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Best UK Vets
Blacks Vets - Best UK Vets 2015 Award Ceremony
Blacks Vets – Dudley Hospital Veterinary Practice in the West Midlands has been crowned the Best UK Vets 2015 thanks to the outstanding reviews left online by their clients. With 262 reviews of four or five stars, Dudley…
March 24, 2015 • 1 shares
Best UK Vets
And the Winner of Best UK Vet 2015 is... Blacks Vets in Dudley, West Midlands
We are delighted to announce that the Best UK Vet Awards have been judged and the winner is Blacks Vets - Dudley Hospital Veterinary Practice in the West Midlands. With over 262 4 and 5 star reviews on its website, Black…
February 11, 2015
Best UK Vets 2015
With only two weeks until the Best UK Vets Award 2015, we would like to encourage you to write a short review for your vet. Good honest reviews are an excellent way to help pet owners find the best local vet. They also s…
January 21, 2015 • 8 comments
VetHelpDirect Best UK Vets 2013 - Based on Online Vet Reviews
Last night over 60 clients and the local press turned up to see Barton Lodge Vets being awarded their trophy & prize for winning Best UK Vets 2013! Barton Lodge Vets pose for…
February 21, 2013 • 1 comments
Owners Choice - The VetHelpDirect Best UK Vets 2013
The winner of the Best UK Vets 2013 is....... Barton Lodge Vets, Hemel Hempstead. Seventy two of their grateful clients logged on to leave a review giving them an amazing average star rating of 5! 'Firs…
January 29, 2013
News and Comment
Does your vets deserve to win our Best UK Vets 2013 award?
If so you can help... What is the Best UK Vets 2013 award? It's a new award judged by us - - to find the best veterinary practice in the UK based entirely on reviews made by their clients (you!). We lik…
January 17, 2013
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