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Pets can be better than pills for some elderly people

pets imagePal is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is a good example of a dog who is a key member of his household. Pal is six years old, and he is the sole companion of Miss O’Connell, a lady living alone in the suburbs of a big city. Pal spends every moment of his life in the company of his owner. They are never apart. Miss O’Connell has reached the stage in life where she is no longer able-bodied enough to go out and about. As a result, she spends all of her time at home, with Pal.
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New Year, New Diseases? What to look out for…

diseases in 2017It’s always traditional at this time of year to look back at the previous year, and make some predictions about the one to come. 2016 was an… interesting… year in infectious diseases, and I think 2017 might be even more interesting.

How do I choose a veterinary clinic? – what to look for

If you own animals, it’s vital that you have a veterinary practice that you feel you can trust to take care of them. It’s also really important that you’re able to build up a rapport with the staff at that practice - knowing them will help to reassure you, and will aid in communication if and when your animals need attention.
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