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Preparing for Fireworks – with Sound?
Firework fears are one of the commonest behavioural issues we see in practice – unsurprisingly, a lot of dogs spend the week on either side of Bonfire Night terrified. In almost every case, this is because of the noise –…
October 23, 2015
Oscar, the grumpy cat who needed twice daily injections to treat his diabetes
Oscar, a ten year old cat, had started to lose weight, despite the fact that he was eating well. His coat had begun to look bedraggled, as if he was not grooming himself as much as usual. His owner had noticed him visiti…
October 19, 2015
News and Comment
What should be done about vets collaborating with puppy farmers?
The BBC Watchdog exposé about a puppy farm in Bradford was shown last night: it provided a shocking reminder of this horrific industry. Puppy farming is one of those hidden issues in our society. We all know that it goes…
October 9, 2015 • 18 shares • 2 comments
Wikivet blog: oral hygiene - the key to a healthy mouth in pets
It's well known that regular home care of pets' teeth is the only way to ensure optimal dental health, but it's also well known that most owners find this challenging. Dental experts have identified that there are two me…
October 7, 2015 • 2 comments
Do I really need to worm my horse?
Endoparasites; the gut-wrenching villains that terrorise our horses from their tums to their bums, but how big an issue are they for the average horse? Which worms do we need to be aware of? Is wormer resistance really t…
October 1, 2015 • 2 shares
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