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The Drugs Don't Work - Or Do They?
Today I put to sleep a lovely old Collie owned by a lovely man. It was definitely the right decision, the dog was really struggling on his legs and had become very depressed and withdrawn. This is a common senario and ve…
July 30, 2013 • 88 shares
News and Comment
Animal experiments: numbers rising while studies show low levels of production of beneficial results
Vivisection is a controversial subject - I've written about this several times before in my Daily Telegraph blog. There are two news stories this week on the subject. First, figures released by the UK government show tha…
July 19, 2013
Caring for Constipated Kitties
I thought I might write a few words about this sticky subject after seeing a particularly unfortunate case the other day.  Minty is a slightly grumpy, independent and strong-willed 15 year old cat who until a week ago, h…
July 12, 2013
New study shows that spayed & neutered dogs live for longer and die of different diseases compared to entire dogs
It was just last month that I wrote a blog here about the pros and cons of the decision on whether or not to spay/castrate your dog. This seems to be an area which is coming under increasing scrutiny by researchers, perh…
July 7, 2013 • 24 shares
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