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    “Flank or midline? Should you care which way your vet spays your cat”

    So, having bought or rescued a new female cat, you will find yourself with an array of bewildering decisions to make. You have: 

    1. Tackled the minefield that is settling on a name that reflects the personality of your miniature tiger.
    2. Chosen that flash diet that has subliminally been making an impression during commercial breaks of your favourite soap.
    3. Bought some designer cat furniture costing more than the average family sized 3-piece suite.

    Now the day has come to take your bundle of fluff, teeth and sharp claws to see the local vet. Jabs for ‘X, Y & Z’, spot-on for this, tablets for that, and the inevitable questions regarding your pet’s family planning. The promiscuity of cats being what it is, the decision for most will be to have their cat spayed to avoid being inundated with hundreds of kittens.

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    Do dogs get lonely being the only dog?

    Are dogs capable of emotion? Most would say a definite yes! However, it’s difficult to determine exactly which emotions dogs can feel. Most of us who own dogs will be adamant that our pets can feel happy, sad, excited…. even guilty, embarrassed, smug or proud! But do they feel lonely? Do those in single-dog households feel sad because of their solitary state?

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    Does my dog have a skin infection?

    Pyoderma literally means skin infection with the formation of pus. This can occur in all pets and is uncomfortable and irritating. The cause can be simple, for example a bite or scratch or more complicated and signify hidden disease.

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    What’s an ulcer? And does my pet have one?

    Why do animals get ulcers? A Very General Veterinary Guide

    'Ulcer' is an ugly sort of word in my opinion. This is appropriate, because ulcers are painful and unpleasant. But what - exactly - is an ulcer, where are they found and how do they occur?

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    Why is my cat not using his litter tray?

    There are many reasons why your cat may toilet in a place other than the litter tray. If it’s just a one off, consider if your cat could’ve been trapped in a room, unable to access the litter tray. If it’s a recurring situation then something has happened in your cat’s world to upset them. Cats are fastidious so this is no ‘dirty protest’ and it’s important not to scold him or her. In this blog we delve into the minds of our cats to understand things that may affect their behaviour and toileting habits. While it’s important to try understanding your cat’s point of view, as this issue is often behavioural, it’s also important to rule out medical causes. Contact your vet to discuss a check up as part of the process. 

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    5 Ways to Save Money on Vet Bills

    The economic news recently hasn’t been good, has it? While so far, government furlough schemes have protected a lot of jobs, there are dire warnings that unemployment or underemployment are set to soar in the near future. And as a result, many of us are taking the opportunity to try and cut our outgoings.  Now, while for most of us our pets are family, they are also potentially expensive family - so, what can you do to help you save money, cutting the cost of giving them the care they deserve? In this blog, we’re going to look at 5 ways you really can save money.

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