent three months in Italy, studying Italian and skiing.

She also locumed in Sweden and this inspired her to move to Stockholm, where she is working in a small animal clinic. She is learning Swedish and enjoying the outdoor life, including taking up cross-country skiing.

Latest articles by Rachel Thomas

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