Archive: Sep 2020

Indoor vs. Out – Which is Best for My Cat?
“Oh by the way, my husband thinks we should let him outside but I’d feel safer if he stayed in, what do you think?” This was the question posed to me at the end of my first consultation with a newly acquired little ginge…
April 28, 2010 • 13 shares • 2 comments
Give a dog a home?
When most people consider getting a new pet, their thoughts turn to a cute bundle of fluff; a baby to join the family and grow up as part of it. Certainly a puppy or kitten will provide hours of entertainment but they ca…
April 22, 2010 • 3 comments
Improving the health of future generations of dogs.
There has been a lot of discussion in the press and on television lately about the health of our purebred dogs, especially the number of inherited conditions which can affect them. Opinions are divided on whether dog sho…
April 14, 2010 • 1 shares
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